Is anyone else using redbox to rent movies? We rented 8 movies and had 8 failures to play. 4 trips to 3 different rebox kiosks. We received promo codes and a refund after the 3rd attempt to watch Life of Pets and Deepwater Horizon. We made sure to rent the new movies... Read more

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I tried to return items bought by my daughter that was visiting from OKLAHOMA. She has 3 small children very busy, receipt was discarded with bags in trash. Tried to return 2 items that she purchased, shampoo and conditioner, valued at 5.99@. My intention was to get... Read more

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Every single month around the 20th every month my acsess constantly drops every 10 minutes until the day before my bill arrives then it works again just like yesterday and today and it started this month on the 24th, i know that suddenlink has a monopoly on internet... Read more

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poor customer service, high cancellation fees ADT-Monitored Security is not properly install and that is where they get you to pay extra money to fix all those magnet that they use, they keep fallen off. and to get a good deal you must sign for 36 months the offers is... Read more

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Our AC died on the 25th of this month. It's a good 115 degrees in the Arizona desert. After calling First American they assigned the repair the L&S Air conditioning. I finally got a call from them at just before close of business on the 26th with no message left. On... Read more

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LOVE the way the "high speed internet" constantly drops to just a couple of mps. download, CONSTANTLY. C-Serv is a joke overall. Heaven forbid you have to call after their Lake Havasu, AZ tech support dept. has closed for the day - and get routed to TX or 'back East'... Read more

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I agree with you completely. I have no idea why they do not sew the pads in. there must be some reason why they do not but I have no idea why they don't . I have tried to contact the company directly to find out , and of course, no response. I have to allow ten extra... Read more

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One of my 3 swimming pool pumps stopped working. Of course they are all outdoors where most pool pumps are installed. After 10 years 1 pump failed. The three pumps sit next to each other in the pool enclosure but are subject to elements like rain. Very little rain... Read more

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I'm dealing with them now and sent the initial patent search fee of $1495 jan.7,2016. I got a folder back that looks like they put considerable work into the research but also contains a lot of useless looking boilerplate. I don't understand the relevance. So far I... Read more

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Every piece of Lane Furniture that I bought looks like *** after 3 years. I will never buy Lane furniture again and will tell everyone that I know about my issues with Lane quality and poor customer service. "A happy customer tells a friend; an unhappy customer tells...

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