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I bought an Ora Delphine "designer" bag from Tory Johnson on Good Morning America "Steals and Deals" This would definitely fall under STEAL not DEAL because they straight up stole from me when I bought this purse. It's crappy quality - worse than China town. The leather stinks, the lining rips after a couple of uses, the zippers stick. I did my research on this brand and guess what - they only sell on GMA Steals and Deals. No stores,... Read more

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While I was eating my product I noticed an altered taste after the first ***. I decided to check the expiration date and realize that it was expired for 3 month. This is unacceptable and pretty unsafe from an hygiene standpoint. The worth part is that it is not the first time that I have seen this expiration issue with product at Walmart. Their stock rotation is uncontrolled and dangerous for a consumer safety. too much is too much. You can find... Read more

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I am confused. I just received information about the sweepstakes clearinghouse by mail and i would like to order the RCA Stereo System, but now i am worried after reading the complaints. I wanted to call ahead but cannot find a customer service number anywhere on the information if received. Please someone send me a number. I don't want to send money if there is no way of contacting them. There are too many scams out there to be just... Read more

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I am a Grasshopper Dealer and have never heard of this company NOT taking care of the dealer or end user. Out of over 200 sold personally, not one unit has ever broken in half or has been down due to lack of service on my behalf or the Grasshopper Company. In fact, I have known them to repair at cost an engine that the owner admittedly destroyed himself. If there is someone looking at purchasing a Grasshopper Zero Turn Mower, you will be hard... Read more

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I was a manager for SmartStyle for 3 years. I worked very hard and couldn't have been more dedicated. I even spent the night in a store durring a snow storm so I could open it the next day. My efforts were not appreciated. When I first came to their store the monthly income was $13,000. When I left it was over $30,000 a month. I caught an employee stealing and reported her. She did not get in trouble but I did! Her and another employee... Read more

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I have been to the Shackleford Walmart in Little Rock, AR several times. I shop before I go to work to beat the crowd. There have been three times I have had a return and been at their service desk at 7:00 only to be told the service desk employee is not there yet. It has been the same girl everytime. She managed to get to the service desk at 7:10, 7:15, and 7:20 on the three occassions I was there. No "I'm sorry." No offer by any other... Read more

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I was a manager of a store that sold Cal Spa...they were okay, but like all hot tubs had some issues..The store I managed was owned by a manufacturer so they were very concerned about what brand we carried. So they sent me to almost every spa manufacturer in the US and Canada (except Watkins since they had a local dealer)... I took a tour in each plant and observed how each tub was built and listened in detail all of their hype of how they were... Read more

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I've been with Amica for just 2 years. Switched because they saved me $500/year for my auto insurance. I have auto draft payment so never late. No claims or tickets. Had a slight rate increase the first year of about $80 and thought that wasn't too bad. My upcoming renewal has a $350 rate increase. The agent said my state had an increase in coverage requirements. This barely affected me since my coverage was very similar to what the... Read more

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Due to the absolute heinous remarks made my Jordan Philbeck and Kelly Owens on a LIVE Facebook video I am leaving Younique! I will never recommend Younique to any of my friends. I have never, even in High School, seen such a grotesque display of bullying, belittlement and defamation of character to a person. It is a disgrace these women represent Younique. Younique's mission statements reads, "Younique's mission is to uplift, empower, validate,... Read more

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We are sorry for your experience. Our company’s focus is to always exceed any consumer’s expectations regarding the quality of our product and the quality of service with all of those associated with our company. Our company’s long standing recognition for consumer satisfaction is paramount to our mission as a window and door manufacturer. We would like to learn more regarding any dissatisfaction that you feel and would like the opportunity to... Read more

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