Jamilya Vwp
map-marker Las Vegas, Nevada

Scammed, Manipulating liar and thief

She sold me a dog that is supposed to be an emotional support dog.She charged 125usd for a vest worth 9.95in Amazon. Charged me 89usd for service papers and kept telling me that they came back. I live 1.5 hr away. I gave in total about $200 in food for my PUPPY which supposedly they ate 5 times a day during training. I am a vet tech and the dog came back so skinny the vertebrae was showing. Other people have the same complaint as well. She charged 45usd for registration fee. I have never gotten anything but lies, her own friends are being bullied by phone and are afraid to talk but i printed the conversations. I want all my money back. Had to take the dog to the vet and get all done all over again and she isnt even obedience trained. So they will have to pay for that. There was a witness every single time i met her. And bank records i put into her bank acct that confirms it is hers. She is now with a Veterinarian in Florence, Kentucky doing the same *** over there. Because i already received emails from there. That Veterinarian better open her eyes for she will lose her license and all she worked for. I will report it all to the board.She claims to have cancer, yet after chemo went supposedly on rescues when she was really drinking her tequila. She got everyones sympathy , Divine goddess i thought of her and was enthralled with her. An angel , I got attracted for a minute as they say. Every thirty days she had a new woman. Mckenzie Solitice and one in Miami. The Doctor came to meet her for the first time on a monday, they fell in LOVE online, by Thursday she hauled it out of here. Pharump didnt want her there or her fake Tiger Nation Foundation which there was no registry for. She plays on peoples sympathy and is a ***. I will not, I refuse to let her get away with it even if i have to pay a visit to both. It is in the General Attorneys hands now and investigation are beginning. Read the horrible things she has done to people, selling untrained dogs to childrend with autism and Ptsd folks. Her defense is always the same. She always says you didnt follow instructions, didnt do was they were told and just lie. It is old already. I dont put anything around the skum of those people. No heart. I will rip hers out I am so angry. She told me to my face that my dog was micro chipped to Tiger Nation over and over. Another lie, I had to update all the information and pay for a chip tag. Witness Animal Hospital employee. Just do your research folks and eliminate the bad people.

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Season Kkx

Can you please contact at jenstl63@***.com I’m with a group currently working to find Darleen so people like yourself can file charges on her.


Darlene is a scammer. Liar , thief. Now living in Central Illinois.

Litisha Xzb
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Darleen is now in Crothersville IN and has a USDA carrier permit under the name Sublime Kennels-total concept. DO NOT USE HER...YOUR ANIMALS WILL GO MISSING OR END UP DEAD!!

Plus she did have a wall up for transporting animals on Facebook under SKTC animal transporters. She took it down when I busted her on it. She scammed me huge and I have charges on her in IL.

Feel free to find me and message me on Facebook. Jenn Garrett or look for the hash tag #darleencervantes to see what she has done to me!!

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map-marker Leavenworth, Kansas

Darleen Cervantes SRuk9?

Here are the facts. I have a order of protection against these people.

They are mad.

One is my ex wife and her friends write stuff her. I have more facts . Look at the pictures. I was not doing business with her.

As for those not getting vest I have pictures showing all was sent. More lies. People get upset as I am working on helping change laws for people. The service dog sold with out breeding rights , You are not to breed a service dog.

Read the laws. Please don't read or support the madness.

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Not an animal trainer, beware

Jakera Fqa

Sruk9 service dog scam

the company sruk9.com is scamming disabled people selling dogs advertised as service dogs who are NOT trained. They are selling purebred dogs acquired at a heavy discount from breeders and then turning around and selling them as fully registered AKC dogs with service training/certification FOR A PROFIT and the dogs are NOT trained and NOT fully registered.

Please share this with everyone you know or anyone looking for a service animal so they do not get scammed, please also share with all reputable breeders so that they are not duped into selling a dog for hundreds or a thousands less because the individual is saying they need a dog to have service trained. Our dog came to us in terrible emotional shape and malnourished, not service trained at all and when I finally found the breeder of the dog, the whole other side of the story came out.

This company says they work in CA, NV, UT and AZ, but our dg was delivered out of Las Vegas and I believe this is where they operate out of. They are two ladies Parker Moriah MacRae and Darleen Denise Cervantes (servantes)

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Darlene is a scammer and in Central Illinois.


I do not know who is writing all this, but I do know that the darling that I know is not a scammer. She is a very decent loving caring person for the animals and does the best job she can do in finding homes for them. I would strongly suggest that you check it out farther before you listen to other people's comments

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Do you really know Darleen, she has away of sucking people into her make believe world, I've known her for a long time an she never had cancer or a son that died, self tiger nation was made up by her an Parker not some made up girlfriend that died I have proof of everything I am saying she is a scam an a liar!!!!!!!!


This is not true. Darleen Cervantes was at the time dating Parker.

She has a order of protection on Parker. As well as service dogs are never to have pups because they are to serve the person. Read more about the ADA law as well. This form has no truth , if you really understand law for one.

For two the couple was not a couple. See the order of protection against Parker, She is still writing things one the web to hurt Ms.

Cervantes. If we could post images here you would see the truth.

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Kim,Darleen had her hand in everything that went on ,the only reason she put a protection oder on Parker is because of her new girlfriend she had to make herself look good,an I have proof of everything I have been saying ,she is now playing the with the Exotic world an they are now opening their eyes to all her lies about her cancer and her son that she never had died an self tiger nation made up with her an Parker trying to impress joe, I have been knowing Darleen for a lot of years an I know her family and how she really grew up an she is going to be stopped before she hurts anyone else because she needs help she has to be sick to do all these horrible things to People an children tethfk

Jamilya Vwp

i have people behind here in las vegas that are after her and she scammed me and i been after her since . She is in kentucky,now and the mistake she made is that she is with a woman who is a veterinarian.

Believe me the board would not like the person they licensed running with a scammer. There is so much proof, i have text messages and pictures and witnesses.'


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Darlene is a scammer liar and thief. Now living in central Illinois, BEWARE!

Jamilya Vwp

email me at femmestarrr@***.com, she scammed me and i have a lot of people she scammed.


I know for a fact from someone who was there, Parker openly and willingly neglected her Giant Schnauzer. She claimed that the puppy was going to be her ptsd dog, but gave no mind to her training or to her well-being.

Aside from leaving the pup in it's crate for 6-9 hours a day, she regularly forgot to feed and water the dog. If it weren't for the people living in the home with Parker, that dog would have died.

Jakera Fqa

Parker you must have me confused with yourself. I am not the one that cried to the breeder that I had PTSD and could not afford a $1500 dog, got her for $500, just to turn around and sell her for a profit.

I did get a small discount on my other dogs, but it was because I bought two dogs and I still paid thousands for them. The fact is YOU LIED. The first questions I asked you were, was she FULL AKC registered and did she have breeding rights to which you answered YES. That is the whole reason you avoided sending me her AKC registration for a month, because it was PROOF you had LIED.

I still have yet to receive her health and vaccination records, which you had promised to email me the next day. I have three disabled sons who have cerebral palsy, one terminally ill with lissencephaly, and I needed three service dogs. I had A LOT of damage to UNDO to the dog you sold me as a registered service animal (of course that was a lie and you have refused to send proof of her training) before we could start working on her service training. YOU and Ms.

Cervantes are ripping people off, and my only goal in this was to stop you people from doing this to another child or disabled person. I hope you are criminally prosecuted for this fraud and I am more than willing to testify in court how you took money from a severely disabled child and lied about what we were getting. Personally I think you should be executed for the abuse the animals are suffering at your hands. So threats of bringing slander charges against me are bogus, the last thing you want is to be caught, so BRING IT ON!

By the way, my children were in an air conditioned van, and you didn't want to talk to me for more than 5 minutes....just another lie. BY the way, I would love to see the contract you say I signed. I only signed a receipt saying I paid $700.00 for a dog, and that you stated she was in good health ( another lie, she was severely underweight and emotionally unsound ). But of course the whole deal was based on lies, even the ad you posted contained a picture of a different dog, from the breeders website that you STOLE.

And that you for reminding me that I need to keep posting about you and Denise or Darlene or Dee what ever name she is going by at this time so that I can warn people about your bad and dishonest business practices. I keep finding more and more people who have had the misfortune of dealing with you, and I hope karma gets you soon, and the law catches you.

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