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On my last 3 visits to Lab Corp at 2214 E. Fry Blvd., Sierra Vista, AZ I have arrived a few minutes before they open at 7:00 a.m. They don't open the door until 7:10 or even sometimes 7:15. By then there are several people waiting. So, we go in today and it's another... Read more

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I had a health insurance with different companies for the last 12 years and once a year I did a test for Vitamin D because I had it low in the past. I have never paid for the test from my own pocket. I am covered with Premera Blue cross insurance from my new employer... Read more

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We are a current client of MTBC and have been with them for 2 years. There have been numerous complaints from our patients and some have even left the practice. Our Client Relations Manager has dodged all responsibility for the past 2 years and keeps telling us "I'll... Read more

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I have been paying for a service I don't want anymore because the company is shady. They don't have a cancel button on the parents account. I have tried calling but you are put on hold for forever. The only way to cancel is to cancel the card you used to gain the... Read more

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I am completely dissatisfied with the customer service I had in dealing with my renewal and cancelation of the NFL Sunday ticket as I requested. My contract expired in July of 2016 and around that time I contacted the renewal section to see what options they had for my... Read more

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Their checklist of things they say are done as part of the oil change service is a scam! Went in for an oil change. After the usual relentless up-selling (you sure you don't want the $150 transmission flush you dweeb?), they finally got to work. I had told them when I... Read more

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First I'm a big fan of Treyarch love your games. Spent lots of money on your games. And that brings me to the problem I am having with your new map pack, for the COD: black ops 3. Ever since I've downloaded the new map pack the game play sucks if you can play. Also... Read more

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Ordered premium anti reflection lenses. Received the with no anti-reflection whatsoever. Just want to return the glasses and they're giving me a run around. Received glasses last friday and got a phone call from them asking me to call back. Received a call Tuesday,... Read more

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I am certain ChristianMingle is setting up false emails, smiles, and views from members who dropped out or no longer on the site. I believe they are doing this so as to attract people and keep them from going to other sites. I think they are losing many people who... Read more

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My husband and stay in a knight inn in van horn Texas . it was a smokeing room but that was OK. So I know it was going to smell like smoke. But when I wake up in the morning and the room smell like mildew and the towels smell like mildew I think the smell of mildew...

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