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I used their resume services and paid $1.98. It was to use a template for a resume to help my mom out. I used my credit card only to get a bill on my statement for $39.80 about three weeks later. Hmm. That's very odd. I did not agree to this. Going to attempt to call... Read more

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Home Adviser rips off companies for contractors. I am a business owner who is signed up for 4 sites that give leads and Home Adviser is literally the biggest SCAM out there for contractors. At first I didn't understand why other professional companies that I network... Read more

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Oh where oh were in the world? Why oh why has Walmart became like it has since Sam died?? Why is this company, like so many in this country right now, giving away their company to Mexico? Why oh why oh why? Since Pissed consumer wants to many words to be able to post,... Read more

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My mother is 76 years old, low income, has dementia and high blood pressure. I switched her from AARP to Humana Walmart Plan for her blood pressure medicine on April 1, 2011. The salesperson assured me that her blood pressure medication, Tiazac 240 miligrams, was on... Read more

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Luminess Air Makeup Review
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Such shoddy materials. Bottles breaks simply by opening them . They leak all over everything . I lost nine bottles of liquid while traveling because they leaked. It is ***. Read more

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They first didn't have the plasma TV I wanted to buy for my husband. I was one of the first people in line at 4 AM and nothing. They told me just because it is in the ad doesn't mean they will have them at that location. Then after enough pushing and shoving I finally... Read more

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I agree completely, do not work for HYLA. In both the job description and the interview they promise $825 per week and a $2,000 sign on bonus, saying "ALL you have to do is demo this product. Before I put in my notice at my other job, I called hyla back and asked "so... Read more

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I hate to diss a great company. Fleetwood has a beautiful product line. However, we went to look at the 2012's that had just arrived in Hammond, LA this past weekend. We were planning to buy a Mercedes Diesel chassis Tioga Ranger DSL. The door knobs were falling... Read more

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i ordered the risk free trial but was charged 79.99 on credit card and 2 weeks later received more that I just can't afford it is a good product but very expensive. My husband is retiring in two weeks and have to survive on social security. Need to return product and... Read more

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Dun and Bradstreet or DNB as they are sometimes called are monopolistic. They basically blackmail business owners into paying $199 to pull a report on their own organization so that they can check if information posted on that report (information that can adversely... Read more

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