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Worked with them for 6 months. Everything was great until I got a nasty threatening email from the Queen Bee herself (Barbara). She laid into me about formatting issue, especially next page breaks. I fought with them, stating that someone on their end changed my document. I saved the document to my own file and clearly, that mistake that they claimed was not there. My work was manipulated. I sent my saved work compared to the checked work received back and still, Barbara said NOPE!!! you have made the mistake numerous times. I said NO WAY. SOMEONE MANIPULATED MY DOCUMENT (LETTER). She said they are professionals and I said guess what, so am I and clearly, you and your staff like to fire people and change their work production. Barbara also said that customers were complaining about my documents. When asked what the problem was, she couldn't provide me any evidence as to what the problem was. And then, in turn, told me that I was wrong and they were right and that I had no right to see the client's complaints. What a bunch of crap that was!! It's really too bad they let me go. They lost a Law Clerk with over 21 years experience who was willing to put in long hours for them whenever needed. DO NOT APPLY TO THIS COMPANY. All transcriptionists stay away from this company.
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Yes, they do that. They seem to enjoy being deceitful, but it is to mask that their program controls the word count. They cheat typists on almost every job.

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Absolutely manipulate word counts and play games with their proofreading. In fact, it's not actually proofreading as the typists, while transcribing, have to create a spelling list of all names, places, addresses, events etc.

that the client mentions in the audio as well as leave detailed notes on anything requested by the client during the dictation - all unpaid time. Legitimate proofreaders listen to the entire dictation but not SpeakWrite proofreaders so it falls on the transcriptionists to waste paid typing time writing detailed notes in order to explain why paragraphs aren't indented, only one space between sentences and so on, again, unpaid time.

The transcription rules change quite frequently, daily, but management does not notify the transcriptionists, instead the transcriptionists are supposed to review the entire how-to manual before each shift and hunt for any changes...several hundred pages by the way. As a result the completed transcription is generally always marked full of errors by the pretend proofreaders.

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Complaint on Complaint

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It seems this complaint refers to a person who worked on site for the company. I have worked for this company for 3 years (as an off site, aka, Independent Contractor (IC)) and LOVE IT. So anyone reading this complaint should take that into consideration. However, never understood IC complaints re "do it their way or the highway" as it's very simple to me: just do it their way and get paid. If in the past you always typed, for ex., defendant with a D, but they want it lower case, what's the big deal to just type the dang word in lower case. Also, the longer you work for them, you get faster/paid more as the word list become second nature.
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Anonymous Wox
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Fired for no reason

This company treats you like dog dirt. We are forced to work by a rule book that violates every single IRS and DOL reg, are employees, yet get nothing for our efforts but criticism and torment by the "wonder" team that run the place. And, if you say anything, you get fired. You can't make any money because of the templates and word lists that take forever to look at. We make less than minimum wage. Attorney owns this company, knows what's going on, turns his head, and deserves to go to jail for his shenanigans. When will somebody investigate or sue?
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I took the typing test(passed it), went through the training test(they said I didn't do well and I could redo it) but they never let me redo none of the training stuff. None of the staff will tell you what you did wrong. I suggest not working for them, btw none of the staff doesn't reply to any emails either.


I have worked as a legaltranscriptions for SpeakWrite since 2001. The company originally was CyberSecretaries.

They have been a wonderful company to work with. Once you get accustomed to system you can make as little or as much as you want.


The Florida Statutes that Speakwrite refers to in its Confidentiality Agreement (Sections 41.107; 39.202, 39.205 and 39.202(8) are not relevant to confidentiality at all but refer to child welfare, abuse, neglect, etc.


Sorry to hear your situation, but something you may want to know or research on your own is the "At-will" laws...

I'm no lawyer, but I work in the staffing industry.....

Overly generalizing here but, it essentially means both the employee or employer can end the working relationship without recourse and do not need a reason, nor do you need to give notice to break the employemment relationship.... if there are no specific contract length terms in an employement agreement.

With minor excpetions in a very few states that have "implied contract" or "good-faith" excpetions to this rule....also "with Malice" considerations ......all ridiculously hard to prove..... really, it's just what it is.

Youve been let go, time to move on.


What exactly happened to you? Currently applying with them and would like to know issues... Thanks.


Wow. You sound pretty bitter.

I thought SpeakWrite typists were Independent Contractors (not employees).

Honestly, if you're not happy, why stay? There are lots of other transcription companies out there.

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*** Nepotistic Company Fired Me

After working for SpeakWrite LLC for a few weeks, I quickly realized that the company was run by a *** nepotistic family bent on doing things their way or no way, whether it was appropriate or not, legal or not. The family got away with murder while any other employee had to tiptoe around "the family" for fear of being fired. I got fired after a few months for "being on Twitter while on the job", which was part of my marketing job anyway! I didn't receive a single warning, a single write-up, nothing to let me know that anything I was doing was unacceptable. On Friday, April 8, 2010, I was "let go" in the afternoon (surprisingly) the same week I helped launch their new service (surprise, surprise). Yes, I was looking for a new job, but never did I do it "while on Twitter" or "on company time". Not only was it the most toxic environment to ever work in, but I'm surprised they haven't been sued yet for anything! Bad work practices (probably illegal too), bad firing practices, bad people!!! Don't do business or work with SpeakWrite LLC in Austin Texas... bad!
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