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Dear Anonymous, Thank you for sharing your thoughts and feedback. We take it very seriously and use every person’s experience to continually improve what we do for our patients. Over the years we have continually evolved to create a better experience year after year.... Read more

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they sent me a letter saying I was approved for a $10,000. credit card and all I needed was to send them a check for $37.00. Well they cashed the check real quick and I haven't heard a word from them in over three-weeks. Then i read someone else's complaint... Read more

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I love planet fitness and what it has to offer.however i am also a single mother who can only workout when have a babysitter. there are more like me who choose other gyms over planet due to no child services. I went to a compettion who offered child care but did not... Read more

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Bought a 7" RCA tablet (RCT6077W22) back on Friday this last Christmas from Wal-mart and it took only 7 months to die. The battery started to grow slowly. Day after day getting bigger and bigger. RCA tablets must be extraordinarily cheep? What kind of company... Read more

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I am having pretty much the same problem other people are with IBM LBPS (soon to be Seterus). I contacted t hem in jan. 2011 for help with my mortgage. I did not qualify for hamp but qualified for a mod 24. THey never sent out paperwork for it and I called them 2x... Read more

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I bought 2 rugs from Wayfair--total cost was $134 with free shipping. The "jute backing" advertised on the website actually meant "no backing at all"--the rugs just slide all over my hardwood floors. So, it was return time. Unfortunately, I've been spoiled by... Read more

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Ordered the trial offer for my wife, with its trial fee. Two months later Bank Fraud division called me and said that a company was trying to force pay a 80.00 payment, got number listed and called them Bank assured me that if I cancelled before midnight , the payment... Read more

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I do work for green tree and I am a supervisor of 9 reps and very good, meaning that my team does hit their goals. I win contest for sups company wide, i only say that so people don't think im just some dis grunted ex employee. Green tree doesn't itself... Read more

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I received a book I didn't ask for. When I call and complain they tell me to to go to to print out a return label. Good luck. No where to be found. Seems like I am not alone. I assume they make it so difficult so that you end up keeping the book... Read more

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I arrived at 1:45 for my 2:00 appointment. The receptionist gave me paperwork to fill out, I had it turned in to her before 2:00. At 2:20 I asked her how much longer it would be before I was called back and she told me at least another 20 minutes. I drove across town... Read more

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