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I had purchased two Starkey aids last year and when the warranty ran out is when I began having problems.One of the aids has been sent in twice, once for volume control and then the rocker switch quit working. The first time was under warranty and the second time it was a courtesy repair. When I got them back the microphone next to the repaired rocker switch does not work. I just left the audiologist office and they said it would cost $240 to...
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I liked
  • Good sales people
I didn't like
  • Sloppy repair jobs
  • Unable to get it right
I spent $4000.00 on two aids from Starkey and they do not even last 6 mounth.I take good care of them cleaning all the dirt and stuff off them. The plug that goes into the aid is no good. It does not make contact and it quite working. Been back to have them fixed 4 or 5 times. Starkeys said to tell my provider and I did. She said that the way they are. Poor quality. Should have bought some other brand. These are z series they are no good....
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I didn't like
  • No technical expereince