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CONCLUSION: SCE IS on a mission to increase rates, and is using unfair property comparisons for their baseline to classify high users.1. I am retired with limited income and remain home all day using electricity; my basic use becomes classified as high as I always unfairly end up above their base use set up comparisons. 2. My home is larger with more outlets and daily basic functions— 3. - SCE “neighbor comparisons” is not accurate or fair to...
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My electricity bill was astronomical this past month and continues to rise in Jan.2017. From $28.00 Dec. 2015 to $112.00 in Dec. 2016. I use the same exact electricity, no space heater, as our heat is gas. The curious thing is that they are saying I'm using 1.9 KW from 11pm-8am while I'm sleeping and everything is turned off! They sent someone to check the meter in the day (he accidentally scheduled himself on MLK day and I was stood up, then...
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DT This issue has been resolved.

I was living in an apartment where the energy was so high and I was paying utilities for $ 200-300 dls we are a family 2 adults and 2 kids, I moved because a cant pay to much for utilities, I get almost $600 to own a Edison, so I called the company and I ask for an extencion the supervisor give me 6 months to pay making $50 dls every month I pay every payment that she said but two of them I did one 4 days late and the other one 2 days late I...
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Southern California Edison Residential Electricity Supply Review

Every summer i dread the power outages. It comes without question. Yesterday it was 111 at my house and no AC due to power outage for 7 hours. Really? Stop the profit taking and fix the infrastructure!!! We cannot trust our power company. Either the equipment is sub standard or Edison is. Does this happen in Phoenix? Doubtful.
It is roughly 5:50am on September 29, 2016.We had a scheduled outage at 10pm Wednesday the 27th of September till 5am Thursday September 29th I have a crying, sick, fussy baby who needs warm milk and her ventilator on yet Edison has yet to turn on her power. It is frustrating when there is a time set so bring a mom and scheduling my child's time around this outage was key I expected the power to turn on at 5am. M child needs warm milk and her...
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I liked
  • One customer service woman
I didn't like
  • Continuous lack of knowledge
  • No answers to certain questions
  • Power outage unawareness of timing