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First of all, I would encourage anyone who cares about getting their points through various Rapid Rewards programs to be diligent in order to actually get their points. I have been a loyal member of SW Airlines for years and I am amazed, as in this case, when they are so hostile, condescending and liers. This is especially true when it comes to getting Rapid Rewards points for renting a rental car. Let me say, this is strictly MY OPINION and has... Read more

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This was on flight #575 on February 8th, 2017 from Oakland airport to Santa Ana (departure time ~1:45 pm). This clown African-American male flight attendant kept making an extra effort in turning his face away and deliberately not being nice when I (of Indian origin) tried simply acknowledging him (as in just a simple-nod and Thank You). Don't know what the fool's problem is. Perhaps he thought that I was Middle-Eastern (I do look... Read more

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Yeah they check your bags for free! And steal anything they want! Not the first time it has happened at Dallas Love Field for me! Flyers beware! Ridiculous! You get nothing but runaround! All these years of hearing how freaking fabulous Southwest is ... and get behind us and get rid of the Wright Amendment, and and and. SOUTHWEST GO AWAY!! I would trust the indigents at the bus lines before I would fly southworst again! Absolutely zero... Read more

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I had put my stuff under my seat on flight 4845 and had to use the restroom really bad. When I came back some man was in my seat. I explained to him that I was sitting there so he responded by giving me my bags and saying " here you go". I was dumbfounded that he was that rude and uncouth. I didn't want to make a scene so I found another seat. I told the stewardess what happened and she told me that she didn't see it... and that I should have... Read more

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I was on the flight 4553 from vegas to Chicago on Wed the 25 og january 2017 .flight pressure dident feel right then half the plane was cold the other half was warm but my conceren is when we stoped in Chicago they sent the Po on our plane police officers came on boared and escourted a gentleman off our plane that scared me that a fugitive road 3 and a half hours on the plane with us how does this happened to pass security thru vegas and thru... Read more

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Special treatment . Why some customers need coupon or credit card and other didn't. Racist my conclusion. I fly almost weekly. And this flight attendent is a racist.

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The landing at MSP airport was very hard. The plane hit the runway hard and bounced. I am trying to decide if I should go see a doctor for my back pain caused by this flight. They also did not give any kind of "brace for landing" warning. The pilot did not apologies in any way for the hard landing. He even made somewhat of a joke about it and said "Well we're here" as if we didn't already feel the impact to know that we landed. I am very sorry... Read more

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We as a family of 4 traveled to Cancun May, 2016. We picked up our bags in Atlanta to go through customs and then gave them back to TSA to fly to Columbus, OH (home). My daughter's bag did not make it. We valued the contents at over $3,000. Jewelry, go-pro camera, etc. GOOD lesson to my college aged daughter to NEVER put valuables in her luggage -- she lost everything that was important including jewelry from Grandmothers...... Been providing... Read more

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Very nasty and disrespectful to my mother who is in a wheelchair and myself....told me to put my bags down and assist my mother myself in a very nasty tone....I was so upset and i wouldnt want anyone to experience this with there handicapped love one....I wanted to cry

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I was given a southwest gift card - assuming that it would work at southwest vacations (all on the same website) but NOPE. You can't use your southwest gift cards for southwest vacations!!! Am I the only one who finds this ridiculous???? When I tried to book the flight and hotel separately through southwest - the cost was 25% more. I was ready to purchase the package - after days of research and pricing......this is a very large purchase for me... Read more

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