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I wrote to customer service and they sent me someone elses complaint back. I tried to tell them of their mistake and was ignored. I belong to the $9 fare and I still use other airlines in my travels. I have not use them since 2015 and have taken atleast 4 trips this year already. Pay the extra amount for another airline its worth it. I learned by experience, they dont care and will charge you for anything and everything they can. Note the...
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Spirit Airlines: I don't object to their Ryan Air-type methods. I've flown Ryan Air in Europe, no problem. $3 for a soda? Could care less. $2 for crackers? So what? Window seat charge? Yawn. What I object to is, despite their claims, they are NOT transparent and upfront. For example, their $9 club, isn't $9, it costs $59. At the end of the arduous online experience when you're trying to book your ticket (and after shutting down that $9 club...
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I didn't like
  • Tricks to get you to spend more
  • 9 club that really costs 59
  • Refusal to respond to complaints