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map-marker Montreal, Quebec sold me a 23$ mini cam for 149$

Updated by user Jan 23, 2013

update # 3

it's really funny every time I'm updating,I get interrupted by someone involved in the investigation,the post office has opened a file on this matter and are going to do all they can,I spent a hour with the lady on the phone,& an hour + with the RCMP,both told me that I am being set up by someone I pissed off [guess who] and makes no sense,that all these mysterious packages that come from Montreal & Terebonne Quebec,started coming after I pissed off Mr. Gabriel Mongeau from in Terebonne & Laval,telling him to regulate this problem,I already won,I was told to keep what I've received & not to accept any strange packages, are also conducting an investigation,they smell a rat,I promised him that I would haunt him forever,now he'll have to deal with the gouv.qc as well

Updated by user Jan 23, 2013

Update # 2

after sending Mr.Mongeau of spygadgetonline 2 registered letters,telling him that I'm taking him to small claims court,were not accepted,return to sender,undeliverable,the first one was sent to 1235 rise of du moulin [witch is where spygadget & sp online are registered with the Quebec government]the actual street name is Montee du Moulin,& the second address is the PO box,he purposely did this to avoid any actions against him,I will proceed anyways with small claims court,& go for maximum restetution,what's a few more dollars to damage his credit.Another thing,since I told him that I would be taking actions against his scam company,I have received 3 mysterious money orders totaling 640$ & 2 return to sender parcels worth 310$,all from Terebonne & Montreal,contacted the RCMP,they told me to keep all,& not to accept any more strange parcels &/or cash any more money orders & I will not be liable,since I only was suing for a 100$,I have plenty to pay for more registered letters & pay the 75$ small claim fee,the Post office &the RCMP are conducting a full investigation on & .com with the Quebec government,they would like to know why they are registered at a fictisious address,"rise of" is not "Montee"---a very well crafted plan.Another well crafted deception,is the reason they don't reply any complaints for 3 or 4 months is so Pay Pal can't help you after 60 days [pay pal isn't all that either,they also won't reply,consumer 0,scammer 1] I don't care about the money so much,it's the principle,he threatened me with lawyers,I didn't back off/down,so he's trying to set me up,but that won't work either,I got consumer protection,the post office,the RCMP & numerous government agencies involved,everyone is interested in you Mr. Gabriel Mongeau,owner,proprietaire,and 1235 is registered as Andree Mongeau Imprimerie,he also is a scammer,has 4 different addresses for this printing company with one telephone # all over Montreal,Laval & Terebonne area and has only one employee on staff,himself.

spygadget also has no other employees registered with the government,so who is Eric,online team,,,eric customer service,service de la clientele,,,,eric,spygadgetonline,,many titles for a non existing employee----I've also been waiting for his so called "Lawyer" to threaten me too,I'm waiting,please please take me to court,I will accept the registered letter & I will definitely show up in court,I don't threaten anyone with lawyers,I promise to bring you down,Clown,thanks for the money orders,they'll help prosecute you!

or should I say crucify you---I hope you loose plenty of revenue,because of your stupidity,and do what you wish,I've got nothing but time to kill,getting you back is my pleasure,watch who you mess with.I promise I'll haunt you forever,99% of your products are available at Amazon at 1/5th the price,all your *** is Chinese knock offs,with no manufacture logos & no product #s,I spent days & days checking your ***,found the exact item at 1/2 to 1/5th the price,nice phony web page you have,it's a mail order scam outfit,you should rename your business to "spycrookonline,ca" what's the matter,cat got your tongue,you haven't defended yourself this time,eric the troll not trolling the complaint sites any more? you "WILL" be very sorry you ripped me off!,,my next step is having your web site checked out & shut or loose,I won,I got 3 free money orders & 2 parcels totaling 950$ from you trying to set me up,THANK YOU again,expect more,your my new hobby,you "WILL" pay one way or the other,I promise

Updated by user Jan 19, 2013

***Update..I've proceeded with a claim with consumer protection Quebec,and also checked their business address,they don't have one,it's a P.O. box,no warehouse as the webpage claims they have,Canada Post & the RCMP are also interested in the,filed a complaint with both of them,they are now being investigated by everyone,have your so called lawyer contact me anytime Mr.

Mongeau,I promise to haunt you until you come good & the others will prosecute you,shady fraudsters always get caught,remember I have "ALL" my e-mails from them,funny thing,a lady from consumer protection just got off the phone [18/01/13--4;50 pm] while I was updating this review,she made me an appointment for monday,she checked them you out,web site & addresses,they're very interested in your business now,they've done their own research,things don't add up -----there's something fishie going on with,the reason you can't visit the warehouse [they claim they have] is because it's his brothers printing company,at 1235/1237/1239 montee dumulin Laval Quebec in the mall next to RONA...people are interested now.........gotcha,remember I.P.

addresses are traceable!,the RCMP & post office wants a word with you too,& you can't blame that on a neglectful employee this time & by the way there's no employees in your "company" at least that's what it says at [very helpful site],you need more rope,got more,cheaters & liars always get caught,specially dumb ones,in Quebec you need a company address to be registered as one,P.O. boxes, storage lockers & brothers printing company don't qualify,you're so screwed!,you should'v just paid up,too late now,I warned you well.........

Original review Dec 21, 2012
bought a mini cam from them for 149$+shipping+tax, the clip broke within 5min.of receiving it [April 2012], contacted them, they asked for a picture, sent two, never heard from them again, wouldn't reply to any calls or emails, until, June 2012, when I posted a nasty review at, got an instant response from mr eric, he apologized & put the blame on a neglectful employee [him] said 4 months is too long to have waited for the part & response, he offered me, a complete refund or an exchange or a 50$ check, I chose the check, he said I would get it in 2 weeks, it never came, instead the sent a defective used cam, missing 2 screws & the sd micro card & of centered lens, got the clip, so I let it go, , I believed in him, that I'd removed the nasty review, my big mistake, last week I finally found this item, selling at Amazon for 23$ [one of the reviews describes it to a T, it's called the worlds smallest voice recorder, that's what my box says too, but I ordered a mini spy cam], I've been trying to research this unit the following weeks they didn't reply in April, to get my own clip, I'ts nearly impossible when there's no model # or manufactures name on box, contacted them with many email, they will not adjust the price, they only want me to ship it back for a refund, I don't trust them, I told them if if you can give a total refund 9 months later, you can give me a partial refund, that I no longer trust them, I'm not letting have the evidence too, now he's saying that's all he can offer & I can't have both, told him to read the emails very carefully, not one time did I say I wanted both, just an adjustment, not any denial that the cam is fake, avoids that topic completely, also has threaten me, that if I communicate with them again, he will have his "lawyer" deal with me, he's a crook, wont adjust the price but says he can only give a full refund upon receiving the cam, & pay a lawyer, stay clear from this company, they claim everything's shipped from a warehouse, there's no warehouse, it's a PO box at the Pharmaprix drug store postal service at 1185 Moody, Terrebonne Quebec, claims that they offer the best prices for high quality products, not knock offs like other sites, & only buys from Canadian retailers, my thing comes from china, made by Neewer, retails for under 25$, see why I don't trust him, can't afford to send him anything, he owes me at least 100$, I've posted all the emails on facebook in my photo album [screen shots], in process with consumer protection at the moment, also informed pay pal, BUYER BEWARE, I'm only losing 100$, but he will lose much more in sales, I will haunt him forever, if I can write it and at least save 1 person, I'll warn the world, & the specs for the cam aren't correct, claims a 2hr. battery life, try 52min. the guy at Amazon gets 40min, guess i gott lucky[ha ha] and when I mention where's my 50$ check, he replies, I sent you another cam+it cost us 20$ shipping, you don't send cams worth 150$ for free, he knows it's a cheap 23$ knock off, claims a judge will rule in his favor or anyone who will listen, but he avoids the check part & my accusations of the 23$ cam that was sold to me for 186$ in total, he's twisted every conversation we've had to make himself look good, if your not guilty, you would argue the price of the item & prove it's not a cheap over priced knock off, and the 50$ check, that's why I can prove he ripped me & others off, sending a 23$ cam is cheaper than the 50$ check, why would you send a cam suppose to be worth 149$ instead of the 50$, makes no sense
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