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I have cancelled my refill but again I found out you will charge and send me ! Please cancell my refill!
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Makaylin Tmh
map-marker Houston, Texas


I purchased an outfit online from the website Spoiled Rotten Kids Boutique in February of 2013 for my daughter upcoming birthday, (so sad i had to find something else last minute)i even added the rush fee as well. After numerous of time trying to contact her threw email because there is no direct telephone number. She completely stop responding to my emails. I never did received my shipment nor my refund. I hope they find the person responsible soon. Such a shame people would do this.I lost a total of S127.93 that i will never see again probably.
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Ramya Yqy
map-marker Temple, Texas

Rip Off! Bad Quality and Customer Service

Spoiled Rotten Kids - Rip Off! Bad Quality and Customer Service
Spoiled Rotten Kids - Rip Off! Bad Quality and Customer Service
Spoiled Rotten Kids - Rip Off! Bad Quality and Customer Service
Updated by user May 05, 2013

This is not childcare! It is a children's custome outfit business!

Original review May 05, 2013
Ordered the Candy Land outfit from her site, total $116.00, paid extra to have it shipped in 7-10 business days which it wasn't and then I received the shirt only. It had a stain and holes in it. the Letters CANDY LAND are not solid like the picture on the site., I ordered the top, shorts and hair rose, received Shirt only. When I ordered I said just like the picture you displayed on you site meaning candy land the same (solid) not just outline of letters! The name Makayla was on top of Candy Land. the shirt did not have the cupcake and candy beside the candy land! I emailed numerous times and finally after posting the pictures on her FB she responded. She told me how to clean the shirt because she dropped machine oil on it. Then she removed all her bad responses and pictures and blocked me from posting on her site.
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Why did you take the picture after you used it rather than when you received it? You had the shirt for a while, you lied and said it was delivered like that trying to discredit them you deserve to be blocked.

You are lucky she is no suing you for discrediting the company. If you have to lie to get replacement clothing for your children you should not be spreading your legs because obviously you cannot afford to have children.


That should not have been sent to you looking like that. I hope you got your money back.


You are so gullible arn't you? It was obviously taken AFTER, the child wore the shirt a second time. She is too cheap to buy her child new clothing so she took the picture AFTER it was not worn, not right after delivery.


Total BS. I hope you get your money back!


i found her on facebook


what is her facebook so we can go there


Call the Better Business Bureau and file a formal complaint so that other people can know what kind of business they're dealing with. I usually check the BBB to make sure I'm not dealing with total losers like these people.

But sadly until enough people complain formally to the BBB this company will likely get away with Ripping off customers. As the first poster said, no respectable business would have ever aent that out.

And most of the time the pressure from them will get you proper resolution to the problem. Good luck to you!


I did a report to them online. She is not BBB accredited but was on there with complaints already and she did not respond but to one complaint!


I do machine embroidery and I can see that there was a problem with the embroidery which caused the holes in the shirt. It never should have been sent to you in that condition, the holes and the machine oil are inexcusable for the price you paid.

She should have started over with a fresh shirt. I found the outfit on the website and what you received does not look like what you thought you were buying.

I hope you got your money back.


I agree! Plus I have a huge Birthday Party in a week and a half with no outfit.

And she doesnt seem to care. I will do what it takes to make sure she is exposed for her crapy work and business practice.

I am asking everyone to expose her on FB. Thanks for your comment.

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