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Ditech sent me an e-mail with their fax number being 866-870-9199. They know this number is just an advertisement for another company. You cannot call them to report the number unless you have at least 2 hours to hold on the phone. They even keep you on hold when... Read more

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Ditech bought my loan from a company I was happy with. Worst day ever! Since then, my payment has gone up because they can't seem to get the insurance escrow correct. I have proven that I have outside insurance and yet, they haven't taken it off my escrow. They show me... Read more

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I have become aware that LC is targeting existing borrowers to refinance their loans, sometimes within a few months. Apparently they get a new origination fee from the borrower, nice for them and sucky for the borrower, but they also rip off the lenders. We pay 1% of... Read more

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This is one of the most deceiving self-serving companies you will ever come across. It looks like a legit company when you first look at it. They have top notch endorsers like Drew Brees and Rich Froning. They have also sponsored college football bowl games, NASCAR... Read more

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My 80-yr old mother (fixed income) needed a less-expensive internet and TV service. She asked me to help. I went on to Century Link's CHAT (which is printable) so there would be no confusion if the Century Link/Direct TV bundle seemed like a service she would... Read more

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Surprise! You get NOTHING for the 'Free Gift' ad. I thought something was not right when I called them about the Lithium-Ion Battery and Charger and talked to a machine about my name, address, and last but not least, my credit card number. I was told by the machine... Read more

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i was told by greystar management staff that my application for handicapped parking had been approved in the Paseo del Sol complex in Tucson, Az. back in October of 2014. When we signed out new lease at the end of October 2015, i asked once again and was told it would... Read more

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My step father had Mass Mutual account since 1964, a very loyal customer, bought from his friend. Anyways, My step father in order to have his funeral costs covered before being placed on state aid, needed to have the interest cashed out. We have gotten no call backs,... Read more

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I purchased the My Snoring Solutions anti-snoring mask and was immediately concerned by the fact that the DVD provided would not work in my new computer. I contacted the company about this fact and received no meaningful reply. I used the product following the... Read more

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I have a cast on because I had surgery 2 weeks ago well a little less than two weeks ago and I was walking into my house and I had stuff in my hand I was by myself and it was early in the morning it was dark out so I was trying to hurry up and get inside and I was... Read more

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