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I bought an Ora Delphine "designer" bag from Tory Johnson on Good Morning America "Steals and Deals" This would definitely fall under STEAL not DEAL because they straight up stole from me when I bought this purse. It's crappy quality - worse than China town. The... Read more

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While I was eating my product I noticed an altered taste after the first ***. I decided to check the expiration date and realize that it was expired for 3 month. This is unacceptable and pretty unsafe from an hygiene standpoint. The worth part is that it is not the... Read more

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Due to the absolute heinous remarks made my Jordan Philbeck and Kelly Owens on a LIVE Facebook video I am leaving Younique! I will never recommend Younique to any of my friends. I have never, even in High School, seen such a grotesque display of bullying, belittlement... Read more

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I was a manager of a store that sold Cal Spa...they were okay, but like all hot tubs had some issues..The store I managed was owned by a manufacturer so they were very concerned about what brand we carried. So they sent me to almost every spa manufacturer in the US... Read more

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I ordered a expensive purse from zulily and the purse had BED BUGS. I tried getting a refund to no avail with customer service. Never again will I order from them....not only did u lose my money on purse - I had to pay to get my home exterminated. I have had an... Read more

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We are sorry for your experience. Our company’s focus is to always exceed any consumer’s expectations regarding the quality of our product and the quality of service with all of those associated with our company. Our company’s long standing recognition for consumer... Read more

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GOOD: After my first exploratory call for a local (10 minutes away, to a storage unit) move (partial household, gun safe, office furniture and big workshop tools), the sales force was relentless in making me feel special, calling me every other day so they could... Read more

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Purchased a 2008 Itasca RV. I was assured that all systems had been checked and we're in good working order. Within two hours we started a long trip to California. Generator would not start, cab heater and air does not work, numerous water leaks and an oil leak. Called... Read more

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Wow!!!! That is all I can say after getting off the phone with Sona Med spa's corporate office. After my first set of hair laser removal back in 2006 in which I purchased a package of 3 areas of laser hair laser, that cost me $2,500.00. I must say I was very happy with... Read more

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I do not own pillows from my pillow. I looked at the reviews and this is why. See reviews and common sense go hand in hand, ALWAYS read reviews before you buy anything from dog food to anything that takes a battery and beyond and you will never make another ***... Read more

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