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Virgin Mobile Canada Internet Service Review from Sherwood Park, Alberta 2.6 I have the fastest internet that is available in my area, and their website loads slower than the other 5 tabs I have opened in my browser! All I... Geek Squad - Should have looked here first I took my desktop in and paid $200 up front for them to fix/find the problem. They told me it would be ready in about a week. Went back 9 days later t... Testimonial Instaflex Advanced I am 68 years Old and in the recent months have started to get Hip and joint pain if sitting, standing or walking to long. I have only been on... Ticketmaster Behind the Times Ticketmaster simply needs to find a way of preventing scalpers from owning the market. Identifying tickets to ID, credit card numbers, picture of the... Beachbody - Fraud I had never heard of Beachbody either. I found two charges on my credit card totalling $466. I phoned Beachbody and spoke to several people and they... The Brick - Refusal to honour warranty on mattress It has been a 2 month battle that has resulted in myself actually contacting the manufacturer of the bed set & having them review the warranty claim... Featured Petland - Lop Rabbit Review from Sherwood Park, Alberta My boyfriend purchased me a valentines gift from Petland. I guess he could've examined the rabbit more closely. However, the first night I knew there... Watchismo - Review in Luxury / Jewelry category from Sherwood Park, Alberta I received the Vestal DEV008 De Novo All Gunmetal watch as expected. Beautiful watch and no problem with the clasp. Came with plastic protective film...