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Labcorp - Extremely rude staff 1.0 My 4yo son had to get blood work done today. This isn't the first time he's gotten blood work, just the first time using Labcorp. After waiting... Jeff amos sandy(ditech claims) crooks 1.0 These are dirty bas%$#$@ they will lie cheat everything they can to cheat you!! Do not believe anything they say Beware, I advise everyone that's... EvilControllers - Right trigger worked for all of about 2-3 minutes 3.5 I had just received the controller in the mail and like 2-3 minutes of driving my car on GTA V my car just stopped and started working as right in... Geico - They Refuse to observe their own Paperless Billing Policy!! 1.5 I have been a Geico customer for over 10 years. 2 years ago for some reason, they started sending me paper bills. I told them to stop it I don't want... Orangutan Home Services - Can't be trusted. 2.0 I have a contract with Orangutan and Im so disgusted with them, its ridiculous. Ive been with them for years and was satisfied, but they came out... Godaddy SSL scam 1.0 Today GoDaddy turned out to be a scam. Thanks a lot godaddy. They ripped me for $2000 give or take on SSL. Some concerned guy called me from Godaddy... Gentle Dental Tempe - Gentle Dental - Tempe, AZ (formerly Southwest Dental) 1.0 Had 2 appts on same day for 2 family members. Received text reminders day prior. Had appointment card. Showed up, no appointments booked. This has... Ziprecruiter - Completely Ruined My Financial Standing 2.2 I am now without a bank account due to a job that I took on ZipRecruiter. All of my student loan payments, bills, & direct deposit came from my...