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I purchased Sonsio road hazard insurance, it is worthless. When I submitted a claim as requested, they keep asking for documentation to avoid paying the claim. It's a SCAM! Our tires were damaged, when we hit road debris, the two front tires had to be replaced and we were towed to a auto dealer where the car was purchased. The mechanic and repair supervisor provided Sonsio with all documentation requested, three times. They asked for receipts,...
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I didn't like
  • Not paying legitimate claims
My auto repair shop said they would call Sonsio to verify that the damage was from a road hazard and I believe they did, because they're very conscientious. Lo and behold, Sonsio has no record of the shop's call. 3 weeks later when I called Sonsio to find out why I hadn't received a reimbursement, they said they needed documentation, including a photo of the inside of the damaged tire! What repair shop can keep an old broken tire hanging around...
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Anonymous UPDATE: After I posted my complaint here, I filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau ( 5 weeks later, Sonsio sent me a check for the tire in the mail. Go...