Spacedigitalx The Pro Internet Marketing Service Reviews

I bought The Pro from a few weeks ago. They did answer all my questions, and their website looked legit. However, after receiving 3 horrible press releases and finding out that they used cheap services to send my campaign fake bot traffic + a spam pr approach, asked for a refund. Suddenly no word from space digital x anymore. Not after 1 email. Not after the second, only after the third message. They told me that they...
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I didn't like
  • False claims
  • Spacedigitalx is a scam
  • Fake reviews
#944529 kickstarter marketing scam
I went for Spacedigitalx PR for my Kickstarter campaign last week. After receiving a terribly written press release, I requested my money back. They refused because they already started and would deliver a new press release within 1 day. Second release, two days later still full of mistakes. They again refused my refund request. I contacted three of the campaigns they worked with, non of them ever heard of Spacedigitalx! I checked their domain...
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