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To avoid the workhouse penitentiary, I am on electronic home monitoring (EHM) for 30 days. A component of this EHM is staying sober - no parties. I guess I can't begrudge the program that small concession - as it is a small price to pay to avoid prison time. My sobriety is monitored by the SOBERLINK handheld SL2 gizmo. So far - SOBERLINK gizmo seems to work reliably and effectively. I test three times a day at 10AM, 4PM, and 10PM. All tests have... Read more

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I have to use Soberlink due to a drinking offense. I am paying 45.50$/WEEK to even have the machine in my possession. I have to blow 3 times a day. As long as I am using the machine at my house, I don't have an issue. The problem is when I have to use the machine at work. Which happens a few times a week due to the times I am scheduled to "blow". I work in a bar for reference. Friday at 11am I tested and it said that I had trace amounts of... Read more

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I have soberlink2. It said I am hot. DMV Intox a lock said I am. NOT. Hot. What up!!! Multi times it ask to blow 15 min. 8 times in a row. What the!!!!!

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My daughter is using soberlink at her son's father's demand. She has had several false positives, the readings are erratic and don't make sense. One morning it was .09 upon awakening and 0 15 minutes later-- NOT even possible. In Nov soberlink sent an email stating that her positives were inconsistent with consumption of alcohol. Also several tests did not send. Over Christmas, she was with family and can swear she did not drink. The levels,... Read more

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I hate this machine. I was put on soberlink through probation 3 months ago and have not had one drop of alcohol but have already had 3 false positives. How my machine messes up is when I do the retest and blow into it exactly 15 minutes later it will just keep having me retest multiple times. Once I blew immediatly after instead of waiting 15 minutes and another time 17 minutes later, and it passed it as it should. I dont know if theres a small... Read more

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One of the most pathetic and DANGEROUS companies I've ever encountered. I voluntarily signed up with Soberlink to get my ex to stop her relentless false accusations going through divorce. Item cost: $450. Monitoring: $200+/mo. Issues: 1. 4 documented false positives. I have letters from Soberlink admitting to them. 2. 2 failed photo IDs. They say this only happens when the lighting is poor, but I took the photos in the EXACT same location as... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Dec 19, 2016
  • by anonymous
  • #976053

The device just stopped working (SL2), it won't power up. I tried to power it up by recharging it but it wouldn't. My Probation officer is on vacation so I can't get any help. She'll most likely issue a warrant for my arrest if I miss a blow. Thanks, SoberLink - Bobby Coyne, Los Alamos, NM

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Im ordered to have the sober link sl2 through my dui trial. I blow in it every 4 hours. The issue is the light flashes and then you blow, it clicks when it has gathered a sample. Well then you go to bed or back to work and get text notifications stating you have missed 1 or more compliant test. This mess up is machine related not user related but the issue can cause legal issues for the user. Im going to file a law suit against the soberlink... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Nov 25, 2016
  • by anonymous
  • #961073

This company sucks,runes your life when they give 3rd partys your info,nobody watches you unless you start asking questions

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  • From mobile
  • Oct 14, 2016
  • by anonymous
  • #936591

I have soberlink and have had five false positive tests. I have been doing some resesrch on why this might happen with no answers. I spent four days in county jail because of this retchet machine and feel if the science is not perfect it should not even be in use. If I go to jail for there machine errors I feel i should be compensated for this. My time is something I should not have to sacrifice.

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