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Dear Anonymous, Thank you for sharing your thoughts and feedback. We take it very seriously and use every person’s experience to continually improve what we do for our patients. Over the years we have continually evolved to create a better experience year after year. To help manage our patients’ experience and expectations, we provide all our patients numerous forms and instruction sheets that detail what to expect when having a procedure with... Read more

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I love planet fitness and what it has to offer.however i am also a single mother who can only workout when have a babysitter. there are more like me who choose other gyms over planet due to no child services. I went to a compettion who offered child care but did not like the big gym atmosphere. but i love to workout just limited due to my child. also in MS we need more child health programs that teach healthy habbits and exercise. Please take... Read more

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they sent me a letter saying I was approved for a $10,000. credit card and all I needed was to send them a check for $37.00. Well they cashed the check real quick and I haven't heard a word from them in over three-weeks. Then i read someone else's complaint that the card is only good for purchases from some catalog. I don't buy stuff from catalogs, so i think this is a scam and will report it to the BBB and any other place I can... Read more

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Macco Phoenix Arizona Febuary 24 2011, I went to Macco today about the 299.00 special they are advertising on TV only to find out that is not the case. There are other charges. There is a 149.00 prep. They said out the door it will be 542.00, did I mention they are only painting the upper half of my car. How does 299 and 149 come to 542? After reading all of these complaints I can see I am not the only one having second thoughts on this.... Read more

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We apologize in the delay of receiving your refund. Should you have any further concerns, please let us know at Read more

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Here's my story. I was pulled over for a speeding ticket last week (yes I admit it was my fault) I haven't had a traffic ticket since 2005 but since revenue's are down I knew there was no chance for the officer to issue me and warning. Being August of 2010 now, I'm eligible to attend a defensive driving school class to have it erased off my record since I have not had a ticket in the past 2 years. When I called to schedule an... Read more

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Bought a 7" RCA tablet (RCT6077W22) back on Friday this last Christmas from Wal-mart and it took only 7 months to die. The battery started to grow slowly. Day after day getting bigger and bigger. RCA tablets must be extraordinarily cheep? What kind of company engineer's a battery that only lasts 7mo?!! It now looks like a pillow and burst the case wide open! I'm afraid it could exploded at any time, light on fire... I don't know. Never seen... Read more

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I bought 2 rugs from Wayfair--total cost was $134 with free shipping. The "jute backing" advertised on the website actually meant "no backing at all"--the rugs just slide all over my hardwood floors. So, it was return time. Unfortunately, I've been spoiled by Cost of return shipping with Wayfair was $70.00--over HALF the cost of the products in the first place. Yes--Wayfair is going to zap you for all the shipping costs at their... Read more

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The Secret Society (same come on as the Neo Tech) sends an invitation for a free report to reveal 2300 hundred year old secrets is sent. The initial letter is very flatering and makes you curious since they are going to send this to you free. Then the free report arrives and bingo...says to send $135 to obtain the "de-coded" secrets. They swear on the Bible .....that should have stoped me right there!!! But, I believe God must have... Read more

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Capital One Auto Finance Is a FRAUD and Wrecked my CAR!
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I have been lied to ripped off and threatened by Capital One Auto Finance then my Car got wrecked. This is AFTER I gave them $33,000.00!! I purchased a car in 2007. It is a 2007 Nissan Altima 3.5 with leather, Bose, Navigation, Moon roof, Rear Spoiler, Power windows door locks brakes & seats, Custom 20" Chrome wheels. I applied for and was approved for a ":Blank Check" auto loan through Capital One Auto Finance. The loan I took out on my... Read more

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