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Good afternoon Carnival my name is Wanda Morris my booking number at the time was 7S9LW9 my carnival # is 0043669531 I book this cruise for July 23rd 2015 I had to cancel the cruise is because my mom has cancer and I'm the only one attending to her I spoke to my... Read more

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Just want to feedback to you that the store at 568 broadway has the worst attitude ever. Asked for shoes sizes but was snubbed by your staff and later on as i was paying i couldnt sign using the pen and your staff just used her finger to sign on my behalf and said it... Read more

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  • Aug 24, 2016
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4101 3rd ave s birmkngahm, al 35222 I tried to buy a ogk wrap that cost 55 cents and the clerk charged me 89 cent, so i gave it back to him and he cussed me out and said get out of his store than the most killing part he called me a n###A SO I was pissed and ready to...

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After asking the sales associate to file in the system not to direct debit from my account before contacting me they did anyway after I instructed them not to... There is a serious lake of communication which make bad business...

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Why can I not take $ off my card

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I have work at lil ceasar since june 28 an i have only reveived 1 check for $80 and on top of that they will not give me a schedule they say call everyday to see if they want me to come in my stoe is 11 ricky is the gm i meet corporate 1 they dont know how to train the... Read more

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sign a contract without seeing the truck but never go into the truck 4 weeks later and all I been hearing is lies!! still unemployed become no truck 4 weeks later

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I have been Awarded gift cards online several times and have given my correct Address and have not received anything is this a Scam.

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Thay have no flavor! Dry! Even though this an Aldi brand, come on get with it! I tasted because they were purchased and given to my Son! Cheap! Is what they are......!WOW!

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THEY SUCK! Do NOT Waste Your Time Or Your Hard Earned Money On This Whatever They Want To CALL THIS *** IT IS NOT SPICE

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