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Bad customer service/ no customer service

I have tried several times to come to get with them, how do you able to come to good with anyone. Im having issue with my device not helping me. The automated customer service like machine is the worst. Not helpful at all
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linda Vmm
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Stanford University Hospital has sent patients records all around the world and broken hippa rules. If you have been to Stanford's Emergency Room your records are easily available to anyone interested. Stanford is just not a good hospital. The staff is uncaring. Stanford is pushing all doctors off Welch Road. Stanford wants no private doctors at Stanford. Stanford is closing Welch Road to make private doctors practices fail. At Stanford the nurses are very unhappy. Scary huh? There is much hostility even toward the dentists on Welch Road and Stanford is damaging them. A patient had hip surgery at Stanford and was very unhappy Avoid Stanford Hospital. Go to Sequoia , a great place. Do your homework. Is Stanford more interested in building new hospital than giving good care in present? Yes is my vote. l
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linda Vmm
map-marker Camden Wyoming, Delaware


A liposuction death of a 21 year old Vietnamese woman occurred in San Jose in July of 2011. The death occurred because of puncture of the abdominal wall by liposuction cannula during a tummy liposuction. The abdominal vein (the major vein in the body) was torn by the cannula. The patient lost blood and died on the operating table at a well known surgicenter in San Jose. During liposuction my intestine and lung were punctured in San Francisco. I was quite sick but since my surgery was in a fine hospital I survived. Beware of surgicenters. Check them out with your family doctor. Many are dangerous. The surgeon that did my liposuction turned out to not be a real plastic surgeon. Be careful. I bet the San Jose doctor that punctured the poor 21 year old lady's tummy was not a real plastic surgeon that was boarded? linda
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This just sounds like the review of a pissed off consumer trying to screw up the

good names of MD's!


What does a San Jose surgicenter have to do with Stanford hospital in Palo Alto?


That's what I would like to know.

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4th COVID Vaccine, Monkeypox, Mask-Optional Policy

Jan 6, 2022

Who may need the 4th vaccine? Is monkeypox dangerous? Prof. Karen Jubanyik comments on the mask-optional policy, COVID booster shot, and the monkeypox.

Prof. Karen Jubanyik
Prof. Karen Jubanyik

Karen Jubanyik, MD is Associate Professor, Clinician-Educator Track, in the Department of Emergency Medicine at Yale University School of Medicine.