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Hi thank you for contacting us. This customer purchased our program and asked for a refund, our support team responded back saying that our program comes with a very clear "action based guarantee" which states that in order to qualify for a refund the customer must at... Read more

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I started selling for Scentsy a little over a year ago for several months. That's when I realized that my city alone was riddled with Scentsy consultants everywhere and because the woman who recruited me was a mutual friend- most of my friends were already her clients.... Read more

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Its piece of garbage and forget about exchange or return of your money + the mailing cost of sending back bunch of thugs operating this scam business. Read more

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to the manager of HR Block 10509-51 Avenue Edmonton, AB T6H0K5 Yesterday I was very excited to file my US tax return at your Edmonton office, over the past 13 years my wife and I have been loyal costumers of HR block and yearly had made appointments in Las Vegas and... Read more

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With Official Company Response

My campaign with ReachLocal has started from Sep 02, 2015 and have paid for two cycles till date. As the campaign is supposed to bring me more business and increase the traffic and the phone ringing but unfortunately your campaign did not add any revenue to my business... Read more

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I order makeup online quite often and bh cosmetics has TERRIBLE shipping. I placed my order well over a month ago and I have yet to receive it. Not only is that annoying, but when I track my order it has stayed in the same location for over a week (a location no where... Read more

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After reading peoples problems with there Open Range would alot of these problems get cured if the trailers were put thru a proper PDI from the selling dealer.It does not matter were or what you buy you are always going to have problems because the selling dealer... Read more

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had to wait the obligated 45 days to return this junk, and then cannot get customer service on the phone. It rang, got answered in an automated French speaking voice (I don't speak French), and waited for over 20 minutes for a live person to come on the line to get the... Read more

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I ordered a 30 day trial from a TV commercial which was supposed to be an Anniversary Special. They sent a full package WITH PAYMENT plan. Super- sized. Called to get an RA and was given this link. There is an office in Canada but they shipped from TX and I got an... Read more

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2012 Jayco Jayflight 32BHDS - Overhead Cupboard & Curtain Coming off Wall
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After owning for only 4 years now, we noticed that the bottom shelf of the cupboard over the couch is coming off. We then checked to see how it is attached and found that there is no support at all for the bottom shelf in the cupboard as it meets the wall. ... Read more

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