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It hasn't been too bad shopping at Walmart since that last problem I had at Walmart store#100 in Bentonville, Ar(which I posted about on here a number of weeks ago). Yesterday unfortunately, I had another bad encounter. This time at the WM store I have been... Read more

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First off, I usually use my debit card at Walmart, but the old one has just expired, and I got my new one yesterday. I forgot to activate it before I went to Walmart today, so I decided to just write a check there. The computer prompted to see my driver's license,... Read more

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Decided to give you one last chance but you blew it. The store seemed halfway empty of products today. I couldn't even get my shopping cart down many of the aisles because stockers had left their carts in the aisle. Not to mention there was a ton of abandoned shopping... Read more

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Went into Target today at the Rogers, Arkansas location just to get a few things. Me and my husband were out eating at a local restaurant and Target was closer by than Walmart at the time, and all I needed was just some trash bags, dishwashing liquid and bar soap. Ran... Read more

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Walmart Neighborhood Market on Marketplace Drive in Springdale, Ar is the locale I am talking about here. I can't get down the aisles with your carts and stuff in the way. I also have a baby which makes it even more hazardous. You stock at night. During the day you... Read more

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Last few times I've been into Walmart, I have been the one pulling my groceries and other purchases off the caurosel. It is the cashier's job to put customer's bags into their cart to prevent the customer from leaving the store w/o some of his or her purchases. The... Read more

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I was at a local dinner party last night with my husband and we left around midnight and we had taken seperate cars. I decided to stop off at Wendys(the same location from the last complaint)since it was close by and still open, to get a frosty. This was at midnight,... Read more

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My shopping experience at Walmart on Pleasant Crossing in Rogers went by normally today until I got up to check out. The cashier Jennifer D. was rude beyond words!! She didn't greet me or talk to me, she had this angry look on her face the whole time, then to top it... Read more

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People think I want WM employees to roll out a red carpet for me or something. No, what I want is good service, just like everybody else. I want my questions answered truthfully, I want all employees greeting me like they should be doing to everyone, I want a smile... Read more

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This is another complaint about WM. I thought I would go ahead and just throw this out there about my local WMs during snow and ice times. I didn't find this site until winter was coming to an end recently and I had bigger complaints at the time. I know it is now... Read more

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