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I used their resume services and paid $1.98. It was to use a template for a resume to help my mom out. I used my credit card only to get a bill on my statement for $39.80 about three weeks later. Hmm. That's very odd. I did not agree to this. Going to attempt to call... Read more

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I have paid my bill every month without fail. This company took over Source Gas (sadly, as we never had a problem with them) . Today they sent me a bill for over $500! in one month. They claim the meter was broken and they GUESSED this is what we owe for back gas... Read more

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Home Adviser rips off companies for contractors. I am a business owner who is signed up for 4 sites that give leads and Home Adviser is literally the biggest SCAM out there for contractors. At first I didn't understand why other professional companies that I network... Read more

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Purchased 2 reclining sofas and a big recliner. Catnapped is the brand. Both arms came off of one of the sofas. Contacted Cleo's in Fayetteville AR. The parts have a lifetime warranty. Had to pay $70 cash for them to pick up sofa for repairs. After 3 months and 14... Read more

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I receive direct deposit from my employer through Chase Quickpay and so have no other alternatives save for finding another career. I receive payment on Fri. and it hits my account by Mon. Now, with it being "Quickpay" and computerized, one would assume that it would... Read more

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The managers at Steak 'n' Shake in Fayetteville, Arkansas were incredibly rude. I waited nearly 20 minutes for my order to be taken and another 40 for my food to be delivered. Upon talking to some short Mexican lady, my waitress, Ana, she treated me with respect, only... Read more

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I went to Target this morning to buy a wall mount for a flat screen tv and decided to look down the clearance aisle. I found a cute little throw I wanted but it was the only one there. I pulled it down and took it to the price checker and it showed a price of $0.01. I... Read more

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My 5 year old daughter went in there at 11:45p.m. -12:00 am and was just released at 6:20am. They treated us like *** and Jesus Rodriguez was very disrespectful and it was all over me asking for a dose of Tylenol for my 5 year old who needed it and also informed me... Read more

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Luminess Air Makeup Review
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Such shoddy materials. Bottles breaks simply by opening them . They leak all over everything . I lost nine bottles of liquid while traveling because they leaked. It is ***. Read more

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TERRIBLE!! I sold my home and didn't buy another one. I cannot get them to disconnect the service at my old address. I don't have a house to transfer service to - they will not release me from the 4-YEAR contract. I even have a text from my sales rep. telling me that... Read more

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