John K Oqf
map-marker Warwick, Pennsylvania

Do the right thing and buy it back its shut off again!

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Spring Dance Hot Tubs - Do the right thing and buy it back its shut off again!
Spring Dance Hot Tubs - Do the right thing and buy it back its shut off again! - Image 2
Spring Dance Hot Tubs - Do the right thing and buy it back its shut off again! - Image 3
This unit shuts off on a regular basis. It need to go back. I didnt spend ten grand to constantly get out of the tub and flip the breakers. If I increase the water 1 degree it shuts off. Did it almost right away. If I run the jets it shuts off.Its not relaxing its a headache. Who like something that doesn't work as expected?? The tech argues with me that the issue is caused by us using the tub as we are adding detergent residue that is clogging the filters. So I get a pair of my sons shorts and place them in about two quarts of water and swooshed it around and no bubbles no foam but they claim this is causing an issue in hundreds of gallons of water. Please. After this then the tech replaced some parts on the heater saying it was not calibrated correctly. Should have done that first instead of blaming the people for using the machine like it was intended. This has been an issue since June when we purchased it. They need to do the right thing and take it back. Terrible purchase. I have asked them three times now dont send someone to the house without an appointment, German Shepard in a fenced yard. Need I say more. Again yesterday after telling them I want it returned they send a tech out. No respect. Make an appointment please. Terrible disappointing purchase. This filter has been cleaned by them 3x and by me 2 or 3 x since June. We maybe use it 1x per week so the claim of the detergent clogging the filters is just a scapegoat. They don't seem to mind us being stuck with a bad unit. I want my 10 grand back and they can pick up this problem. Going to file in district court and let a judge decide if they continue to stonewall me. May be a bad unit or a bad design but either way I'm not going to be stuck with it and play kick the can down the road.
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  • Tama is very nice
  • Products causes stress doesnt help releif it
Reason of review:
Bad quality

Preferred solution: Full refund

Tosca Tsl
map-marker Jamison, Pennsylvania

Tub does not maintain temp in winter

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This is the second hot tub that I've purchased from Spring Dance. First one was awesome and had NO issues. My son is disabled and loves the hot tub - even in the winter. We purchased the Grandee model about two years ago and their service people cannot figure out why it will not maintain a temperature of 98 degrees in the winter. Our prior hot tub had no issues -even when it was very cold outside and we were in the tub for over 3 hours. Now, the tub is useless when it gets cold because it won't maintain the temperature. I just got off the phone with Watkins, who they suggested we call, and they were USELESS. Explained the issue and they said that Spring Dance should diagnose the problem. Spring Dance says call Watkins. So here we go. Getting no where fast!!!!!!
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Reason of review:
Bad quality

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution

map-marker Taylors, South Carolina

Spring Dance Hot Tubs - Ace Salt Water System Review from Taylors, South Carolina

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Plain and simple the ace salt water sanitizing sytem is the worst chlorine generator in the entire pool and spa industry. With a known failure rate of 80% it amazes me that dealers are even willing to sell it. But i guess when it cost springdance $350 and the sell it for 1200 plus the install and if you fight them they bring it down to 900. Sooo they still make a nearly 600 dollar profit for every POS they sell. And a word to the wise. If you are using the oxidizer that comes in the orange bottle that springdance sells. READ THE LABEL! !! that stuff has calcium minerals in it. So you pay 80 for a bag to remove the calcium and then your paying to pour it right back in. The amount of time and money most people spend dealing with the ACE system Could have bought and maintained 3 hot tubs. My sincere advise is buy the tub and as soon as the sales people bring up the ACE system walk out the door. They push ACE like its the new sliced bread when in reality its the new time share.
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Reason of review:
Not as described/ advertised
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Really wish i saw this 2 years ago. So very very true.

map-marker Pennsylvania, United States

Spring Dance Hot Tubs - Hot Tub Review from Pennsylvania, United States

My first cell went bad in 11 months. They replaced it under warranty. cell lasted less.then 3 months. Again they replaced it under warranty and this would be my last replacement cell. the day they replaced the final shell a technician named Matt came out and explained or hot tub to us in detail which was never done previously. my wife and I decided to pay hot springs / Matt to set up our tub with the new ace cell , and with a pen and paper in hand we took detailed notes. I have cleaned the cell every 30 days as instrucked with weekly maintenence maybe 15 minutes then 45 minutes once a month everything has been working fine I am certain this cell will go bad as they are too small and then the ace system will go away as well. Matt thank you for taking the time to show us the proper set up.
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Reason of review:
Damaged or defective
Londa Uup
map-marker Jenkintown, Pennsylvania

ACe sanitizing system un hot tub not working

We purchase a Hot Springs Aria Hot tub through Spring Dance Hot Tubs with the Ace Sanitizing System. We received our new hot tub the second week of June 2013, after we completed the hardscaping in which to rest the hot tub on. I had the electrician use metal jacketed seal tight as added protection for the wires going into the hot tub. When Spring Dance delivered our tub the guys placed the tub directly on top of the of the metal jacketed Seal Tight and crimped the metal of the new conduit. My electrician tested all the wires and luckily no wires were broken. I did have to empty the tub so I could move the tub back off the crimped conduit and refill the tub. I asked Spring Dance to send a new Calcium remover pillow which softens the water to required levels in which they did. I refilled the tub and then soften the water with the calcium remover pillow as instructed in the online videos and the instruction books which came with the tub. I was noticing the water always had a green tint to it and was never clear. So I took water samples to Spring Dance Hot tubs in Jamison PA, which is twenty-five minutes in each direction. The first time I brought the water in was this past Monday and they were out of the proper testing equipment, so she had a salesman explain to me what I was supposed to do. I was told that I needed to place to tablespoons of oxidizer in the tub and run the tub with the jets on high for 30 minutes and then check the water with the test strips which came with the start up kit. The oxidizer also came with the start up kit. If chlorine did not register I was told to repeat every 30 minutes to chemically react the the chlorine that the tub was supposedly producing into free chlorine. I ended up going through an entire bottle of oxidizer, and had to purchase PH up as the PH levels dropped to levels the test strips could not read. To get the PH level correct I ended up using half the bottle of PH up. I brought another water sample back to Spring Dance Hot Tubs again twenty-five minutes each way, so they could again check the water. Thankfully they had the correct testing device this time and the computer print out told us that the calcium level was 123 and it should be between 25 and 50. I ended up buying a new calcium remover pillow a bottle of oxidizer, foam remover and a new bottle of test strips totaling $85.00 +. They also scheduled a technician to come to my home the next day. When the technician came he tested the water and he stated he never saw calcium levels so low which is good for the Ace Sanitizing System. He explained that we were not giving the hot tub enough time to produce chlorine and that I should boost the tub and check the water in twenty four hours. If chlorine did not register the next day I was to boost the tub again which is really a very easy task, and by Saturday the tub will be ready for use. We are a hot tub family and this is our second Hot Springs Tub,as we moved away from the first tub purchased. So we use our tub a lot, and have the tub set properly for such use. the technician told me that after each use we need to add 1 tablespoon of oxidizer to keep the tub clean. This differs from what we were told by the salesman who sold us the tub. We were told that chemicals were not needed with the salt water system and the salt water system was extremely easy to use Well today is Saturday August 10, 2013 and the tub is still not producing registered levels of chlorine by the Ace Sanitizing System. How long do we actually have to wait for the Ace Sanitizing System to work so can use our hot tub? How long between uses do we have to give this hot to catch up after each use? How many dollars worth of chemicals (oxidizer, PH up, etc) and test strips do we need to buy before this tub actually produces chlorine? I have given this system two months and I believe the system does not work. I called Spring Dance Hot tubs This morning and let them know that I was Pissed. I told them I was a business owner as well, and would never have one of my customers be unhappy for a day not two months. If one of my customer service people informed me of an unhappy customer, I would call them immediately, even on a Saturday,as today this is the case. I still have not heard from the owner, but it has only been an an hour.
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We've have had our Pulse for 15 months and we're on our 3rd cell. We manage the system the way it's supposed to be and still very problematic and burn through chlorine.

Now, we're being offered the ozone system at a reduced price. ACE System is a systematically flawed.

I think there is enough evidence for a class action lawsuit. It cost $1288 for the ACE System and now they want $300 to convert to ozone system.

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Read the book. The do not want the ozone system mixed with the ace system


With ace system if tub control board is not up to date or cell not hooked up properly the cell will not work. The tub needs to be at 100 degrees to devolve salt than once reached correct level can be brought down. If cell wires backwards it will cause cell to not work as well as circulation pump


I think from all the disgruntled consumers with the same exact issue that Hot Springs Spa should step up to the plate & make it right. This is a defective system.

I would like to know one consumer if they had been told durning the sell the cost of the replace the cell for the Ace Salt water system that would of bought it,mi know I wouldn't of. They unsold the convenience & cost savings.........lie!!!!!

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Absolutely It is crime to sell ACE as a product


I also have had the Ace system along with an oxidizer & have never been able to get my water correct. Factory said they should not have sold me both systems that they don't work well together.

They have come out & done the water & after 2 years it still isn't right. Oversold me on the sanitizing systems because I have a compromised immune system & now cannot even use my spa.

I just hired a pool man to take care of it to see if he can get it figured out. They need to stop lying to customers & also they neglect to tell the short life span of the salt cell & the high cost of replacement.


Stay away from ACE saltwater system. Cell only last 18 mo to 2 yrs.

Cell replacement $800.00 plus installation.

Warranty 1 yr. Beware

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I have had ACE cells die within 2 months. I have never had one last a full year and I hold Them to the one year warranty.


Dang, wish I had found this site before I just purchased a new 'probe' for the Ace salt water system. I have never been able to get my chlorine level up where it would even register.

I've just been supplementing with chemicals until this last water change when I went with the Silk Balance additive. You were right - the salt water system lasted just about a year and two months before having expensive replacement issues.

I'll just abandon it next time it fails. Thanks for the info guys.


Had same problem. I am disconnecting ace system.

They only last approximately one year. Mine is just over warranty. I was advised it will cost 1200 dollars to replace !! When I purchased the tub I was advised it would last.

5 years. Do not buy the ace system unless you can afford the 1100 to 1200 almost yearly to replace. This is a total scam. The hot tub itself has never worked right.

The lights starting falling off of my hot spring tub a month after owning it.

Save yourself the hassle and don't waste your money.

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