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"Enroll in Rapid Rewards today and start earning towards your next vacation! No blackout dates and no point expiration means that every seat on every flight is a reward seat and that makes your rewards within reach like never before." They are absolutely 100% full of s***. If you don't book a flight under your name (you can buy tickets for others all the time but it has to go under YOUR Rapid Rewards account) within 2 years, they will inactivate...
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Anonymous We see who the liar is and it is not the airlines. The Southwest website for Rapid Rewards states the points do not expire with a big "double asterisk" right next to it. At t...

I didn't like
  • Reward policy
  • Travel credit policy
  • Incompetent customer service
Just lost 80,00 Rapid Rewards points from Southwest because they do not allow any changes to hotel or car rental reservations. Why is it that we can cancel/change flights within 24 hours but no changes are allowed for hotel or car. Travel plans change all the time and if we need to make changes within 24 hours, we should not be penalized for it. Customer Service did nothing to assist with the changes and could care less if customers cancelled...
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I didn't like
  • No change policy for points redeemed
I should clarify, this review is only for the Rapid Rewards program. The actual Southwest flights are awesome and I strictly flew Southwest if that option was available. Well, that was before they cancelled nearly all of the flights from my home airport. Anyhow, I got a notice that my rewards were set to expire after 24 months so I logged in at 24 months (to the day) from my last activity thinking I could at least get a gift card or something,...
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I liked
  • Flights
  • Service at the gate
  • Low price
I didn't like
  • Rapid rewards account suspension
  • Unwilling to reinstate points