I have become aware that LC is targeting existing borrowers to refinance their loans, sometimes within a few months. Apparently they get a new origination fee from the borrower, nice for them and sucky for the borrower, but they also rip off the lenders. We pay 1% of whatever LC receives as a management fee. This is reasonable if the note is going to run for a while and we can cover the fee with interest we receive, but when notes are churned... Read more

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This is one of the most deceiving self-serving companies you will ever come across. It looks like a legit company when you first look at it. They have top notch endorsers like Drew Brees and Rich Froning. They have also sponsored college football bowl games, NASCAR drivers, Major League Soccer, and other high profile events. There are also a lot of good people who are signed up as distributors. Unfortunately 98-99% of the people are... Read more

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My 80-yr old mother (fixed income) needed a less-expensive internet and TV service. She asked me to help. I went on to Century Link's CHAT (which is printable) so there would be no confusion if the Century Link/Direct TV bundle seemed like a service she would prefer and there would be NO confusion about the costs. Robbin S. and I chatted on Century Link for some time. I exlained there would be (3) televisions to be hooked up and the main one... Read more

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I subscribed to their publication (Outstanding Investments) with a full 1 yr $49 'money back guarantee if I was not satisfied with the product. I wasn't & notified them of that fact & requested the promised refund. Yet, to date they have never sent it, even though I have repeatedly sent them copies of their promised guaranteed. This company publishes numerous other financial advisory products & is a marketer of riping off the public via... Read more

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I love it when a company can go ahead and change your hours of work " you work 41 hours and get paid for 40", and cant give you any reason other than it was not approved. Or when your mrm malfunctions "clock in clock out" on your phone the boss just punches in what ever time they want. The fact the company makes multi million profit. But your boss sends his workers home insead of letting them get there 40 hours in. Or better yet workers that... Read more

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May 6, 2008 USAA 9800 Fredricksburg Road San Antonio, Texas 78288 Attn: General Josue Robles Re: Auto Account 139 59 42 Dear General Robles, I have been a member of USAA for 34 years. My parents have been members for over 70 years. My ex-husband, his wife and my three children are all current members of USAA because of me. In my 40+ years I have been in no accidents and have an excellent driving record. I have never been late with a payment and... Read more

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Absolutely appalled at how this company operates. Am really amazed they are still in business. If you have a loan, mortgage, second mortgage, or any other dealings with this company get out now. Refinance with a different lender. Green Tree employees are obnoxiously rude and outright ***holes. They are quite incompetent as well. Make sure that you do not have to file an insurance claim if you have them as a lender. They make very... Read more

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Nuwave Oven - Original new wave oven great! New new wave oven terrible.
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The first new wave oven I had worked great for over four years. Bought the two deal special late 2013. Gave one to my mom for Christmas. Kept the other as a back up or for when we had friends over and having two ovens would be great. The new one I purchased went in to use April of 2014 as my original unit finally died. My new unit has now died after less than 1 year of service. I am a service technician in the HVAC industry and am familiar with... Read more

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I know someone personally (regret) that often BRAGGED about how they would see on the delivery sticker what store the items were coming from and if they were of intrest they would OPEN the box! If they felt like it was their size or what ever else they considered they would STEAL it and pretend like it never came through UPS! What a fraud and lack of respect for peoples money!! Ever since I found that out I avoid UPS at all cost! I dont want to... Read more

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I'm researching Philidor as I too am suspicious of anything that seems "too good to be true" and want to just mention that the info slip my dermatologist office gave me has "Valeant Access Passport" in large letters at the top, and Philidor Pharmacy mentioned in the "Congratulations!" paragraph under the phone number. I've worked in Marketing for years, and to me, the "Congratulations!" part is a red flag. I want nothing free from our... Read more

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