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Hi thank you for contacting us. This customer purchased our program and asked for a refund, our support team responded back saying that our program comes with a very clear "action based guarantee" which states that in order to qualify for a refund the customer must at... Read more

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First off I fill out an on line request with my phone number. They call walk me through the process and ask for my credit card. I give it, but I then asked a few more question to which I became wary. I then said I do not want your product and to remove anything we... Read more

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I started using wen a year ago, I have always had healthy beautiful hair. I noticed my hair falling out by the handfuls, it would be all over my clothes and pillow. I was afraid to brush my hair and was even afraid to run my fingers through it. My brush would have... Read more

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The sale representative did not care about my mother or her needs. He was interested in signing the deal on that day. Kept asking how much money I am interested to spending. I was just going to get the estimate but he kept reading all from the brochure about the... Read more

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I started selling for Scentsy a little over a year ago for several months. That's when I realized that my city alone was riddled with Scentsy consultants everywhere and because the woman who recruited me was a mutual friend- most of my friends were already her clients.... Read more

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I am ACN IBO in Canada. Recently many of my friend signed for ACN Telus Samsung Galaxy S3 smartphone with 3-years contract. Two guys decided to return their devices as per ACN Telus webstore policy promises 30 days no hassle return. After they have sent email notified... Read more

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Our Jayco Eagle, the slide out is crooked, it is just off warranty when the slide started catching coming in. Took it to the dealer for adjustment. They said the opening for the slide is out of square by 1". They don't no how that could have happened as the walls were... Read more

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After reading your review I see that you didn’t have a “Truly Exceptional Experience” with the dealership. I did want you to know that Sun Toyota has new owners and is under new management which is the Morgan Auto Group. At this time our new management team would... Read more

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I ordered a 30 day trial from a TV commercial which was supposed to be an Anniversary Special. They sent a full package WITH PAYMENT plan. Super- sized. Called to get an RA and was given this link. There is an office in Canada but they shipped from TX and I got an... Read more

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This Was The Whole Conversation - I Have The Emails To Verify. - Do NOT Deal With Them! The Best They'll Do Is Waste Your Time. Me: Hey, i just wanted to know how much would one of your cartoon covers cost me? I'm looking to get at least one done for sure. Please let... Read more

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