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75 Year Old Retired Handicapped Women Taken Advantage of by Salesperson X

My mother is a 75-year-old handicapped widowed retiree that currently works part time as a Psychology Professor. My mother has been a loyal Ford Motor customer since the Ford Torino and has driven nothing else, even though my brother is an engineer for GM and my father was a foreman for Chrysler up until he was murdered. The reason why I am reporting this is because of a turn of events that has occurred over the last two months regarding a dishonest sales person that currently works for Southgate Ford in Southgate, MI. This person is a salesperson there and i will call him salesperson x. My mother has been so loyal to salesperson x that she has followed salesperson x to every dealership that salesperson x has worked at to purchase cars from salesperson x and never questioned why salesperson x was changing dealership. What I would like for you to understand is that salesperson x and I WERE very good friends, we went to high school together and played varsity basketball together since the 10th grade. I thought of salesperson x as a brother and my mother though of salesperson x as a son. In fact, salesperson x constantly called my mother mom and she would call salesperson x son. So basically she had total trust in salesperson x and had no reason to think salesperson x would take advantage of her. Earlier this year when I was speaking with my mother on the phone, she was going through her records and she noticed two checks that she had written out to salesperson x. When she mentioned it to me, I asked her why did she write the checks out to salesperson x and not the dealership? My mother told me that salesperson x told her so. My mother also told me that when salesperson x noticed that my mother was writing the down payment check out payable to Southgate Ford, salesperson x told her to stop and said “Ma…write the check out to me”. I told my mother that there is no reason why you should be writing personal checks for a vehicle down payment to salesperson x and not the dealership. That’s when my mother informed me that this isn’t the first time this has happened, she said that she’s been giving salesperson x cash since the mid 90’s. Anywhere from $2,000 to $5,000 cash and the only reason why she gave salesperson x checks in 2012 and 2016 is because she didn’t have all the cash. In regards to the $5,000 cash, my mother gave salesperson x her last $2,500 from her bank account and told salesperson x that she will not have the rest until her pension check is deposited next month, so she gave salesperson x another $2,500 once her pension check was deposited. I believe salesperson x felt that since salesperson x has been doing this for so long and I have never contacted him, salesperson x would never get caught. After further discussions with my mother, she informed me that she gave salesperson x a check for $1,000 and $1,000 cash as a down payment in 2016 (Current Vehicle 2017 Ford Fusion). In 2012 my mother gave salesperson x $1,500 cash and a check for $500 for the Ford Fusion she purchased in 2012. In 2014 she gave salesperson x $3,000 cash for a 2014 Ford Fusion, not a check. Obviously after my mother told me this, I felt that this may be a misunderstanding. Keep in mind that I have known salesperson x since High School and my mother is 75 years old. When I moved away I asked salesperson x to watch out for my mother and salesperson x said that he would, salesperson x said that he would treat my mother like his mother. Well I had my mother take her paperwork to another Ford Dealership for review, i have a real good friend that is the President of this particular Ford Dealership and he told me that his finance person has over 40 years in the business and he can review my mothers RD108. After the finance person thoroughly examining my mothers RD108 agreements, not only did the finance person discover that salesperson X did not apply the cash down payments, he also found out that salesperson x did not credit her with all of the incentives that she was entitled to. Well after my worst fear just came true that a person I thought of as a brother and would give my life for would do something like this to my mother, I was at lost for words. Well word got back to salesperson x that I was upset about something, but he didn’t know what it was. So when salesperson x returned from his Vacation on Sunday February 25th, salesperson x contacted my mother on Monday February 26th and gave her the following 9 reasons where the down payment went. salesperson x first excuse was that the money was used as the cash down payment on the 2017 Ford Fusion. My mother informed salesperson x that it doesn’t appear on her paperwork and that she had someone from another Ford Dealership review the RD108 and the RD108 indicates that no down payment was provided, but Salesperson X told her that his paperwork shows that the down payment was applied and that his paperwork is the correct paperwork. My mother then asked Salesperson X to email the RD108 that he had in his possession that illustrated the cash down payment, and Salesperson X did agreed but he never did. Well after a few hours had passed, Salesperson X contacted my mother and tells her that the money was used to fix some damage on the car she had turned in, not the down payment. My mother has always leased Ford vehicles every two years and has always had the Car Care Warranty, so she told Salesperson X that’s not true. The Car Care Warranty covered the damage. You see, my mother had already been in contact with the Car Care warranty and they informed her that the warranty paid for the scratches on the car. My mother has the receipts and paperwork to prove it, which is lie #2. You would think that after being caught in 2 lies that Salesperson X would come clean, well Salesperson X continued to lie. The 3rd lie on Monday February 26th, 2018 that Salesperson X told my mother is that her credit was bad, and that he had to pay some people in the finance department to get her application approved. Salesperson X was not aware that my mother found out during her meeting with the finance manager at the other dealership that she actually has very good credit and she isn’t required to put down a down payment on any vehicle. I believe the term used was “Automatic Electronic Approval”. The finance person reviewed my mothers RD108 and the checks that Salesperson X cashed and noticed that there was no down payment applied. Keep in mind that my mother did give Salesperson X a down payment, what he did with it is what I would like to know. Based on the continued lies Salesperson X told my mother on Monday February 26th 2018, I figured Salesperson X put the money in his pocket, instead of giving it to Ford Motor Credit and/or the Dealership. I Understand that Ford usually requires a customer to put some money down as a down payment, basically making sure that the customers have some teeth/skin in the game. By the way, my mother has had her car payments deducted from her bank account every since automatic withdrawal was available, so she has never been late on a payment. After Salesperson X exhausted his lies on Monday February 26th, 2018, Salesperson X calls my mother on Tuesday February 27th, 2018 and begins telling more lies. The 4th lie Salesperson X told her that based on her income, she did not qualify. Salesperson X told my mother that he had to purchase some check stubs to boost her income. Which doesn’t make sense since my mother makes about $55,000 from retirement/pension and another $25,000 from teaching psychology part time at a Community College. The house is paid for and she has no debt. After Salesperson X discovered that my mother caught him in another lie, Salesperson X then told her that the money was used for the damage on the trade-in. Again another lie, lie #5. My mother actually has the receipts from her insurance company verifying that her insurance company paid for the damage. Mom also has the cashed checks verifying she paid her deductibles. The 6th lie Salesperson X told my mother is that he used the money to pay somebody in the body shop to take care of any damagers prior to the vehicle getting inspected. Salesperson X wanted to make sure that when the vehicle was inspected, there is no visible damage on the leased vehicle. That certainly isn’t true, because when my mother received the report from the inspection department, the damages were still listed on the report. My mother also found out that the car care warranty company paid for the damages, since that was included in the agreement. Then the 7th lie Salesperson X told my mother is that he used the money to roll my mother’s miles back, but mom was way under the limit and was not over her allotted mileage. Well after 2 days of Salesperson X lying to my mother thinking she was either too old to remember or naive enough to agree with him, I reached out to my very good friend at another dealership and informed him to tell Salesperson X to give mom all her money back and we can move forward. Well Salesperson X response was “Not in a lifetime Bro, I did nothing wrong. Body shop and other situations. So I look forward seeing him on Thursday. Car had significant body damage that needed to be addressed. A few hours later my mother contacted me and told me that Salesperson X texted her and said that he was going to stop by and give her all the money that he took from her and the dealership, but after thinking about it I told my mother to tell Salesperson X to forget it. So we hired a lawyer. You see, it was only after I had spoken with my friend that he told me that he had spoken to Salesperson X. Basically making him understand that the repayment would be a fair price to pay to keep this under the rug. So Salesperson X agreed to pay, but felt like he should not. So I had my mother tell Salesperson X that we will be meeting with a team of attorneys to determine the best course of action since Salesperson X felt that he didn’t need to pay my mother. Both my mom and I started to think that if my mother took the $2,000, Salesperson X would still have the license to continue to prey on the elderly and continue to keep doing what he is doing. And my mother couldn’t bare the thought of that happening to another person that comes along and purchases a Ford from Salesperson X. As my lawyer, the Detective and the Government agencies has stated, my mother is not the only one that Salesperson X has taken advantage of. Which I truly believe. My mother also informed me that Salesperson X would contact her before her lease was up and say “Ma…come on in and get your new car, I have one waiting for you. And by the way, bring x amount of cash to cover the damage and down payment”. I asked my mother, how could Salesperson X determine the damage of the car, especially if the vehicle hasn’t been inspected. Mom told me that she trusted Salesperson X and had no reason to think that Salesperson X would take advantage of her, she trusted Salesperson X as a son since he was my friend from High School and she was overjoyed about picking up a new car. While the finance manager at the other dealership was reviewing my mother’s paperwork, it was also discovered that Salesperson X did not provide my mother with all of the incentives that she was entitled to, currently she’s paying $380 and her payments should be close $250. Mom did mention to myself and the finance manager that she would bring the incentive notices/postcards/ rebates to Salesperson X, but Salesperson X told her that those did not apply to her. Basically later on we learned that those incentives/rebates should have been applied and they did not expire. During the week of April 2nd 2018, I sent a similar letter to the dealership that Salesperson X worked at. On April 4th my attorney reached out to speak with the owner, but was asked to leave a message, apparently he was out of the office and was expected to return on Friday April 6th 2018. My attorney said he was expecting to receive a phone call from the owner on Friday April 6th, but 30 minutes later the sales manager for this dealership contacted my attorney and told my attorney that Salesperson X told him that the checks were for a loan that he provided to my mother. Understand, my brothers, sisters and myself earn a lot of money and if my mother ever needed some cash, we would give it to her, not Salesperson X. As you can imagine, this broke my mother’s heart that someone she thought of as a son would break her heart like this and lie. For the record, my mother did not need a loan and Salesperson X is a liar, as well as the sales manager. The reason way I say the sales manager is a lie, is because of what the sales manager told the Detective. The sales manager told the detective that the checks my mother provided to Salesperson X in 2012 and 2016 was for the $2,600 that Salesperson X paid out of pocket for some damages in 2016 for a 2014 vehicle. The sales manager claimed that Allstate denied the payment, but Allstate insurance said that is not true. Not only did Allstate pay for everything, they also paid $1,200 for a rental and $800 to tow the vehicle for a distance of 2 miles. Now the Sales manager is involved in this scheme, because he told my lawyer it was a repayment of a loan and he told the Detective that it was for some unpaid repairs on my mother’s vehicle. He even had a fake receipt created from a Collision shop. Now that’s a total of 9 lies and now he has the sales manager and Collision Shop involved in this cover up. Please understand that the Collision shop provided the dealership with a receipt indicating unspecific additional repairs. The Detective does have copies of the checks that Allstate paid Livernois Collision as well as copies of the invoice and estimates. The Detective investigation is still active. Another item I would like to add, the Detective brought to my mother’s attention that Salesperson X changed the date on the check from a 1 to a 2. Why? We do not know. Basically Salesperson X should be fired and prosecuted to the full extent of the law, and should have a lifetime ban from selling cars or work in any financial capacity where he can prey on the elderly and cheat them. Salesperson X has reckless habits that will bring a business down and kill the stock price. Furthermore I am in disgust with the owner of this dealership, he was made aware of this during the week of February 22nd while attending a dealers meeting in California. My good friend told the owner everything while they were together in California. After my friend informed the owner, the owners response was “Dam! Salesperson X is at it again? I thought Salesperson X learned his lesson from the previous 3 dealerships he worked at”. As you can imagine, my stomach is turning just knowing that the dealership and Salesperson X are engaging in unethical business practices and committing fraud in order to sell cars. Rumor has it that Salesperson X has used deceased peoples information to finance cars while working at another Ford Dealership. That was up until it was discovered and they fired Salesperson X. Also keep in mind that this is Salesperson X 4th dealership, Salesperson X has been let go or either fired from 3 other Ford Dealerships in the Area. But yet Salesperson X is still selling cars. Through communication with other people I grew up with, this has been common knowledge for years and I am willing to bet that if you went back and investigate the previous dealerships Salesperson X has worked at, you’ll probably find more disturbing news. I was told that everyone knows that Salesperson X is a shady crook and that’s why he was not hired at my very good friends dealership, he did not want to loose his ability to accept A-Plane papers. But since Salesperson X moves a lot of cars and his customers usually follow him, the Ford dealers that are *** are okay with it since he moves a lot of cars, improves the bottom line and put money in the stockholders pocket. I would also believe that if you were to look into the customer that has the same demographics/profiles as my mother, you might find many more.
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Southgate, Michigan
Southgate Ford Sales Representative
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My mother was constantly taken advantage of year after year based on her trust. I am also mad because the dealership offered two different excuses.
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I would like Salesperson X prosecuted and my mother and I financially compensated. He took advantage of my mother and as a result of that, she can’t sleep, has lost complete trust and having health issues.
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Southgate Ford messed up my credit!

True I was looking to buy a new car and asked them to get me financed, but after 6 rejections, they were asked to stop. I should think, once I said NO they could have just dropped it. No, they continued on two more times. For a total of eight rejections. When I talked to a man in the Ford credit dept., he stated that it would take my score down for every hit. My point! Well, I know you don't give a rats tail, but I will never return to buy another Ford product ever! Southgate Ford just wanted to make a sale even though it was at my expense. Shame on them.
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Southgate ford used car deals blow! I was dealing with them for a while and they all suck!!! Don't buy fromt them ever!


Southgate ford sucks! They are rude and prices are high. Screw them!


In all honesty, I wouldn't worry about the inquiries on your credit bringing your score down. You would have to have A LOT (more than 10) inquiries.

The Ford Credit rep was incorrect. Also, inquiries made on the same day, for the same reason, are counted as one, though they will show up individually.

Hopefully, I have put your worries at ease as to your score.

However, the fact that they continued to run your credit after you had withdrawn your app is reprehensible! Good Luck to you :)

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Wyandotte, Michigan

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