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Centurylink - TWO HOURS NO HELP Tried to get ahold of a live person, took two hours, finally tried option three, a live tech, who was no help. Also tried to get service at second ho... Accredo - It's Deliberate!!! My experience with these gangsters has just started and I am having the same problem as everyone else, being lied to about "no refills showing, "we... American Home Shield - Incompetent A/C Contractors - 4 Months and Still No Fix 2.2 Long Story: We moved into an older house in 2010. Every year, we have had a problem with the A/C unit because of wear and tear. Usually we call AHS... Lil Lodges Customer Care Review from Jacksonville, Arkansas We have been taken for 18500.00 dollars....steve was the owner and nuce as can be till we wired the he says he is nit even the owner even... Lil Lodges House Construction Review from Jacksonville, Arkansas ANDREA is fast to cover for Steve who had the nerve to say he disnt even own the company because he refused to talk about why he took our nearly 20k... Net Detective - Membership Cancelled with no prior knowledge I purchased a LIFE TIME Membership on January 5, 2003. I have Id# and PIN even. I was never notified by email, never sent a letter, not even a phone... Cbs Tv - Review in Telecommunications category from Jacksonville, Arkansas 1.1 Leave the rnc you dont belong there. You and your morning crew are communist. Hillary lovers that murdered Americans over sees. Comcast Refusal to Issue Refund 1.0 COMCAST is refusing to reissue a refund check in my mother's name, basing their decision on "Corporate Policy". I have come to the conclusion that...