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Books A Million - Renewal is unehtical BAM with no authorization, no email, no text message, no phone call renewed my membership here in the month of December. Now the fact they did so... AFS Foundation and Waterproofing Specialists - Review in Household Services category from Alabaster, Alabama 2.1 2 of the 6 employees in my training group are still employed. Most left on terrible terms after being lied to about compensation issues. They owe me... Jared - Review in Luxury / Jewelry category from Alabaster, Alabama I recently choose to leave as an sales associate from Jared's for several reasons.
One main reason was their Selling Structure.
I refuse to high pressure people to buy/ upsell guests purely for my own personal gain (to achieve my 6/6 standards)...
V2 Cigarette - Leaks and lasts a very short time, POS Leaks juice, doubt if it is good for 100 puffs. Pure waste of money. I would not repurchase and wish I hadn't in the first place. 1 cartridge doesn... Now Nabisco has ruined Oreos!! 3.0 Over the past few years, Nabisco has ruined its saltine and graham crackers, but I never imagined they would tamper with Oreo Cookies. Guess I was... Waffle House Waiter Review from Alabaster, Alabama 1.8 Was at the waffle house in alabaster alabama early this morning and it was extremely obvious that our waitress didnt want us to be there due to... American Airlines - Theft!!!!!!!! 3.5 My husband and I were going back home the week after he retired. We flew to Miami and they put us on an American Eagle flight. It was after 9 at... Other Company - Max Hold Hair Spray 8 I like your product and shall continue to use it. The spray nozzle on my bottle doesn'I spray a wide mist. It just jets a single line of spray that...