Spigen Sgp Samsung S4 Cell Phone Case Review from Quezon City, Quezon City

Here in the Philippines, I bought a spigen casing for my Samsung S4. And in 4 months the back rubber is already loose. I have other casings (not branded and branded) and it's still working. I sent a message to the spigen via facebook and this is one of their response: "Nothing to learn about the experience. The product warranty was adviced prior to purchase, so i think there's nothing to expect after 4 -5 months of use and 1/3 of otterbox price." Unfortunately, the quality of their product is much worst than a not branded one. I should have bought a not branded product at a much lesser price. That's how nothing to expect for a product means.
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Quezon City, Quezon City
Spigen Sgp Samsung S4 Cell Phone Case
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Spigen SGP - Cell Phone Case Review

Ordered 2 cell phone cases from this company on Sept. 18th, 2014. Today is October 17th, 2014 and I still have not received my items though the company did charge me for them already. Their "customer service" (hah) is a joke. You never get ahold of a person whether through email or by phone. All extensions at their company go to voicemail. All email replies (if you get one) are automated. You can't even get ahold of them to cancel an order. I have filed a complaint with the better business bureau and am posting as many complaints as possible on the web so hopefully NO-ONE ELSE will get scammed by this company. I wish I would've read the reviews before ever giving this poor excuse for a company a dime of my money. They are a JOKE! Whatever you do DO NOT buy anything from this company. Read the countless other complaints and you'll see the many reasons why.
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Spigen SGP is a joke. Save your money and sanity.

I purchased a screen protector for my iPhone 5 from Spigen after reading the company's claims of durability and the warranty they offered. In comparison to other screen protectors, this one was rather expensive, but I figured the extra expense would be worth it in the long run, and since there was such an outstanding warranty, I'd have nothing to lose. I could not have been any more wrong. I woke up one morning, just a couple short weeks after flawlessly installing my screen protector (I used a jeweler’s loupe to check for any imperfections or bubbles), and the right side of the protector had a massive bubble underneath of it. I immediately contacted Spigen, AS DIRECTED, and filed a claim. I hear nothing back. The bubble continued to grow as the days went by, and the cover eventually ended up falling off. I can only guess that the adhesive had failed. Thinking that a company that makes such "high end" products would completely stand behind their products, I was very disappointed at the lack of response. I filed a second claim. I then took to their Facebook page (where a whole slew of problems took place, but that comes later.), and, just as you'd imagine, nothing. I scrolled through their Facebook page to look for any type of patterns in terms of customer service issues and I was blown away. Spigen, as it seems, tends to merely ignore any customer issues, be it on their website or Facebook page, and only reply to positive comments. There were numerous comments on their Facebook page where people had paid money, but never received an item. When they asked for some sort of reason, Spigen was noticeably absent. But when someone would say that they got their product, Spigen would reply rather quickly. One man paid for overnight shipping and waited for over two weeks to even hear anything out of Spigen. It wasn't until I began calling Spigen out on all these posts and had to call their office (for which there is strangely no public listing of) that these people had their issues addressed. I, in no uncertain terms whatsoever, made Spigen aware on their Facebook page that I would "be a thorn in their side" (exact words), and I'd continue to help others get in contact with the company until things were made right. This hurt the feelings of the Spigen SGP Facebook operator. I was told "This isn't the place to be making threats or spam." I was blocked and my comments were removed. Furious at the fact that the company didn't have the time to address my issue, but DID have the time to block me and delete individual comments which were less than great about their company, I called a second time. For this phone call, I let the person on the other end know precisely how I felt. I was eventually able to send this message to Spigen- From Merriam-Webster- Threat: an expression of intention to inflict evil, injury, or damage Spam: unsolicited usually commercial e-mail sent to a large number of addresses What I said- "I will be a thorn in your side": something that causes irritation and annoyance; "he's a thorn in my flesh" What happened on behalf of Spigen did one thing, and one thing only- It showed incompetence and the inability to deal with adverse situations. What I was doing was calling out Spigen for its severe lack of communication on all fronts. That is not spam, as you can see from the definition above. Did you like it? I hope not. But that does not mean it is spam. And by me saying that I will keep all this up until things are properly resolved is not a threat. I highly suggest whoever it is that runs the Facebook page for Spigen be taught how to properly tell the difference between a threat and a claim. What you have done is create a public relations nightmare for yourself; not me. You showed that you simply do NOT care about your customers, you don't know how to treat your customers, and that- based on the highly guarded attitude- you are aware that something is not right. It's very common psychology. Your company embarrassed itself for all of Facebook to see. I really hope it was worth it. Oh, and by the way- I have filed a complaint with the BBB and the Attorney General for warranty issues, since you ignored me first, then blocked me after I demanded that my warranty be honored. That will look great on your company's public profile. This was one of the dumbest situations I've ever found myself in with a company. It should have been super simple, but it had to be complicated to such a manner that it came to this. Go ahead and block me, report me, whatever. I'm done. Your company has proven itself to be a poorly run business that makes subpar products with warranties they are not willing to stand behind. I received this in reply- Hello [name], We apologize about the actions one of our employees took towards you. I have looked over the incident and can see that there was a misunderstanding on both sides. Our employee left multiple replies apologizing and asking for your id/customer# since there is nothing she could do without that information. We understand you were frustrated at customer service but she felt that frustration was misdirected to her. We agree she did not deal with the situation well but it is not within her responsibilities to deal with customer service issues. By no means does it mean her actions were acceptable. We are sincerely sorry about the frustration you had to endure but please do not assume this incident represents the entire company. We have discussed the situation with customer service as well and are working hard to make sure these issues do not occur again. We hope that in the future we'll be able to correct the wrongs that occurred and you will enjoy our products once again. Thank you. Amazed at the fact that Spigen was still taking the route with the least amount of responsibility, I sent another message. I'll spare the details, as it just ended up being a never ending cycle of the same old generic replies. Finally, after a long time waiting for any sort of reply about the replacement of my product, I received an email asking me for the very information I had already given multiple times. I eventually gave it... again... and heard nothing back. Only today, MANY days after initially contacting the company for such a simple reason, did I finally get a reply of any sort suggesting that my product may be replaced. Interestingly, I was told that this was my "one time replacement", and that was all. Upon asking what exactly that meant, since it is not written anywhere else, Spigen has remained silent. I am at a complete loss for words in describing my dealings with this company. There is zero regard for the wellbeing of the customer, a serious lack of professionalism, and the warranty they boast seems to be redeemable only at their discretion. Ignoring their customers, and then deleting comments they don't like, I feel really speaks volumes for the way things are run at Spigen. Any other self respecting company would have resolved this issue immediately, as I have experienced numerous times in the past, and that would be the end of it. But Spigen wanted to make things as complicated as possible. My only guess is that they ignore people and push things off for as long as possible in hopes that people will get so frustrated that they give up and Spigen doesn't have to do anything else I say this because I have seen people do just this. Spigen SGP is a poor excuse for a customer-driven company. I will never give them another penny of my money, and I cannot implore others to do the same as much as I wish words would allow. Save your time, money, sanity, and hope in consumer goods companies, and do business with anyone else. Spigen SGP will only make you regret ever giving them money. I am also interested to see if Spigen replies to this. If they do, they are wasting their time on fighting negative attention instead of taking care of the MANY unhappy customers they have made.
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Here in the Philippines, I bought a casing for my Samsung S4. And in 4 months the back rubber is already loose.

I have other casings (not branded and branded) and it's still working.

I sent a message to the spigen via facebook and this is one of their response:

"Nothing to learn about the experience. The product warranty was adviced prior to purchase, so i think there's nothing to expect after 4 -5 months of use and 1/3 of otterbox price."

Unfortunately, the quality of their product is much worst than a not branded one.


I am having get same issue. Non-existent customer service. I am registering a complaint with the credit card company.

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