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Fred Meyer - Juneau Shelves Not Stocked 2.8 I have noticed a decline in service, neatness, shelves not being stocked, having to shop around pallets in middle of aisles, no stock on Blu Ray DVD... Moneygram - On Line Services 09-26-2016:Account locked since couple months ago due to my forgetting password. tried to resolve the issue for 2 days..gave ALLmy info they needed to... Factory Outlet Store - Did not receive my order 1.4 I ordered a battery for my Samsung Galaxy S4 on May 27, 2016 at 6:14p.m. order number F0S6375818E. The price was $17.95 with a two year warranty for... North American Hunting Club - Let's file a class action lawsuit 1.0 I don't recall when my magazines stopped coming and then I started getting hunting magazines I never subscribed to and I should have known something... 800Notes Technical Support Review from Juneau, Alaska I was seeing what info on my number was out there and had submission durring times i was out in the woods working with no signal. These... Samsonite - No Complaints! We would actually like to thank you for a great product! We have used the Samsonite spinner upright luggage for quite a few years, we have been all... Nitrorcx - Non-existent customer service! 1.0 I ordered two RC vehicles from these clowns when I was completely new to the hobby. The first red flag occurred when the buggy color I ordered wasn't... Beachbody Charge Review from Juneau, Alaska The fother muckers are sending me a bill with collection threats for an account I never open!