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Ups Store - Driver told me that she didn't packaging slip. 2.7 I called for the first time in my life for a package to be picked uo from my home. It was a sealed king mattress in a box and I have a bad back. The... Dominos Pizza - Delivery driver didn't give me all of my.order 2.2 I called back after the delivery driver left I placed a large order and gave him $20 tip on a $65 order. He was nice snd thanked me. However I looked... Rite Aid - Complaint 1504 Phillips ave
Decatur, AL
Oct 10, 2016...
Charter Communications - Hard to cancel 1.0 I tried to cancel service because we are in the military and moving. I have the account number, security code, name, address and phone number. My... Dollar General Corporation - Coupon not deducted I went into the DG (Somerville, AL) yesterday with the $5.00 coupon off $25.00 for Sat. Aug. 20th. I bought $40.00 and gave the cashier the coupon... With Official Company Response Arriva Medical - Schemers I ordered a diabetic sugar checker (Solus V2) for my husband which I got just fine and for 3 months I got the strips just fine, then when I called... Metropcs - Just plain out bad cell phone,s 2.1 I have had service with my metro for over a year,my first phone worked well it was the larger Z T E with the built in battery.I was due for my first... Simply Wireless - Review in Telecommunications category from Decatur, Alabama I purchased 2 tracfones from QVC with a lifetime warranty for wach phone. Both phones were damaged and I tried to use the lifetime warranty, paid...