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Could not retrieve tickets for Sister Act

March 24, 2013, I purchased 3 tickets to Sister Act from Song Entertainment. Tickets were $147.00, plus fees and delivery charges. The total came to $522.15. I tried calling them several times, they would not return my call. Tried their e-mail--nothing. I called Pantages, but they could not help me even though I purchased them through the Pantages website. I wanted to see the musical and had saved up to get the tickets. I was heartbroken about missing the play and having Song Entertainment steal from me. I was never able to resolve it. Sheila M. Ward, theft victim.
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Reason of review:
Poor customer service

Preferred solution: Full refund


Tickets Purchase Review

Ordered tickets for row 3 and sent me tickets for row 40 Want money back
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Tickets were "purchased" through Song Entertainment - 2 months later cancelled

I "purchased" tickets to a show at the Warner Theater in Wash DC almost 3 months before the show - and was called only 3 weeks before the show and told that the ticket purchase would not be honored. The tickets I "purchased" were in the orchestra - and they had been "double sold" so I was just out of luck. Oh...I could buy tickets in the upper balcony if I wanted, but that was it. NEVER buy tickets through this organization! They do not honor their commitment and it is highly likely that you will not get to see the show!
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I did not receive my tickets for Kathy Griffin..

After several sending 3 emails and leaving 3 phone calls Song Entertainment P3. Will not respond. I have my own company and I would never leave my customer hanging.. The event is tonight and I have invested $ addition to some very disappointed friends... I sure this is a scam... I have called my local News Station and they will be investigating!!! I will never purchase tickets on live even again.. I suggest that this company should be investigated. I have also reported this event with Angie's List.....Also better business bureau. All the had to do if they are ligament was to make an effort on my emails, calls...
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Skyharbor S
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Song Entertainment 3 Scam!!

Updated by user Dec 13, 2011

Well the story of my Glen Campbell ticket saga continues. I went all the way from Northern VA to West Virginia this past Saturday night only to find out that the concert was cancelled!

Glen Campbell got laryngitis and cancelled a number of US concerts. When I tried to get a refund from TicketGiant they told me \"too bad\"....try to sell the tickets for the replacement concert, which is January 5, a Thursday night. I can\'t go back to WV on a Thursday night. So now I am trying to sell the tickets myself.

The Keith Albee Theater in Huntington, WV would have refunded my tickets if I bought from them...which I thought I was. Song Ticketing made their website for tickets \"look like\" I was buying from Keith Albee Theater Marshall Artists Series. So now I have to try and sell the tickets to someone else who can go to the concert.

What a mess...I still have a complaint against Song Ticketing (Aaron Song) with the Vernon, Connecticut Better Business Bureau. If you have a complain against Song Ticketing, I suggest you contact the Vernon, Connecticut BBB and file a complaint as I did.

Original review Nov 13, 2011
When I came into Pissed Consumer, I was sure I would be the only one reporting issues from Song Entertainment 3, but as I can see, there are many of us out there who have had concerts ruined because they did not send the tickets we ordered, but instead, got inferior seats, worth much less. Others reported buying tickets for concerts that were cancelled. We should not let this company get away with this. Do what I am doing, I have registered a complaint with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) of Vernon, CT. I am also complaining to the Connecticut Department of Consumer Affairs and have writtent to the local Vernon newspaper. I am not going to sit on this. We all had the number provided, 818/574-****, which is in Sherman Oaks, CA, but as we know, no one ever answers that phone. The company is actually based in Vernon, Connecticut. Here is their info...please don't let them get away with this..and complain too! Song Entertainment 3 aka Ticket Software LLC 167 Bolton Road Vernon, Connecticut 06066 860/870-****-Tel, 860/870-****-Fax Andra Mazur is one of the contact names on the BBB site.
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I also got screwed by Song Entertainment. I was scheduled to go a Foreigner concert in Lincoln RI on October 10,2014, but the group cancelled.

I called Song Entertainment (SE) numerous times and all you get is an answering machine. I am still trying but it doesn't look good.

This company is a scam and a bunch of thieves. So beware!


Had a similar experience, furthermore, appears they took my credit info and tried purchasins $600.00+ of merchandise. Please anyone be cautious of these guys. Shady business here.



I wanted to attend a Tyler Perry play in the city of Jacksonville.

I didn’t know where the venue was so I googled the play in the city of Jacksonville and I was lead to what looked like a website for the Jacksonville Theater. I proceeded to purchase the tickets; I did notice that the cost of the ticket was a little pricey but I thought that this was the typical cost of a ticket of this nature. As soon as I purchased the tickets, I decided to check Ticket Master’s website and to my shock and surprise I discovered that I had been ripped off. The cost of all of the tickets was $48.00 and I had just paid $92.00 for each of the two tickets that I had purchased plus a service fee of $13.80 for each ticket and a $15.00 standard delivery fee totaling $226.60

Song Entertainment also promises to have the best seats in the house which is also a lie, the seats were in the back of the theater.

You don’t see that your seat selection is marginal until you have purchased your ticket. There were a lot better seats available on the Ticket Master site for $48.00 than what was available on the phony ticket scalping site.

Ticket Master’s cost for the same play would have been $92.00 for the tickets and one fee of service fee of $13.20 totaling $105.50 There is no delivery fee because once the tickets are purchased, they available for download. Once I received my tickets in the mail, they were from Ticket Master! I had to spend $15.00 for this company to download a ticket and mail to me.

This company is a SCAM and is ran by a bunch of charlatans who exercise fake phony fraudulent tactics to mislead unsuspecting entertainment seekers into paying more than double the ticket cost for entertainment events.

This is done by purchasing a block of tickets and the selling them for twice there value. This is a very deceptive way to run a business and I am sure that one way or another they Song Entertainment will not be around in the near future.

I have reported this scandalous company to the Better Business Bureau in my State and as may States that I have come across that they are conducting business from.

Rhonda, M.


I purchased tickets to a show here in Sacramento through them On a Saturday, little pricey but ok. Come the following Monday I received an Email stating that the tickets I purchased where SOLD OUT.

They graciously offered me other correct their error...or to refund me my money. These tickets were intended to make a 5 year old girl happy so I asked if they would try to work with me in regards to other available seats...Well the tickets they offered were off lesser value, and worse seating. They wanted an even exchange. I did not consent to that and counter offered...I looked up what other seats I would be comfortable with and the price I was willing to pay, I asked them to refund me the difference.

Long story short, We did not come to an agreed seat change, but they sent me the "other" tickets anyway and they refused to refund my $$ because their policy states all sales are final, even though they in writing offered to refund my money. I contacted my bank to file a claim to stop payment, they did immediately. I also called fed ex and had them stop the tickets by refusing delivery.

Worst 48 hours of my life!! *** bags!!


Ordered tickets that were double the price elsewhere. Tried cancelling and how nice of them not to answer phone calls nor emails.

Been calling for days.

I will report them to BBB. Not only cant get in touch with them, my event is for tomorrow and I have no tickets


The only way to get back at these idiots is to dispute the charges, ship the tickets back and then immediately file in small claims court in your area. Force them to pay a lawyer to show up and they will feel the pain.

I personally will enjoy the process and bury them.


Just got swindled for $35 dollar tickets that I actually paid $80 for...ticketmaster sent me through to this other website!!! I am talking to ticketmaster,, and this Song Entertainment P3 company too.

Whose to blame for this? Will I even see my tickets?

***! What do do?


here is the link to the IRS



this is the link to the IRS

get the form, mail it and lets get the govt on to these bastards


I also got scammed by song entertainment. The final total isnt given until AFTER you click confirm, then you get shown all these extra surcharges which made my 110.00 tickets into 275.00!!

Before i clicked confirm i saw the price was 75.00 ea which i thought was strange, a little high but still reasonable.

I THOUGHT I WAS AT TICKET-MASTER THE QUICK REDIRECT SHOWED TICKET-CENTER and then you go to ticketmaster to select them.

I called 4 times, no answer, several emails and i got told. too bad, go sell them on ebay or something....

Not only rude and arrogant but downright je.koffs



I thought it was 150, they added an extra 125.00 AFTER THE FACT

these people are scammers and thieves.

they claim to be in california, i saw Washington ??? but now i see their in conneticut. talk about hiding from people....

i am going to once again dispute with my CC to their *** claim because the rebilled me!! pieces of shlt.....


I am going to write the IRS a letter and this should redflag them plus i'll include this link and with luck they will be audited. I'm certain they screwed them too and it will cost them a shltload more in accountant fee's than what they ripped me off for.

fool should have let it go, because i'm going to make enough waves they will earn every penny and then some on top.

i dont care how long it takes.... ***

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