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St Johns Hospital Medical Care Review from North Olmsted, Ohio

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I had a horrible experience at this hospital. I would not recommend anyone who expects exceptional medical care to go here. I waited 3 hours in horrible pain just for them to come draw my blood. They also gave me medications that were not safe after giving them knowledge of what I had already been taking over the counter. Spoke to nursing supervisor & she said she could not help me because she didn't know what was going on in the emergency department. I would not call this a good "supervisor" if they don't have any knowledge to help you. Again, I strongly advise that if you do have a medical issue to not go here.
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Bad quality
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Poor Nursing Home Care

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Poor Care atSt. Johns Place Nursing Home3333 Brown Rd. St. Louis, MO Our Mom checked into St. Johns Nursing Home on August 18, 2014. By the following week, August 27, we had to pull her out of there due to Very Poor Care Conditions. In the very short time she was there, the toilet was leaking and after numerous requests to fix, as it was a fall risk, they attempted to repair. It still leaked. They put towels on the floor to soak up the water. When repairing the parts in the tank they threw the trash from the parts, not in the trash which was 2 ft away, but tossed the trash in the sink. Our mother had trouble walking due to cancer. She started to say to us kids that they weren't nice there. She would call for help to go to the bathroom and they refused to help her on 3 occasions that we could get from her, saying they were too busy to deal with her. She told us she was afraid to be there and afraid of the staff. On one occasion, when they did help her to the bathroom they left her in the bathroom and told her to hurry up. She had to get herself back to her bed. They were rough with her when getting her up to go to the dining hall or moving her because she had an accident in her bed. On the last 2 days before we started putting this all together, we noticed the side of her face and neck was swollen. Upon further investigation we discovered that the staff was just shoving the pills in her mouth, which was stuck under her lips and the side of her mouth. My mother had trouble swallowing and should have been given liquid medicine for her condition. Side note, swelling went down after we moved her. After a disgusting meeting with the owner, look his name up, I'll get to that in a moment, we immediately pulled my mother from St. Johns. We scheduled for an Ambulance transfer for the following morning. When my sisters’ arrived to meet the ambulance, the staff had put my mother in a wheel chair and wheeled her to the dining area and put a tray of food in front of her and walked away leaving her there, her head was slumped over practically unconscious. She can't eat solid food anymore! Whats wrong with these people. They should of left her in her bed knowing she was being transferred. We got her out of there and she died 1 day later, August 28, 2014. My mother had a very serious condition of Pancreatic Cancer and we knew that she was on a downward slope, but its hard not to think that St. Johns poor care, did not help my mothers condition. She was alert when we went in and within 5 days she was practically incoherent. The meeting with the owner went really bad. My sister wanted to meet with him to discuss the concerns we had about the care. He was very dismissive and rude and instead of being concerned about the place he owns and runs, he told my sister to move our mother out. Not one word about addressing the issues at hand or the concern of our mother. Upon moving out, the social worker there asked us if it was because of the night staff, who apparently is known for poor care and the management who runs the place badly. Interesting note. This place has a history of very poor care for the elderly. You can look it up. Here are a few of the links I found after doing research on St. Johns reviews and investigations. Links to News Articles and Reviews Concerning St. Johns Nursing home****.html****.html
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Fraudulent and erroneous billing practices

We have been trying to resolve a billing issue with St. Johns for more than 7 mos since late 2012 without any luck. We are on a billing payment for a service dated in 2010 (NICU services). We pay 166.67 per month....without missing a beat! Then in March 2012, St. Johns decides to bill us for an ER visit that my daughter never receive in the amount of 495.00! That same month, they took half of our monthly payment of 166.67 (83.33) to pay the ER bill of 495.00 (leaving the balance of 411). Then sends us delinquent notices and threats of collections for not paying on our payment plan as agreed to. When I called, they claimed we missed a payment in March 2012 so I faxed proof of cashed checks... then they claimed.. "oh... we applied funds towards the other bill but you're really not delinquent." YET they have not fixed the problem. 7 mos later, we still get deliquency notices and harassing letters about collections even though we did not miss a payment. AND have file a dispute on the ER service but they NEVER provided a response on it besides continue to harass us with delinquent notices! I"ve called multiple times, and faxed them at least twice, my husband has called and visited St. Johns to try to resolve the issue. No luck! They claim the "mother" signed for the ER service but refuse to provide me proof. Our medical records do NOT have any records of an ER visit and we also had our doctor double check...we have nothing!
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this st. John's Regional Medical Center is the worst Hospital I ever experienced!!!

Ten (10) days ago, my Mom came to visit us, unfortunately, it was a heavy rain day and my mom fell on the grass right next to my house. she had several broken pieces in her right wrist. I brought her to this hospital with a hope that she would be taken care of.

The P.A in that day took care of her with a temporary cast to support my mom and to prevent further damage on her wrist.

She provided a list of some Orthopedics in Ventura that may take care of my Mom. However, none of these MD accepted her Medi-Medi (part A and par B).

After 10 days trying vainly to find the MDs that could help my Mom to alleviate the pain and also to have a real cast to support her wrist, we found NONE!!! So, we decided to revisit the Hospital today on October 13, 2015 that may help my Mom for the right treatment.

We have seen one young male P.A and a female receptionist who admitted that this HOSPITAL DOES NOT have the right material for casting the support on my MOM's wrist. after the wild chase, they provide the new Hospital that have Orthopedics who can do real things for my mom.

They could provide this Hospital the first day when we came in so that my mom could go to get the right treatment instead of having 10 day painfully wasting her time and my time to go around to ask for the right doctor. Not only that they are very rude in explaining about going to the VCMC Hospital where they can take anyone with or without the insurance.

I'm so disappointed to the way they acted against my Mom who is 73 years old need help for her broken wrist that was broken for ten (10) days.

This Hospital is very worse that I ever saw when they treated my mom like this.... this is the horrible time that my mom has gone through and continues to suffer further until she gets to see the Doctor at the Ventura County Medical Center tomorrow. whom I could see at this hospital for this ugly treated??? I wonder if my Mom is the caucasian female then she probably could get a better treatment.

we are vietnamese who lived in ventura for over 15 years.... I will never come back for any treatment nor any emergency cures that this Hospital provides...DO NOT GO TO THE ER OF THIS HOSPITAL....

Heron Pzd
map-marker Camarillo, California

Avoid this hospital

Very poor experience overall. While in ER, my spouse was left unattended for hours on end. During this time vomiting, choking and aspirating. Staff did not respond. The nurse came in only after screaming for help. Doctor Staff sits in the center office and discusses Starbucks and other nonsense while patients are left unattended. Doctors do NOT provide updates, tests being conducted, prognosis, outcome of tests. I provided 20 years of history for the seriousness of my spouse medical problems and they ignored it. The ER relief doctor was unprofessional, rude and condescending. My spouse was scared and convulsing, alarms always going off everywhere. Elderly woman in bed next to us kept asking for a bedpan and was ignored. I finally step into the hallway and caught an intern with towels and asked them to assist the woman. When my wife needed a bedpan there was none. I had to look through the drawers and cabinets to find one for her. I specifically requested my spouse not be admitted and was ignored. She was admitted without permission when I went home for 30 minutes and put in a regular hospital bed. The Neurologist did not perform proper tests for seizures. Then in the hospital bed, I had to ask for her lunch as she was forgotten during the lunch service. Eventually I took her out AMA, the doctor wanting to keep her another day to take her temperature but most likely for the insurance money. The next day returned and got all hospital records and was shocked to see 3 out of 4 doctors had recorded false statements in the medical records that were outright lies. Test results were not provided, no doctor information was shared and the Neurologist fabricated conversations that were untrue. Avoid this hospital. The nursing staff are adequate but the doctors are sub standard and their medical training is questionable and they are dishonest. Their bedside manner is abysmal and they misdiagnose conditions. I suspect there is collusion to falsify medical conditions to keep patients in the hospital and fund their own existence by billing insurance companies. Protect yourself, know your rights and for your own health and safety go somewhere else for medical help.
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paulzaleski Z
map-marker Los Angeles, California

St. JOHNS hospital in OXNARD,CA denied rehab after total hip

I had a totla hip operation at St.John's Hospital in Oxanrd. I planned this operation for well over 3 months. I was totally insured. I was supposed to get the surgery, stay for 3-5 in the ortho ward, then transfer to their orthorehab floor for one week. I live on the second floor (16 steps) and there was no way I would be able to negotiate the stairs. I even had the ok from my insurance company for 100 days in a nursing home to complete my rehab. The first Physical Therapist at the hospital cleared me for their rehab. One day later, the second therapist (Erin) declared,unbeknnowist to me that because I could walk more than 5 steps with a walker...that I didn't qualify for their rehab..that I was over qualified. The next day, Irene, the head houncho discharge person called me in my room and asked what my discharge plans were. They completely lied, telling me I had get out of the hospital the next day becausy me I was a risk. After complaining,I took an ambulance home where they dropped me at ther foot of of my steps leaaving me to walk 16 steps 5 days after surgery ! I dragged myself up the stairs...what a bunch of liars. Their food also was terrible. Go anywhere but St.JOHNS
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stjohnssucks S
map-marker Cassville, Missouri

St. John's Health System Springfield, Missouri (soon to be Mercy)

St. John's Hospital in Springfield, Missouri made me wait in the emergency room over 5 hours the first visit and forced my husband and I to leave after much pleading and telling them something was very wrong and I felt I was dying. We had no choice but to leave. They threatened us with the police and we were scared for my life. We went back the next day, debating on going to the other hospital, but didn't because my insurance didn't cover there services fully. Again, I waited over 5 hours and had the same scenario. This time my husband refused to take me out. About 10 hrs. after entering a doctor finally came to examine me. It turned out I had a very serious infection that was on the *** of killing me. I was too unstable for surgery. St. John's Hospital in Springfield Missouri has refused to make things right to this day.
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The very worst of Missouri.

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