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Slimmingweb - Shipping Service Review from Falls Church, Virginia

I ordered 2 bottles and 2 coffees but they only sent the bottles. They sent me emails saying the coffee was in route but 2 months later, it never came. If you are on this site, either you have been scammed or are considering ordering. Please listen to me, CHOOSE A DIFFERENT COMPANY. I've had problems with Queenslimming, too (fake pills). I want to go with ASlimming but the shipping is so high. You will lose your money with Slimmingweb. You will be mad and you will still have to order somewhere else. Avoid this company.
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Reason of review:
Order processing issue
Danny Yul
map-marker Manhattan Beach, California


This company are scammers. I ordered 10 boxes of a product and they said they have it. AFTER they received the money, they said they're out of stock after all and offered a different product that I know nothing about thus I refused it. THEY CONTINUE TO REFUSE TO REFUND MY MONEY BECAUSE THEY SAID THEY HAVE TO PAY BANK FEES. I PAID WESTERN UNION FEES TO SEND THEM THE MONEY! THEY WON'T REFUND ME BECAUSE WHAT THEY'RE TRYING TO DO IS MAKE ME WAIT THE 30-60 DAYS UNTIL THEY HAVE THE PRODUCT SEND IT TO ME AND SAY, OH, WE CAN'T REFUND YOU, YOU HAVE THE PRODUCT ALREADY. DO NOT BUY FROM THESE PEOPLE!!!
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Anonymous ARE SCAMMERS!!!

THESE PEOPLE ARE SCAMMERS! I ordered 10 boxes of Showzimee and Yongjin Chen, the person I was in contact with, assured me they will ship the product as soon as payment is received. They emailed me when they received the money saying the "discovered" they were out of stock and offered a different product. I declined since Showzimee was recommended by a good friend and I knew nothing about the other product. I requested a refund and have not heard from these SCAMMERS despite numerous emails sent requesting for status of refund. THEIR CREDIT CARD SITE IS BROKEN SO THEY FORCE YOU TO PAY BY WESTERN UNION SO YOU CAN'T CHASE THEM AFTER THEY'VE RECEIVED THE MONEY!
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