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WARNING TO ALL CONSUMERS who want to learn how to flip houses. Do not get scammed into ARMANDO MONTELONGO's flipping nightmare. He scams $1450 out of consumers up front then another $40,000 to ride a bus, tour homes and supposedly learn how to flip!!! DON"T FALL FOR... Read more

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I tried to help out a friend with her new small business and told her I would like to try the Greens. They were around $40 plus a shipping fee... which was pricey. After she took my credit card information and placed the order, I received an email with my account... Read more

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With Official Company Response

THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH FOR SAVING ME A GIANT HEADACHE !!!! Almost ordered but instead, after reading all of your posts, purchased a REAL airbrush and used water based make up. Try it. You'll be much happier ! Doesn't this LOW LIFE COMPANY realize that it would be much... Read more

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2720 Oklahoma northwest expressway. Room change 4x. The rooms had ant infestation and were never cleaned. Corporate never called back to speak with us in the 24-48 hr period as promised. See pics below. Also have ant video available. For some reason won't load. I... Read more

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Greystar - Worst living conditions
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Never have I had an experience that required me to go so far as to contact a corporate office, I am not one who cares to complain and typically find that a resolution can be found with those right in the office. However in this case I have been met with nothing but... Read more

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I have had numerous functional problems and cosmetic problems with my Thor Axis. I also took it back to the dealership & they made a halfhearted effort to repair my complaints. On a trip to Arizona some of those problems returned along with numerous others. For a... Read more

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Our loan was sold to CENLAR in August, and we made our first two payments (August and September) on time via ACH through their site, and payments were withdrawn immediately. Last month, I received a notice around the 20th, that our payments were returned NSF, and we... Read more

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This morning as my younger children headed out the parking lot the MANAGER recklessly pulled out in front of us I had to swerve to the left a bit to avoid her but stayed behind. At that time she pulled over to the right parked and got out of her car started yelling... Read more

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I purchased the 8 cup from Walmart, and ordered the TDS meter online with the discount code, mostly to satisfy curiosity. My tap water reads at 342. The filter was producing 000 water for several weeks, which was wonderfully pure tasting. Then out of nowhere, the... Read more

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Let's start with the reason for the change from Qwest to Integra. I was approached with a promise for significant "savings" and in the end with all the little fees there was NO savings, just lots and lots of issues and a signed contract to lock us in AND fees if we try... Read more

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