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Polaris Industries - Sportsman 570 Utility Vehicle Review from Saint Albert, Alberta 1.3 Bought a Polaris 570 sportsmen 2016 model, brought it for its first ride and the throttle stuck full bore in low gear causing the atv to end up in... Ae Di Milano - THE SAME S.O.B PULLED THE SAME FRAUDULANT STUNT ON ME! I came out of Staples on St. Albert Road and this man with a partially bald head and with an Italian accent called me along to his car. was holding... Saladmaster - The biggest mistake A "friend" from church invited me over for dinner one day. I went over to her house that evening when I walking into her kitchen she had all these... Melaleuca - Makeup Remover Review from Saint Albert, Alberta 1.3 Decided to try out the eye makeup remover. Not only did it sting my eyes so much it irritated them so much I had to sit with cold clothes on my... Direct Energy - Lack of Customer service 1.5 After 48 minutes on the phone with people who have a very poor command of the English language, went through the Customer Service person, the... Cal Am Properties - Property Rental Review from Saint Albert, Alberta 3.1 Rent at Good Life has gone up a minimum of $200 a year. When i first started going there rent was $2900 and is now up to $5600. I am glad we sold... Ripped Rx - NO2 Blast SCAM! Read the Fine Print! The Free trial is a Joke! How can you test anything and see results in 14 days!

Here's what you agreet to Be careful!

When you order your 14 da...
Hydroderm - RIP OFF! 1.3 My wife was just ripped off as well. She ordered the free trial and then there was another charge for something called Loveeyeserum as well?? They say...