Start2finish Home Remodels - Home Repair Review from Aberdeen, North Carolina

Start2finish Home Remodels - Home Repair Review from Aberdeen, North Carolina
Start2finish Home Remodels - Home Repair Review from Aberdeen, North Carolina
Start2finish Home Remodels - Home Repair Review from Aberdeen, North Carolina
Start2finish Home Remodels - Home Repair Review from Aberdeen, North Carolina
Start2finish Home Remodels - Home Repair Review from Aberdeen, North Carolina
Start2finish Home Remodels - Home Repair Review from Aberdeen, North Carolina
While Cameron Taylor quotes great prices, he is the most unprofessional business owner I have EVER worked with. I hired him on July 31, 2016 to repair my garage floor, install ceramic floor tile in my kitchen, pantry, downstairs half bath, upstairs laundry room, and both upstairs master and guest bathrooms, install wall tile in my master bath, backsplash in my kitchen, wall and door repairs, painting my entire interior to include ceilings, crown molding installation, and pressure washing my entire home. I brought him to my home to walk through all of the work I needed done. He quoted me $5500 for all work done. Some work mentioned (garage floor repair, ceramic floor install in the kitchen, pantry, downstairs half bath, upstairs laundry room, and both upstairs master and guest bathrooms, and backsplash in my kitchen) was the only work that got started. I say it got started because it was never finished. To date, half of my home is still looking like a construction zone. After a month of immense frustration with him being a constant no show or showing up hours later than he told me he would arrive, his severely mediocre work that he would try to sneak and cover up, his lack of communication, severe problem with miscommunication nearly everything, changes prices in the quote he gave me, and continuously pushing to start on more projects when the 5 he started were not near finished, I got highly fed up and fired him. So to date, I am shelling out more money to either fix things he did completely wrong and not up to code or to finish what he stated and didn't. He came out to repair cracks, paint, pour down paint chips, and seal my garage floor, only to tell me after he was halfway done painting that he actually had never repaired any concrete before. I specifically asked him prior to hiring him if he did concrete floor repairs and all of the aforementioned installs. He told me he did everything. This was the start of his constant lying and exaggeration of what he was actually capable of doing. He never finished (sealed) my garage floor. It has been almost 2 months and the cracks are still quite visible in most areas, in which he simply stated he would just put extra paint chips down to mask it and there is still no coats of sealant on it. He hired two young guys off of the street the day before coming to install my floor tile. I did not find this out until after I fired him. The two young men did a absolutely beautiful job on my laundry and guest bath. Cameron installed my master bath floor. Not only did not lay all of my tiles correctly, but he never sealed any of my upstairs floors to include the floors that were done by the other two guys. Again, over a month now, and I have floors unfinished. He was a no show in my kitchen, half bath, and pantry installation, so for almost 2 weeks, one guy was working on my floors. However, he had no problem showing up for about an hour one day and asked for the full payment for all tile work in the amount of $1750.00 (He later lowered this price to $1550.00 but more on that later). He was supposed to install my backsplash in my kitchen. My old walls needed to be torn out and new cement board put in to properly support the wall tile. Not only did he fail to cut the new cement board to the length needed to fit the wall (it cut it 4 inches too short), but he installed the cement board that he improperly measured and instead of adding more to fill in the gap, he instead proceeded to cover the gap with a sheet of mosaic tile to make me think there was actually wall there. Again, he has already been paid in full for all tile work to be performed. He took 5 hours to install 4 linear feet of mosaic tile, and then informed me that he had never installed it before. He also told me that if he had known that was the tile I wanted him to install, that he would have come more prepared. This is baffling because I had shown him that tile on 4 different occasions (3 times in person and once in a message on Facebook). Here is another lie. After I hired him, all prices for work he started, began to change. He also attempted charge me $300.00 to unstall/reinstall in my toilets in order to put down my ceramic tile. He told me it takes 2.5 hours per toilet to uninstall and reinstall. I took my toilets out myself (all 3 in under 30 minutes). He then tried to tack on all of these "prepping fees" to *** baseboards, take out old material. This was very frustrating because when he cam and did the walk through, I asked him repeatedly what the cost for ALL labor (to include prepping) was. I even offered to help out with prepping to keep costs down, in which he outlined what I could do to prep the areas of my home he would be working on. With the floor installation, I would take out the old flooring and baseboards. Again, I took the toilets out because of his ridiculous statement and charge. Once he began noticing my frustration with him constantly adding fees into what he assured me would not be more than $5500.00 worth of labor, I think he got the sense that I would terminate further work with him. So that made him go back and rework his numbers to be more in line with what he told me because at that point, he blew my budget ($10,000 that he was more than confident was enough for all labor and cost of material). Remember the backsplash install? AGAIN, the original quote for all tile work was $1750.00, in which after reworking his quote, he later changed to $1550.00. I has already paid him the original amount. After, I discovered that he ruined almost $30.00 in mosaic tile that I NOW had to go back out and repurchase and that he installed all of that tile completely wrong and masked the 4 inch gaping hole in my wall with it, I pulled the plug on him. I had the last straw. When I informed him I no longer wanted to work with him anymore, he then proceeded to tell me how much time he wasted and money he lost while working on my home. The funny thing is, that he is the one who told me what he would do the work for. He then gave me all of these bogus excuses as to why he was never there to complete the work he started and never finished and essentially said that all of August was simply a bad month for him and it affected him being there to do it. He was only able to offer me an apology and told me he would correct his mistakes of being absent and do better for the next customer that comes along. Since my backsplash in my kitchen now had to be reripped out, new cement board repurchased, and new tile repurchased, I asked him for the $400.00 he was supposed to refund me (I overpaid him $200.00 from him quoted me $1750.00 and then changing it to $1550.00. The backsplash installation was $200.00 of the $1550.00 quote). He told me he was only willing to refund me $250.00 back because he didn't have the other money and he would come by, clean up his tools and leave. This is because the second guy he hired to do all the tile work had quit on him. The first guy quit after a week of working for him. So because he now had no one to help him finish installing my tile, he could no longer do anything. AGAIN, the funny thing is that HE (Cameron) went on and on about how "HE" did good work, "He" did work for cheap, how "HE" could give me a better price than anyone else, how installing tile was "HIS" specialty and that is the main thing "HE" did. Notice the pattern here. In all actuality, out of the 450sq ft of tile I needed installed on my floor, he installed all but 40sq ft of it, in which 20sq ft was actually laid somewhat decent, the other 20sq ft was laid half a$$ed. He told me it would be a lot of work to take it out and redo it, and it would only cost me more money because he would have to charge me. After I fired him and his worker who actually laid the other 420sq ft... (BTW, his name is Justin, and he was the actual skilled one, who did an absolute GORGEOUS job on my floors, that is why Cameron could no longer finish my floors, go figure), Cameron told me that he did not care if I went ahead and wrote my review here because he knew that "HE" did a great job on my floors, how "HE" knows that my floors got done, and that is what I paid for. I recall paying, in full, for complete work. Now, after shelling out more money to someone else, all of my baseboards in 5 rooms are finally reinstalled along with the door frames. Another almost $1000.00 out of MY pocket to finish the backsplash he did not even do and to get all of my rooms and garage back to their ORIGINAL condition. After I told him I would tell EVERY detail about my experience with him, he then proceeded to plead for me not to "bash him and his company" because after he takes a break to get his life together, he didn't want this to affect his future business. I don't care how this affects his business if it saves someone else from getting ripped off and no work done. He lies incessantly, swears that he never said what he said (even when you have everything he has told you in writing because you communicate with him primarily through Facebook messenger), tells you that he does good work to code when in actuality, he does shoddy and intern level work but tries to cover it up when you are not monitoring him, he adds costs in order to get more money out of you, and then blames you when things don't work out how he wants. He is very pushy when you tell him how you want to schedule when work is done. His M.O. is starting everything at once so you'll have no choice but to pay and keep him working. He told me before I hired him that I would be given a copy of the bidded work (both hard copy and flash drive)as well as a copy of the warranty guaranteeing his work for a full year. I didn't receive it until a week and a half after I fired him, in which case I had to threaten legal action just to get it from him, at which point, he attached it to a Facebook message. Again, I have gotten only $250.00 back from the $1990.00 that I paid him. DO NOT HIRE HIM if you don't want to be ripped off. Pay the extra money and hire someone else. Description of work: Installed ceramic floor tile in my kitchen, pantry, downstairs half bath, upstairs laundry room, and both upstairs master and guest bathrooms. Repaired garage floor, and installed kitchen backsplash. Below is the reading i have him on Angie's List. Cost: $1990 Work Completed Date: 09/05/2016 Overall-D Price-B Quality-D Responsiveness-D Punctuality-F Professionalism-F
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