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Misleading customer service, incompetent radio engineer, last minute price bump

Sound Sensations, 337 Cobb Pkwy S, Marietta GA (770) 429-**** I had problems with this company the first minute I walked in the door. I had a CB radio I wanted installed in my custom 2016 Chevy van, and after calling around the area, 'Andrew' from Sound Sensations seemed to know what I was talking about, so he took a $50 deposit from me and we scheduled an appointment for the next day at 9am. That was as smooth as it was ever going to get. Almost everything else went down hill from there. Andrew quoted me $250 for the install. Minus the deposit, we were looking at $200. He did state that without seeing the vehicle, it could be more than that contingent upon unexpected problems. This was OK with me, as I know custom installs of stereos and radios can sometimes be extremely difficult. He also assured me his radio guy 'Keith' knew all about CB radios and would also be able to tune the antenna for optimum performance. "Keith has done nothing but CB radios for 17 years." Says Andrew. Great, I thought. I myself hold a Diploma in Electronics Engineering. I have worked on many radios and have tuned dozens of antennas. If their technician will do that for me along with the rest of the job, terrific. One more thing I don't have to mess around with. I show up the next morning at 9am. Another sales rep wanted my name, but then informed me I had no appointment scheduled. "That's impossible," I said. "Andrew scheduled me yesterday". I have to break here for a moment and describe the scene inside their business. The Customer Service desk is in the same room as their product showroom. One of their demo stereos was playing very loudly so the following conversation is taking place with us practically shouting at each other. Andrew then suddenly appeared and asked for my phone number. He typed at his computer and said I indeed did not have an appointment. He said he had told me to just come by so they could LOOK at my vehicle and equipment to determine IF they could do the job. "No, that is incorrect. You took a $50 dollar deposit from me yesterday and told me to be here at nine." I said. He types some more at his computer. "Ohhh! Yes. My mistake." He then accompanied me to my van with an install tech to take a look. I brought all the equipment necessary including the radio, radio mount, mic clip, 12 feet of coax, antenna mount base, and antenna. The only thing I didn't have was a power cord. The install tech stated it would be a lengthy job, but doable. Andrew said his guy Keith could rig up a power cord easily enough, but it would be a little extra. No problem. We then went inside to sign a contract. The price for the install immediately jumped from $250 to $500! "How did that happen?" I asked. Andrew immediately jumped into a well-rehearsed list of taxes, install time, and possible other custom features that may be required. I should have known. The 'bump-up' was standard procedure. I'll bet no one has ever had anything done there for $250. "Alright" I said. I knew I was being clipped, but I knew I would have every where else as well. I just wanted it done. They took my van and started working at about 9:30. They had a customer lounge with Wi-Fi, so I sat in there on my computer. Every little while I went outside for a smoke and to check-up on how they were progressing. The one head install tech did seem to know what he was doing, as he described to me very accurately about how was coming along and asked me several questions confirming where exactly I wanted the antenna and radio installed inside. As it would turn out, he would be the ONLY GUY I didn't have a problem with. About five hours in, everything was completed except for tuning the antenna. Andrew then came into the lounge two hours after that (seven hours total now) and told me, "I'm afraid my guys weren't able to tune the antenna." "You mean Keith can't tune the antenna?" I asked. "Actually, Keith isn't here today. He tried to tell them how to do it over the phone but it isn't working." he says. "Can you come back tomorrow? Keith will be here and I'll put him on it right away first thing in the morning." I was a little put off, but what else can I do at this point? I show up the next morning and am introduced to Keith. Keith certainly seemed to know what he was talking about, so this put me at ease. Again they took my van and went to work. Another THREE HOURS goes by, and Keith still isn't done tuning the antenna. On average, from my experience, it takes about twenty minutes to tune an antenna. It isn't that hard. It's one of the first things any radio tech learns how to do. Something has obviously gone very wrong. I go to my van parked outside and speak with Keith. He is sweating profusely and is visibly agitated. We have to break here again for a moment so I can state if you are not an electronics engineer or radio technician, the following may not make a lot of sense. I'll be as brief as possible. "Oh, Mr. So-and-so," Keith says. "I've had the most dreadful time with this unit! It took quite a while, but I did get your S.W.R. down to 1.5 : 1" Keith then shows me the reading on his S.W.R. meter, and indeed, he has achieved an optimum tuning. "Great." I said. I take my van and leave, but something is bothering me while I'm driving home. I can't put my finger on it, but I can't shake the feeling I was just bamboozled. I mean, three hours for a tuning? I get home, rest for a while, then get my own S.W.R. meter out to confirm Keith's results. And guess what? Keith's a lyin' sack of ***. The reading was 2.9 : 1, a very bad tuning that renders the radio almost useless. I then checked the top of the antenna where the wire becomes a tight coil, and it is this coil that has to be manipulated by hand in order to tune the antenna. It was still in it's factory installed insulation and hadn't been manipulated at all. In other words, Keith had sat out there for THREE HOURS DOING ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. And then lies to my face just to get me out of there. This is after paying FIVE HUNDRED DOLLARS. I was pretty angry, but I sure as *** wasn't driving the twenty miles back there yet again just so I could shout at the guy. I went to work on it myself, and sure enough, I had an ideal reading in about twenty minutes. So, in summary we have three phases that were performed. That would be sales, installation, and electronic adjustment. A) Sales: FAIL. Andrew oversold his services, could not keep track of my appointment, then unceremoniously doubles the price. B) Installation: PASS. The two techs who did the physical installation of the gear did a fine job. I know I will never have to touch it myself in the future. C) Electronic Adjustment: BIG FAIL. Keith proved himself a complete clown and a liar, and I don't appreciate it at all. He is not a genuine radio tech and has no business passing himself off as one. Final Grade: D- I will never go to or recommend Sound Sensations to anyone ever. And may this report discourage many from doing so for a long, long time.
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