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I purchased the Phonax Cros. almost 3 years ago. I had nothing but trouble hearing with them since. They were return for repair and they still didn’t work. They even sent a factory rep. to try and adjust them. Still never worked. I got so aggravated I put them in a drawer for about 6 to 8 months. After some pressure from friends I took them back to the Doctor who sold them to me. She said they were still under warranty and sent them back to be... Read more

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Approximately a year ago, I called the Lap of Love, Pinellas/ Hillsborough County area to have my dog put to sleep. Dr. Dani McVety spoke with me by phone and, on short notice, she agreed to come to my home. That being said and appreciated, she was not as professional in my opinion as I expected. Dr. McVety did not briefly discuss with me by phone what to expect, entered my house wearing a stethoscope, while I was embracing my dog said... Read more

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I am a former patient of Dr. Deborah A. Brown, M.D., D.M.D., a plastic surgeon practicing at the Bay Area Oral & Facial Surgery in Dunedin (Clearwater area), Pinellas County, and in New Port Richey, Pasco County, Florida. The following is my opinion as of 9-28-12 (1 year after surgery): (Note: I learned from, that Dr. Deborah Brown was disciplined by the State of Florida Board of Medicine in 2010 for allowing an... Read more

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Denied my claim when their customer damaged my vehicle? Wait for it...he was not insured on the policy but was driving the vehicle without a DRIVERS LICENSE? And gave his dads name instead of his?? No wonder he was sweating bullets at the time of the incident!! That's an AWESOME insurance company to deny my claim....oh and he failed to even file our incident!!! Thanks Fred Loya....State Farm will get you!!! Yeah....totally understand how you... Read more

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On Monday, August 20th I had a 6:05am flight from Philly to Miami on American Airlines which I was taking with my dad and younger sister. After weighing our bags, a woman told us to take them "behind the black curtain" so they could be put on the conveyor belt and make their way toward the plane. Since my dad was carrying his bag on, my sister and I proceeded to walk behind the black curtain with ours. Immediately we were barked at by a man... Read more

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After selling a guitar on ebay & receiving a rave from the buyer, 3 weeks later he claims damage made it unplayable and wanted a refund. I filed a claim with PayPal. Long story short, NONE of my uploaded evidencewas even looked at, as admitted by a manager Tammy. All they require is verification from the buyer that a third party verify damages. The seller evidence is NOT considered. DO NOT use PayPal or you will eventually lose your shirt! ... Read more

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Due to being self-employed and getting hurt on the job, caused my mortgage payments to get behind. This company has no sympathy, they are rude, obnoxious, and they don't care. All they want is their money. I tried getting a loan modification with them, but I was refused because I am still behind on my payments. They are threatening foreclosure and stated point blank to me "Get a loan, borrow the money, etc. because you can't live in your... Read more

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I have a Regions Bank visa, it is a business card. I have had it for several years always pay it off every month. I received my bill today that stated $2,100 was past due and I was the proud owner of a late fee and interest. I mailed this check 2 weeks before it was due.The first thing I thought was *** I wrote 4 different checks and have to do stop payments on them. Then checked and realized the checks had gone through 2 days late and 2 days... Read more

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I ordered a Tracfone and airtime card on 5/9 with overnight shipping. When I hadn't received information on 5/10, I contacted them and was told it would be processed that day and I would receive my order on 5/11. On 5/11 when still hadn't received tracking information or the order, I contacted them yet again and was told that my bank had just released the money, which is a lie because I check my account and the money was deducted on 5/10. They... Read more

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Note: I did not hire Realtor Eileen Roth for the following reason - I called Century 21 Weinert Realty, Safety Harbor, Florida to rent out and manage my home located in Safety Harbor Florida. I was connected with Eileen Roth who became rude and unprofessional over the phone by cursing of all things and being short with me. I simply discussed with her if I could rent my house "as is" under Florida law, if I could receive more than the first and... Read more

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