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I purchased a leather couch into chairs absolute poor quality don't know how whatever past their quality inspection and now they want to say everything is within specs of the manufacture well it's not within my specs of quality furniture seems are misaligned cushions on one side are not filled with anything and they are floppy.on the reclining couch the back is not lined up by an inch and a half to 2 inches the UBS cord's overheat my phone when...
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Bought a 884-28 SOMO sofa that the springs and stuffing shifted in one year so the company replaced it with a different power model a SOMO #884-31 power with "bonded" leather. In two years the headrest started peeling. The surface layer seperated from the fiber layer. Called and called and was repeatedly ignored by the seller (Sofa City of Evansville, In). The manager finely came out to investigate and told me that I must have some sort of acid...
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Roswellcover The below comment "Nothing!!! We talked to the store owner several times." Was a follow-up from complaint # 842129, from "Roswellcover". Sorry that I did it wrong (additionall...


Anonymous Nothing!!! We talked to the store owner several times. (Sofa City, Evansville IN) One time he said that he would order a "mechanism" for the side that is broken down and the p...