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I have a home equity loan from E-Trade now with SLS. E-trade "charged-offed" loan, added unexplained cgarge-off fees and interest of over $5,000 early on in CH 13 Bankruptcy, held it, received payments, transferred/sold to SLS upon our discharge, told me it was 0% interest going forward since they "charged it off", will not document this, will not speak to me any furthur. It is a massive nightmare, anyone who wants to pursue some sort of legal...
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Owned $7000 on balloon payment for credit line. Paid $2000 with $5000 left supposed to be due May 10 and now have home equity payment paying balance. Now got letter that were more than 16 days overdue. Last payment was in May for $500. This is the worst company ever dealt with, and we don't want to get a bad credit rating. I'd advise people to stay away from this company. .
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Anonymous this is a highly dishonest company I have been battling with them since Februaro over increased mortgage payments due to hazard insurance they purchased while I was fully cove...

My loan was transferred to this servicing company after two and a half years of on time payments. They make it impossible to pay your mortgage without getting fees tacked on. They charge to pay over the phone and to use their website ($9.95). If you mail in checks, they tack on late fees. If your loan servicing company transfers you to these sharks, make sure to send a complaint to the BBB. Hopefully, the federal government will look into their...
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Specialized Loan Servicing Home Equity Loan Review

Heloc loan, got behind in April 2016, cyclic paperwork nightmare, communication run around...just did everything they said to find out we truly had no options and our time frame ran out. Now just waiting for the threat of foreclosure process. We are in good standing with our primary loan through another lender.
A man named "Felix" .. the first i've ever talked to who could speak English was a complete ***. If you find your loan transferred to SLS .. REFI pronto. They are idiots, who now insist that if i'm a couple of days late (QUICKEN PAYS THEM OFF ON MONDAY) i'll pay a late fee. IF they insist on being the jerks that they are, i will take to state and US AG's with vengeance! Quicken and i called them THREE times prior to getting someone who could...
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SLS is incompetent and should be put out of business! And the federal government should not permit tranferring of loans without the borrower's permission. I have been trying since March, 2015 to get them to "unfreeze" my line of credit account which they claim they had to freeze due to housing drop! My payments have always been on time and I have forwarded them their HELOC form and documentation numerous times and somehow they can't find it to...
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I didn't like
  • Lack of professionalis towards consumer
  • No one shows rsponsibility
  • Poor customer service