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Bad, very bad!

They tried to hook me to buy a new jacuzzy when i only need a raparation! They puted a lot of obstacles to do the repair when i told them i will not biy the new one! They tryied to keep my parts, even when i ordered!
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San Antonio, Texas

Soft Tub Review

Ingenuity meet integrity at Spa Crafters. The owner takes pride in his business. And he's been helping me over 20 years. If you have the pleasure of walking through his doors, your awes and imagination will be the only limits.His wall of fame speaks for itself, you don't get that many plaques for being excellent occasionally. Since 1979 for a great reason. See for yourself and be inspired.
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Good customer service

Spa Crafters - Hot Tub Review from Houston, Texas

I am a very dissatisfied customer of spacrafters.I tried and tried to get the owner Fred bonilla to rectify my situation but was only met with anger from him.this company is very unprofessional. The workers are miserable because the horrible work environment. They tried time and time again to get my problems fixed but were unable to help.Fred bonilla is a monster to his employees.I have personally witnessed him yelling and throwing filters at numerous employees.I found this very unprofessional and distasteful. If your hot tub breaks it will not be fixed.Mr bonilla will fins any way to void warranties on merchandise.he also will repo your hot tub if you insist he make good on a warranty issue.he then will refuse you service at his warehouse ever again.please reconsider buying from spacrafters.
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who are you i am only in san antonio


Treats customers will regret buying


Hello Miss Houston Spa Crafters complainer,

I would like to let you know that I have been a consumer and loyal customer in addition to having purchased two hot tubs from Spa Crafters in San Antonio. First and foremost Spa Crafters in San Antonio, does not sell or service hot tub business in the Houston, Texas area.

Second-most, in reading your complaint and your comments about this business, it looks quite obvious and very possible that you are a very disgruntled past employee who was obviously fired from this company, as this complaint seems to be more personal related as there is no product mentioned in this complaint of a product you have purchased. Also, when new hot tubs are sold they have a manufacturer warranty through the retailer, which I am very aware of. If there are any other products sold, they come with a written warranty behind that too. As far as your comment about repossession is concerned, only banks can repo an item in the state of Texas' only as repos are only permitted by both Federal and State laws for banks only.

For a product to be repossessed, it must be financed through a financial or bank institution. In closing, I as well as all of my friends that I have recommended to Spa Crafters in San Antonio, which are many, have always had our hot tubs serviced professionally, with cordial and courteous employees/technicians that have top knowledge, from SpaCrafters in San Antonio. all of us have always been very happy with the customer service provided by this company. Maybe you have the wrong company and got confused with someone else's company somewhere else.

However when an educated consumer reviews a company they review it for the quality and personal experience of the sales and the products they purchase from that company. In this case, your review seems to be more personal and possibly a prevoius employee related issue more than anything. yes, while America has freedom of speech, it has its limitations. Just some food for thought, When someone is out to tries to hurt and bring down someone through slanderous lies and badgering remarks, freedom of speech ends, becoming criminal.

The best thing that comes out about situations of those kinds is that the IP address and the device as well as location it came from can be tracked and found.

I wish you the best of luck Miss Houston. Sincerely, a very happy Spa Crafters for many years consumer and customer.


This obviously was done by an employee of Spacrafters.


if this true give your name so spa crafters can reply anyone can ask any of our 10000 customers how we help our customers our files are open to you to call

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Houston, Texas
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Poor customer service

Excellent customer service

I had a pump which leaked and was told to try Spa Crafters to see if it could be fixed. I took it in and the owner said yes he thought it could be fixed and right then took it apart and replaced the bad part. Within a half hour I left with a working pump. A new pump would have been twice the price and with the replacement part, the pump should last at least another five years or more. They deserve all of the "Best Customer Service" plaques they have hanging on the wall! I would not hesitate to recommend the company.
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The absolute best service.....from everyone at Spa Crafters! There is a reason they have been in business for over 30 years.

I have purchased not just 1, but 2 pools from Spa Crafters and this establishment is first class all the way. I have done my homework, I shopped other retail spa businesses in San Antonio and was not acknowledged at all in one store, and in another store the salesperson did not have the adequate training to tell me anything about the product. Product knowledge is a must for an investment of this size. I went back to Spa Crafters and they took my old as a trade in, offered financing, was extremely helpful in every possible way. I was treated as a "king" I will not have to shop anywhere else ever for a spa !!! As long as Spa Crafters is in business.... And with all the plaques and awards and over 22 thousand sq.ft. Has been in business for over 30 yrs. -------- it's the only place for me. Thank you spa crafters for being the very best in your industry! Walter Salon San Antonio
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San Antonio, Texas
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Spa Crafters - Employees Review from San Antonio, Texas

Update by user Jun 03, 2014

OOPS! I wrote the wrong company name!!!!!

please discard this review it is not accurate! I tried to remove the review but the company does not allow it for some reason spa crafters is not the place i was talking about, I will try to email the company for removal again.


Clark willington

Original review posted by user May 22, 2014
Spa Crafters is a scam and the worst part is that they hire criminals! I live in a upscale community and we always do background checks on the people who come into our home, I had a spa deliverd to my home I had it installed inside my house and three men who first gave me the names of Jason, Big"obviously not his real name" and Randy I explained to them that I wouldn't let them in without holding their Ids and they all agreed and The guy named Randy didn't even have a real id anyway I do a quick criminal BG check and I was stunned and horrified with what came up! The large black man who went by big had charges such as drug possession with intent to sale, theft, and other petty crimes. Jason I could not find any but Randy had several charges ranging from assault with a deadly weapon, armed Robery, unlawful restraint ,gun charges and drug charges!!! I was horrified! I specifically asked the manager Kelly if they did BG checks he said yes of course and obviously lied! I have a new born baby and live in a million dollar home and I can't believe this company would put me and my family at risk by having criminals come in my home! Not to mention all the other problems they have me! I also found out that randy the criminal who did the wiring is not even an electrition yet I was led to believe he was!!! I will never use them again and I wish I could return the crapy spa that was suppose to be the best!
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Hi I 'reported' the review hoping they would review/remove it as you stated it is the wrong company name. Too bad the update is not what shows on the first page - just the 'scam' part etc.

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San Antonio, Texas
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Sap Crafters rebuttal to Richard Craig alias Richflocker

In response to Mr. Craig's (alias Richflocker) complaint dated 12/07, we as the company in question deem it necessary to respond. Mr. Craig noted that it took two weeks for us to repair his equipment. Our bench procedure is on a first come first serve basis. We often have several packs come in at once and some with more problems than others. It also seems that Mr. Craig has his facts wrong. He scheduled a service call for us to come to his house on 11/25/06. We replaced a heater element, heater gasket, pump seal and charged one hour of labor. On November 21,2007, Mr. Craig brought his spa eqpt. to our store. He said the heater housing was leaking.Upon inspection, we found numerous problems. We replaced the housing, pump impeller, another pump seal, pressure switch, hi current 240v gfci and a thermostat along with the standard $65.00 bench fee. We would like to note that when we have to replace so many internal parts, especially seals and heater elements, the most common issue is with improper chemistry such as tablet froms of chlorine or bromine in a floater device as well as not draining on a frequent basis. As for expensesMr. Craig put into his eqpt.,his spa pack is manufactured by Acura Spa Systems which happens to be one of the most expensive equipment brands on the market. We only go by the suggested retail price for these repair parts. When Mr. Craig brought his eqpt back a second time because of a thermostat problem, we changed out the t'stat at no charge and no bench fee. On December 27,2007, Mr. Craig said that the unit was not heating. We found a fuseholder loose, which we re-tightened and found that his pump air switch was bad. We replaced it and charged himfor the part only-no extra bench fee. We also remind customers that we can only fix what is broken at the time services are performed. If the other components are in working order when we leave or when the eqpt leaves our store, we cannot replace it if it's not broken. We feel we followed our customer service procedures properly, and for Mr. Craig to call our employees names, such as *** and that our bench tech is not trained and that our company *** just goes to show the ignorant world that Mr.Richflocker lives in. Too bad that there is not a Better Customer Bureau. Thank you for allowing our response. P.S Mr Craig does not buy chemicals from us and we can never guarantee what another brand of chemicals will do to someone's spa and eqpt.
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Wow you even attack your unsatisfied customers what a crock of ***! I will never purchase anything from spa crafters again it's a scam and Fred is a phyco path I called to complain and he must have been drunk because he actually screamed at me called me a liar and I hope he's ready for one *** of a law suit


Based on my very limited interaction with Spa Crafters so far ( I have just bought a new jacuzzi from them) my opinion so far is that of pure delight. I have witnessed them being incredibly tolerant of a total *** customer, and giving her way more than she should have gotten for what she actually paid for.

As for my personal business dealings so far....I have received 100% total customer service. I am fairly confident that I wont be retracting this comment any time soon.


Mac you mean your actually Fred or Kelly you people are nuts

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Plano, Texas
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Spa Crafters repair service in San Antonio

Spa Crafters 2730 N Loop 1604 East, San Antonio TX 78232 How many spa companies can stay in business doing repairs if they never get their bench set up properly? This company apparently is not set up to do temperature calibrations for hot tub units brought in to their shop for repair. I've had my hot tub heating unit in their shop three times now in the last month. It started out as a $250 estimate to fix it, but ~$600 from me and a bunch of excuses from them it still doesn't work. I'm a very patient and understanding consumer, but enough is enough. Here's some history on this spa heater repair problem: I brought my spa heater in for repair at this place about a year ago and told them the heater element was bad (it shorted to ground fault- I'm an electrical engineer by trade, perhaps I should have shown this technician how to use an ohm meter like I had already done?). They replaced the heater element after keeping it for two weeks and finally "troubleshooting it" to a bad heater element. I should have known this was a sign, but I'm a bit naive at times. Less than a year later, the housing around the heater element cracked and started *** water during routine flushing of the system while getting it turned on for the winter. This is a very rare problem (this housing cracking) but low and behold, Spa Crafters just happened to have the housing in stock for my 10 year old, obsolete unit they had serviced less than a year earlier. This would only cost me $ 190 in parts and a $65 service fee to repair (estimate was $250), so I was very impressed and happy. Until I went to pick up the unit. Repair dude insisted that I needed a new Thermostat (the old one would get too hot and damage the parts). Also, the GFCI was faulty, so for safety reasons he had to replace the GFCI and the thermostat. Anyway, about $600 later I took My rebuilt hot tub heater unit home and installed it. New thermostat he sold me only got up to 99 degrees. MAXIMUM. The old thermostat worked just fine, I could adjust it up to 104 at Max, but I keep my tub at about 101.5, so I just cranked the *** down to about 80% and it worked perfectly. Imagine that - an adjustable thermostat that goes higher and lower than the comfort range of 98-103 degrees? So, for Thanksgiving I tolerated a lukewarm tub. Heck, for $600 I might have found a whole new heater and pump assembly with new controls and all. I called this guy up and let him know the thermostat only went to 99 degrees. He went on about a tolerance of so many percent and Blah Blah Blah. I told him I need it to go to 104 degrees, and finally got him to say he'd adjust it if I bring it back in, warranty repair on him. Time to do surgery (again) on my hot tub - it is not easy to remove/install. What a Pain. I put up with tepid water till the weather got really cold. Tub water only got up to 96 degrees with a freeze going on. On the Saturday before Christmas, I took the heater assembly back out and hauled it in to Spa Crafters, left a note to please calibrate the heater so it gets to at least 104 degrees before shutting off. A good bench tech should be able to do figure out how to test this on the bench. He said he took care of it for me. He says he did all he could to make the thermostat click on but cant adjust it more cause the set screw will fall out. This is a new thermostat - remember? I shrugged and carried my unit out of their establishment biting my tongue. "It better work this time" I said to myself. I finally got the unit back in and everything tightened up with no leaks (that's another story, but I won't bore you with that plumbing adventure). I turned it on and adjusted the thermometer. It kicked the pump on and I thought "Hot tub in three hours!". But wait - the heater light did not come on. Now the heater doesn't come on at all. Everything else seems to work fine. I've exceeded my quota for unfortunate events with Spa Crafters. I'm giving them One last chance to come clean. I'll return to let y'all know how it goes. I'm giving this company one last chance to come clean...I should make them come out here and climb under the deck and contort themselves to unscrew/unplumb and remove 220V power from the unit...and get it out in the daylight so it can be worked on. They seem to think it's as easy to work on when it's installed as it is on the bench. Maybe if they had to go thru *** to get it in and out of the tub they would be a little more careful when it was sitting on the bench?
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Yes the owner is Fred Bonilla he is a crazy drunk who abused and sexually harasses his employees he is mentally ill and his son Kelly is a total ***! They hire criminals and my husband worked there and the things I've heard are crazy he had to quit because of Fred's violent outbursts....

Should we contact the EEOC... I think so

@Cyndia Qqz











I worked there I could only handle it a few months. Fred does fly off the handle scream and curse but he also knows his ***.

Might cost a lot but he'll get it fixed. His sons the one to keep an eye on Kelly does side deals with his dad's equipment rite under his nose.

All in all a terrible place to work unless you work front desk but has the best of the best as far as got tubs. And if they have the same technicians they're great.


2 complaints in 30 years not bad maybe its the customer that's the problem


I was in spacrafters store and saw a man yelling and using very bad words mf this mf that and when the clerk told me he was the owner I got the mf out of there man that dude must of been off his meds!


Yes he is violent and crazy!!!



Well, as promised, here's the update.

Repair guy says I had a "loose fuse" in the equipment pack, and also he found a bad air switch for the two-speed pump and socked me another 37.79 to get my pump out of hock.

Well, he lied and deceived me AGAIN. Got this thing back together and SAME PROBLEM - heater wont come on. Well, this time I decided to check the most common problem with any contactor-driven device. Yup, the contactor contacts are severely carbonized. I will try to burnish them and at least get a hot tub before my Vacation ends next Wednesday.

What a ***. Yes, I guess that includes me for taking my stuff back after getting screwed last year with the first heating element fiasco. All it needed was a 45CG20AFB contactor replaced - it's a $20 part. Contactors are the most likely part to break on a heater - besides the heating element, it contains the only moving part.

I wont trust these people again, BEWARE of this Spa Crafter service department - THEY SUCK!

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San Antonio, Texas

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