Workplace Harassment

The new supervisor in the Sequoia building harasses some employees and lets others steal time from the state. This Lois M. yells at people, blocks people in the hall, talks over people, keeps people late after work, and detains them during their lunch hour. On the other hand, her token favorite (B.Hawkins), gets to work at 8, takes long lunches, and is out by 2:30 daily. Today was the first day he worked to 3:30 in 5 months. Many of us have been detained 20 to 30 minutes late after work, lectured in a hostile manner, and she seems to harass the hardest workers the most. I know half of us have decided to look elsewhere for a job. Maybe that is why she is here - to force people to quit. She herself wafts in around 10 AM. I assume she is micromanaging out of some need to make up for the fact she was demoted. It is bad enough B.Hawkins is the highest paid for just a MA degree. Then there is a woman who almost makes that much and speaks poor english and may have a bachelors degree at best. Evidently she babysits someone's kids in state office. This nepotism and favoritism, along with a hostile working situation needs to stop. The work got done, but now you have a micromanager making it unbearable.
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San Angelo, Texas
  • Poor management
  • Corruption
  • Harassment
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Drenched in Fragrance & Filthy Building

I accompanied my sister who was having her child evaluated for ASD by the SCDDSN Autism Division. You could not walk 5 feet without being assaulted by scent. I work at a scent free agency. Research shows people with Autism/ASD are more sensitive to scents. In fact, Claflin (My School) has done research on this topic. The heavy set sisters were drenched in perfume. Two older white women were also drenched in perfume. Poor hygiene and old noses/inability to smell does not license you to share that offensive stench. The place reeked of nasty smell. My nephew kept touching his nose and crying. At one point he went running down a hall towards a copy machine to be blasted by a scented candle one woman had going in her office. The scent was overwhelming. We noticed a woman wearing a mask and assumed it was due to these people's poor hygiene practices. I am so thankful this is not an issue where I work. Taxpayers should not be exposed to this stench. Now, the filth! The place was disgusting. The furniture we had to sit in was obviously 30 years old, thread bare, and badly stained. The bathrooms were also filthy. The one we were shown to had dead bugs all over the place. The floors looked to never been mopped. Black filth was everywhere and 4 glade bottles were there on a table. The bathroom stunk of glade but was so filthy, we dared not sit on anything. This is a public building that should be clean. And the workers should not reek of offensive odors. I feel my nephew's evaluation would have gone smoother without the sensory assault. Our governor needs to be more aware of the unprofessionalism in her own state rather that trying to get herself a job working for the president elect. Shame on her for subjecting taxpayers to such filth/stench.
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I know the building. They have a bad mold problem there.

My friend there is sick constantly. They actually let the roof leak (cascading down walls) for well over a year. They just covered the mold with ceiling tiles, but you can smell the dank smell. In some places the mold is visible.

It is black mold. DHEC was contacted, and so were senators, representatives, but nothing has been done.

Typical state cover-up!

Sequoia Building, Cola, SC

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Columbia, South Carolina
  • Filth
  • Stench of multiple fragrances
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Not as described/ advertised

Filthy Place To Have Child Evaluated

It is dark and dank inside. My face broke out into a rash/hives waiting for an assessment for a child to obtain services. The bathrooms look as though they have never been cleaned. Dust, filth, and dead mold flies everywhere. It was disgusting. I did not feel the floor had been vacuumed and the furniture was badly stained and at least 30 years old. Who wants to sit and wait on furniture like that. I went to the breakroom...same filth. Ceiling tiles were stained or missing. I was told it was due to a leaky roof. That explained my hives. Leaks = mold. Insist your child be assessed somewhere else...which is clean.
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  • Filth
  • Mold
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Poor customer service

Unfair Treatment at SCDDSN

We have worked for the state office as service coordinators for a few years. A few are new hires. Some of us come in on weekends and work to 5pm each night. Then we are told that all of our jobs are gone affective this fall. We bust our bottoms and are treated this way. Then they give a raise to a male psychologist that comes in late, leaves early every day....and takes a half day off two days a week (he just leaves early). When the manager leaves for a meeting, he scoots out. When you bring him stuff, he is playing on his phone, flirting with a secretary, or clipping his toe nails. He gets a raise, we get cut! Your priorities are all messed up!!
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DDSN is definitely negligent in many ways. I work in the sequoia building on the midlands campus.

You definitely see inequities. If you are a white male, no one pays attention to your work schedule. Example: Brian comes in just prior to eight AM, leaves very early two days each week (either at 11 AM or 1:30 PM) and goes home, and on other days, he takes a two-three hour break to work out at a local gym (after already eating lunch at his desk). On the days he takes these breaks, he comes back to the office and signs into his computer just prior to 4 PM, and then signs out at 4pm when he leaves.

His supervisor will turn his office light on to cover for his lengthy absences. People are afraid to bring this work abuse up, because she has snapped at people about it in the past. Heck, he left for home at 1 pm Friday 10/21/17, 11 AM Thrsday 10/20/17, Wednesday 2 PM, Tuesday 2:30, last Monday 2 PM. So this last week, he has barely been in half his hours.

Then there is an older woman, Lanya who just has been only coming in twice a week for the last 8 weeks, but is supposedly full-time. When at work, she sits a lot playing on the internet or talks on the phone. Both these people do not note leave on the leave calendar in the storage room. Then there are the ones who stand around in the central part of the building talking for hours.

This is disruptive for me and others in the area trying to work. None of this is fair, being some stay late daily to complete work, and some have to come in on weekends. There are some very anal about their hours, but then some like me that resent how others have special privilege. It is stealing from the state to work half days or not turn leave in.

There is definitely a cleanliness problem in the building. There are always bugs on the floor, some dead, and the cleaning crew never vacuums. So, bugs sit forever, the building has never been dusted, mopped, or vacuumed. With all the roof leaks over the last two 4 years, the carpet and building stink like sweaty feet.

A new director moved into the back of the building and had the building sprayed midweek, causing many to become sick and others to spray their own deodorizers sprays about the building causing another woman to have an asthma attack. The one with the asthma attack had a severe autoimmune flaring, and was out for days because of the bug and deodorizer sprays. The building continues to be filthy and stinky. They need to rip the 30 year old filthy carpets out and only spray for bugs on Friday nights after giving everyone some kind of notice.

After many years of roof leaks, last Wednesday they had roofers finally here. The supervisor says there is no mold in the building, but the musty smell is there. Maybe it is just years of filth layered. But, how can there not be mold after the roof leaked in numerous places for YEARS.

AND, sewage builds up in the bathroom pipes/drains at times and stinks. Not to mention all the drain flies. Filth filth bugs and filth.

I also think one copying machine/printer for an entire building is ridiculous, and half the time it is broken.

At least two employyes requested printers, and were told no. Standing in line at a copying machine is a waste of time for everyone. Can you imagine five people digging through copies, as still five more wait on them. There will be stacks of stuff for people to sort through trying to find their stuff.

The CAT admin. assistant even asked for a printer based on her ortho disability, and was told no.

The printing issue causes great work ineeficiency. Bottom line, people need to work their time, the building needs a thorough cleaning (carpet gone) and we need other printing abilities.


His boss is out by 1:30 PM most days too, but she gets there at 6:30...he rolls in after 8 AM.


His name is Brian Hawkins. He only posts leave on the calendar when he takes a full week off.

He takes 3 to 4 full weeks off, makes nearly 60 thousand a year and typically works under 20 hours a week. No one is allowed to take that much leave off. By state regulations only 6 weeks can be taken off. Since he leaves twice a week after just putting in a few hours of work in (leaves to go home at 11:30 AM), comes in at 9 AM, takes two to three hour lunch breaks (to go to the gym to tan or lunch with a secretary) and leaves 3 days a week at 3:30 pm....he is taking more leave than allowed by state law...and certainly more than anyone would earn in a year.

His coworkers have complained and his boss lets this continue to happen.

She also leaves early many days. Doubt she puts in any leave.


I am new to the building and have been there just a few weeks. I asked coworkers what was the deal with this guy and was told he either leaves at 1:30 PM for the day or checks out for several hours to work out at the gym and then comes back right before 4 then leave for the day at 4 PM.

His coworkers grumble about work piling up and they having to do most of it. His supervisor just pretends not to notice that he only works half days. He typically gets in each morning just after 8 AM.

The hours do not add up to a full-time position. It is demoralizing to see this day after day.


Now it is every day (since the first of 2017) that he leaves at 1:30 PM. He always takes a lunch to boot.

Today he took a lunch off campus for 1 hour and a half..and still left at 1:30. He's the boss's favorite. Others say she gets him expensive gifts..100$ bottles of scotch, etc. They are buddies.

The staff who are not buddies are worked like dogs and are expected to put their hours in.

Columbia, SC state employment is interesting.

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Poor customer service

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