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I am addicted to your chips and love, love!!! But could you please make better bags that wont teaer so easy? They are all that way! Cannot keep fresh, because they tear so bad!! Thank you!!

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I ate edys mint chocolate chip on the nite of 3/31/15 & woke up very sick! Throwing up & the Big "D" & I don't mean Dallas! I live in Arkansas & it was the 1.5 qt. size barrel lot# on bottom 18-1644 4342580301 B Read more

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The worst isp I've had in 12 years. Called and had a tech come out 5 times to fix an issue of the modem resetting every 20 minutes or so. First they said it was my modem, after which I replaced and still had the same issue. Even used their modem and had the same issue.... Read more

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  • May 09, 2015
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Worst piece of *** on market and we own 3 riding mowers and freaken last one can't even get a deck belt been waiting 3 weeks so I'm going all over telling folks not to buy this junk

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I will never step foot in this store. I have cancer and put on pain meds. I toke in the in the store handed to the woman. She toke in the back while they was taking they was looking me like i was some kind a druggy. When they finally came back. They told me that they... Read more

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I went inside McDonald's in Pine Bluff,Ark. for lunch.The manager took my order and gave me a cup to fill my drink.I had to tilt the tea dispenser to fill my cup.I told her that it was empty but she looked away and ignored me.After getting my food i tried to get... Read more

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I placed an order over 4 weeks ago and still haven't received it. I've used Scentsy for years and my other consultants were great! However, this was the first time I placed an order with this particular consultant and it'll be my last. When I tried contacting her it... Read more

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Seller on ebay misrepresented the boat I purchased from him...TOTALLY!! I registered my complaint, gave proof and they will do nothing except ALLOW me to provide negative feedback for him, which of course means...they choose how to rate him. No comments allowed. ... Read more

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I have had recurring battery problems with the positive post coroding. Landers Toyota in Little Rock tells me this is normal for all cars. I have not had this problem with any of my American built cars, so I assume they mean all Toyotas. The Avalon knocks when first... Read more

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i purchased a sofa had to be spec ordered because they didnt have color in stock. randy promised del by jan 14th. checked with randy dec 23rd said would be in jboro store on jan 4th. talked with him jan 4th now he said by jan 18th. when i told him that was not what he... Read more

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