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I just recently quit from working with Hyla. It was a bad, deceitful job from the get go. They do not pay their sales rep the promised base pay. They do not pay for your gas (and they will have you traveling all over the state). You can "win" gas money but if you don't win the contest, you get no gas money. They do not pay for your supplies (A&D, fragrances, and gifts). This is docked off your paycheck and they actually charge you more than... Read more

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I have a 2013 Kia Optima SXL with the 2.0 Turbo engine. At 80,000 miles the car suddenly started making a knocking noise. At first I thought it was just the rough highway but the sound got worse. I was 50 miles away from the nearest Kia dealership. I took the car to an autozone just make sure it was still drivable. They told me that something was bad wrong and not to drive it. I then took it to a local mechanic just to get their opinion on what... Read more

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Couch RV Nation, Hamilton OH We spent about 1 year planning and thinking on what to buy, and where. We are in Arkansas. We have a local dealer, and it's a fine dealership. They do good work, fairly large, and do well. They are just expensive! Last August we drove to Hamilton, OH to Couch's RV Nation to see if those very low prices as advertised on the Internet were a scam or a great thing. We met with Brannon, Sales Mgr, and since that time he... Read more

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Ok, so in Feb of 2013, I purchased a bedroom set (queen sized bed, dresser with mirror, and a night stand)from the Cleo's warehouse on 65th st in Little Rock. Not only did they have an extra piece of furniture (that I did not order) there packaged and waiting for me, but the headboard was NOT the one I had chosen! I'm a VERY detailed person, so I noticed right away. It wasn't a big deal because they were pretty similar, but I found it... Read more

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We bought a 2013 cedar creek brand new. It is not even three years old yet and it is falling apart. The frame image is showing through the walls and ceiling. The seams are popping out and nails coming through. Forest River says there is nothing they can do since warranty has expired and our problem was environmental. According to them moisture caused it as well as smoking or cooking or both. Neither my wife or I smoke and we cook outside as... Read more

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Found barstools that stated one price went to purchase and they were completely different price. Customer service acted like it was my computer that was the problem. Took screenshot of item in question and sent it to them and they pretty much just told me that they would look into it. Poor sales practice. Wont shop there again. Picture shows price on my end put in cart and price was 137.00 Picture obviously shows lower price one two different... Read more

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We purchased a 2006 ML 500 Mercedes Benz SUV from Autos of Dallas that they had purchased form an out of state Auction after it had undergone what is known in the business as a "title-wash" (multiple sales). In the beginning we were pleased with the good deal we make with Autos of Dallas and drove the car for several years without any major problems. Big problems arose when we tried to trade the car in to a local new car Dealer. We were told... Read more

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I went to this office and got their ultimate package. There is not a lot of patient compassion. They act like the annoyed nurses you see at an old folks home. They are rude, inconsiderate, and don't expect them to listen to you when you are answering their questions. They ask you how they fit, but don't want to hear the real answers. The temporary set fit better (after I had to work on them) then the final ultimate set I received. If the... Read more

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The accelerator pedal assembly on my 2004 Camry (at 30.000 miles) failed in April 2012 causing dangerous surging. This was repaired at a Toyota dealership at a cost to me of ca. $500. My request for reimbursement was denied at that time by Toyota on the grounds that the warranty had expired. Subsequently Toyota entered into a settlement over failure of accelerator pedal assemblies and extended the warranties for affected cars for 10 years and... Read more

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Repair shops and consumers stay away. Our company purchased a low mileage engine only to receive it damaged. We refused the engine because it was not secured properly on the truck that it was being shipped in. It was rolled over when the driver was trying to unload the engine we told the driver not to unload it and to send it back. It took more than 30 days to receive credit, ( after countless phone calls). When we received credit, it was... Read more

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