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SCAMMED BY CENTURYLINK ONCE AGAIN 1.0 SCAM! VERY SHADY COMPANY! COMPLETE WAIST OF MONEY, & TERRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE!!! If you're considering CenturyLink, then you might as well burn your... Cox Communications - TV went on and off 1.0 Our TV would be on for a while, and then would go off. A message came on, 'not supported'. This went on for over 6 days. Tried to reach Cox, and... Outback Steakhouse - Less quality for more money 2.8 I go to the Outback near 85032 in Phoenix. In the last couple of months the quality of service and what you receive vs costs have decreased... Movado - $2K Watch Band Just Falls Apart? 2.0 I spent $2,300 on this beautiful Movado, it was perfect. Diamonds, silver, one of the nicest watches I’ve ever seen. I’m in Vail and it just EXPLODES... American Airlines - Delays for maintenance 5.0 I flew for Phoenix to Fresno on Friday for a wedding on Saturday. Arrived at 6 am for a 7:35 departure flight cancelled at 11:45. Assigned a 1:45... First American Home Warranty - We had a 13 year old refridgerator that stopped cooling 1.0 When I called, I looked up the repair company that they sent. It was 100 miles from my house. It had bad reviews on 3 different websites. I asked... First American Home Warranty - 5 days Still no Refridgerator. This is the correspondence directly off of their website. 1.0 Monday, Sep 25, 2017 @ 10:33AM Who can I call to get help? I Voiced my concern with this company in an email to the man who sold me this contract... Renters Warehouse is the worst!! They come up with more fees than flies! Renters Warehouse took over my original management company and ever since then, they are changing due dates and trying to charge fees for crap that...