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Poor customer service

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Updated by user Feb 23, 2019

Did Solar Bill try to contact you and what happened afterwards? What steps did you take to get this resolved?

I have not heard from Solar Bill, nor did I expect to. A simple apology seems to be hard for business owners now-a-days.

Original review Jan 23, 2019
Solar Bill’s is a Recreational and Marine Vehicles, solar panel installation shop that helps owners increase his/her vehicles’ battery power by harnessing the energy of the sun’s rays. This business is located at 630 W Main Street, Quartzsite AZ 85346 As a new mobile home owner, two mobile home owners at my Bureau of Land Management (BLM) desert campground where I live as a snowbird; recommended I buy a Foldable Solar Suitcase which was less than $800.00 to boost my battery energy usage which would provide the ability for me to boondock longer periods without having to run my generator often. As a result, my neighbors referred me to Solar Bill’s, a nearby shop to purchase or order a Foldable Solar Suitcase for this purpose. As well as, discuss how the unit is setup to enhance my energy needs. My appointment was scheduled for December 12th. Upon entering the shop, there was one male customer at the counter. So, I stood at the counter near him waiting to inform the lady behind the counter that I had a 10:45 appointment for a Foldable Solar Suitcase. However, once the first customer left. Although, I was still waiting at the counter, I wasn’t acknowledged by this female. Instead, she walked pass me to her desk with a paper in her hand - like I was invisible. However, when a second male walked through her shop’s door. “May I help you sir?” She asked. “Excuse me miss, I was here before him, so I am next,” I said. Mm…Let me get someone else to help here out-front, she replied. She went to the back of the shop and returned with an older man that she introduced to the second customer, as Bill. This customer instantly begins asking questions about replacement batteries. “Okay, may I help you?” She asked. Sure, I gave her my name and said, I have a 10:45 appointment to discuss, purchase and have connections installed for a Foldable Solar Suitcase. After sharing this information with her. She walked over to the shop’s garage and came back with another man, who she introduced to me as Jimmy. Upon discussing my appointment time with him and my need for a Foldable Solar Suitcase to prolong my energy-level capacity for a 30-foot mobile home. I was immediately told, “a Foldable Solar Suitcase wouldn’t be a good purchase because they are easy to steal which happens often. I always recommend roof top panels because they are harder to steal. However, I’m still working on the installation of panels on that coach (pointing at the garage), and training two new employees at the same time. I can start on your mobile home tomorrow morning. So, why don’t you pull over there near the fence and spend the night on our lot; then you’re already be here for me to start work on your mobile home in the morning,” he said. As a result, I spent the night on the shop’s parking lot. The installation of my one-solar panel begun on December 13th after 11am. So, I spent my time on the shop’s patio working on assignments for clients and periodically watching two employees work on my mobile home, who appeared to know nothing about what they were trying to do; regarding getting two batteries in a section that originally held one. As well as, where and how to install their solar energy reader near a current energy reader. Further, I should mention the installation of my one-solar panel cost $1595.95. Upon receiving a text from a client, who requesting a draft of two assignments I was working on for his company. I asked Delores, “Do your shop have internet connection?” No, she replied. My mobile home does, but I need to turn on my generator to use it; unless one of your employees can hook me up to an exterior power source. "I’ll tell the guys, I’m sure they’ll be able to do something,” she replied. Once my mobile home’s electric cord was connected to their exterior generator, my mobile tower, business phone, fax, copier and scanning came online. Shortly, after emailing the requested drafts to my client. My mobile connection and office equipment crashed. Therefore, I discussed this problem with Delores, who told Bill. Bill talked to his workers. Then came to my mobile home where I was working using my laptop’s battery source and said in an irritated tone, “You’re all hooked-up and connected to a portable power source outside. Although, it’s going to take a while for the solar panel to store enough energy to power your house. Otherwise, we didn’t do anything to cause the problem you’re having with your equipment which is electrical. You need to read your manuals, he said. “I have read my manuals and also write them for clients,” I replied. Suddenly, an employee arrived with another exterior generator which he connected to the two-house batteries that were recently installed. Later Bill returned, “This is the strongest generator we have; it should do the job,” he said. I didn’t respond but spent another night on his shop’s parking lot to complete another assignment for a client. So, I was working on this project when everything in my mobile home crashed. As well as, the power to mobile homes of employees, who lives on the shop’s ground. The next morning, Bill said, “The power went off last night. What did you do in your mobile home to cause this problem?” I was completing assignments on my laptop, I replied. “We’ve had many customers stay here from time-to-time, and its never happened before,” he said. The next morning, I left Solar Bill’s lot to run errands in Parker AZ. During my walk back to my vehicle, I noticed something hanging on the ground. A quick check indicated it was a strap. So, I returned to Solar Bill’s for an explanation of my discovery. During Bill’s inspection, he determined the item was a security strap for the house’s battery which was left unfastened. At this time, he also discovered a hot wire was not connected. The lady that worked on these installations were standing by and stated, “It took both (me and ???) to force both batteries into that compartment, and we tried to connect that wire, but the area was really tight.” I said to Bill, "That was an interesting comment. Neither employee felt it was necessary to discuss these problems with a supervisor or manager. They just left things hanging and unconnected. I am glad I bought this mobile home back for you to look at that strap. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have known a hotwire was unconnected which explains why the new batteries were not charging when your powerful generator was connected. Further, this would not have been detected until something happened." I am glad you came back also, Bill replied. In conclusion: I found Bill, the owner to be disrespectful and grouchy. As well as, his employees to be unapproachable and unprofessional
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  • I did not like the sloppy work done by trainees
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Unprofessional work
Ronit Wha
map-marker Washington, Missouri

Do Not Do What They Say They Will.

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Updated by user May 08, 2016

This company misrepresented their product and refused to honor their 90 day warranty. They would not even review the problem after numerous attempts to do so.

Original review May 07, 2016
In March of 2016 I went in to Solar Bills in Quartzite Az. to have a solar system installed in my RV. I asked for something to power specific equipment for a limited amount of time. They compiled a list of equipment and the cost of installation and stated it would be adequate for my needs. Upon trying it out over a 3 day period it fell far short of providing the power needed for the time asked. It only provided 2/3s of what was asked for and they refused to make it right or even entertain their mistake. So I had to go to another supplier and spend another $850 just to get what Solar Bills was suppose to provide. In my opinion they either are incompetent or intentionally misrepresent themselves in an attempt at more business.
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Not as described/ advertised

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