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I went on vacation with my boyfriend to Universal Studios Islands of Adventure recently. On our last visit we got a psychic reading from a wonderful (and eerily accurate) lady named Misty. We wanted to see if she was still there and get another reading. Next door to the psychic tent is a shop and henna studio owned by the same company. As we approached the henna shop we noticed a young girl with tears streaming down her face. She had a name tag on and was odviously working there.

 I walked into the shop just in time to hear her "manager" tell her, no she could not go on break now, and the owner would be called and she would be terminated if she didn't stop crying and get back to work.

 Ok at this point there was no one else besides my boyfriend and I in the shop, aside from the "manager", the artist in tears and another artist cleaning in the back area. 

 When the "manager" walked away I sat down next to the girl and started to ask her about the henna. She quickly wiped her tears, smiled and gave me the run down on the designs and prices. I noticed the "manager" went behind the register to talk on her cell phone, I coxed the story out of the artist.

 She told me her roommate had called the shop from the hospital. She had been in an accedent and wasn't sure if the passenger (who was a mutual friend) was going to be ok. Her roommate had called the shop first but was told her roommate, the artist, couldn't speak to her because she was at work and not allowed. She then texted a quick message to her, telling her what happened and asking to call ASAP. 

 The artist told me she would check her phone now and again in case her daughter needed to get ahold of her. The "manager" saw her checking her phone and started yelling at her. Now this is the same "manager" who was on her cell phone for everyone to see pretty much the whole time I was in the shop.

 I also found out that this artist was not an employee at all, but an independent contractor. 

 I'm a contractor myself and I know for certian that by law, she should not have a manager over her. She should be allowed to take her break when she chooses and if an emergency comes up, she should be able to step backstage and make the nessisarry calls.

 The artist told me this is a common occurance here. This "manager" often came in late, was rude to guests and workers and would not hesitate to make up lies to get artists in trouble with the "boss".

 I was amazed! I bought a henna from the artist, who did a wonderful job. When I went to the register to pay, the nasty "manager" was sitting behind the counter talking in loud Spanish on her cell phone. 

 She didn't look at me for several minuets. I finally started waving money at her. She rang me up without saying a word to me. In fact she stayed on the phone the whole time!

 I turned to give my change to the artist. Finally the "manager" put down her phone to tell me in a very sharp, loud tone "they don't except tips! You can't tip her!!"

 Now I'm not one to make a scene, but I had enough of this nasty attitude! So I turned back to the artist and told her to take the tip, and if this woman tries to take it I'm going straight to universal management.

 In all my years coming to the parks, I've never seen a worker treated like this!

 The company name is STARSOULS INC

 I spoke to the other artist later that day to find out this is common occurance here. 

 Whoever owns this company should be ashamed! How could you let this happen? How can you allow your contractors to be treated this way?


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this comment was made by Misty- she's not that good or that Eerily accurate, she hates the henna artists but likes to get business. None of this is accurate.

She hates the cashier because Misty likes to ring up stuff and steal money and they won't let her ring anymore. :grin It's ridiculous because they fired the poor manager and she was always working so hard to make things better. The reason she probably was on the phone is because the Register goes offline so frequently and English is her second language. No one has had this happened, the artists are always trying to leave early and they make stuff up and the manager has no ability to let them leave .

They have to talk to the owner if they want to leave and they have to call her to do it.

No one has ever been prevented from taking a tip by the manager- they are happy to make sure we get tipped. This is all a pack of lies and you should be ashamed MISTY!

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11/15/2013 wow I was there today and the psychic said wow your fat ! I didnt want a reading because I use to work there aand was stopping in to say hello. Marina is a ugly woman inside ond out and shouldn't be working there.


All this is true and MORE in both tents. HOW does Universal Studios ALLOW this to happen in there HAPPY place ??????????????????



This is a common occurrence here with the nazi manager. The owner of company is sick and will have to close shop.

A lot of disgruntled employees there even though they are independent contractors.

Karma is going to hit then sooner or later. So sit back and watch the fireworks....

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