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Defrauded the Public and should be a Class Action Suit

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Updated by user Apr 04, 2021

Billie (the manager) contacted me as if I’ve never expressed my desire to get a refund. She just kept asking when I wanted to start the program and come get the supplements (which they claimed on the credit card dispute that I didn’t have ).

I think this is their scam. Take advantage of people’s desire to loose weight, then pressure them into a contract they can never get out of.

Since they’ve been able to get away with it fo so long, they keep hurting the public. Definitely a class action lawsuit needed.

Updated by user Mar 05, 2021

Disputed charge with my bank. Slim4Life sent ALL medical history to the bank.

Since they are not medical professionals, customers aren’t protected by HIPPA Laws. We aren’t protected by ANY laws with this company. I’m in the process of working with an attorney and filing a claim with the FTC.

The public should be protected at all times. Saying “no refunds” and putting the public at medical risk because they are impersonating a medical professional is both unethical and unlawful.

Original review Mar 05, 2021

There are hundreds of complaints about customers being mislead into believing these are medical professionals by the fact that they all wear medical scrubs (yes, all of them are wearing scrubs) and do acts that impersonate a medical professional (i.e. ask for your medical history, some said they had their blood pressure taken, etc).

According to the Slim4Life contract, NONE of the employees in ANY center is a medical doctor, nurse, or licensed to conduct medical assessments or treatment.

Since they are not doctors, guess what? You have no HIPPA rights, and you cant sue if the products make you sick. You cant even get your money back if they make you sick because the no refunds statements posted on every document that is shoved in your face.

These guys are truly masters at deceiving the public.

I wouldnt be surprised is all the positive comments are from their own staff.

Im out $568, and know others who paid up to $2,000 and cant get refunded after losing their hair, having liver damage from the thermogenic supplements, and even one had to be rushed to an actual doctor for heart issues.

CRIMINALS!! This should be a class action lawsuit.

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  • No money back
  • Misleading the public
  • Supplements not fda approved

Preferred solution: Full refund

User's recommendation: Do NOT spend money with ANY company that doesn’t have a money back guarantee. Especially one putting “supplements” into your body.

Eileen B Ttv

Does it work? YES!!

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I lost 35 pounds in 8 weeks. Just after losing the weight, I had surgery to remove excess skin.

The medical staff COULD NOT BELIEVE how great my skin was and how quickly I healed. I contribute that to a prestinely healthy body thanks to S4L. There seem to be a lot of haters out there. Best I can figure is they wanted something for nothing -- no $$ and no effort.

Look if it were that easy, you would have done it by yourself already. I tried for over 4 years to shed those 35 pounds. So, so, so glad I found S4L. I feel I'm set for life now to maintain the weight I was when I was in school.

Goodbye old-lady fat and flab. Hello gorgeous.

If you are willing and committed, don't hesitate to join S4L and the rest of us who have had tremendous success. And you won't keep wasting money on up-sizing your wardrobe!

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  • Delicious
  • Never hungry
  • Healthy
Reason of review:
Reliable warranty
Korri Bxr
map-marker Lewisville, Texas

Slim4Life is working for me

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Slim4Life is working for me!!! There are different weight loss plans that work better for all the different types of people out there.

The same type of exercise may not be as beneficial to you as it is to me. I believe that this is the same with weight loss. Slim4Life is more expensive than some other programs. Some restaurants are more expensive than the one next door.

I've tried Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, Plexus Slim, taking garcinia cambogia, plus many other pill form 'quick diets'. The reason Slim4Life works for me is because I AM WORKING THE PLAN. When I don't work the plan, I don't lose weight...and I gain a few pounds. Unless you have a personal chef and trainer, you are going to step off ‘plan’ every once in a while.

There are temptations around us all the time. There are business meetings, celebrations, family dinner, etc. that come into our lives and you can't always control the food available. This plan has taught me how to eat smart & have healthier eating habits.

It’s taught me what to do when I totally bomb a meal; and what to choose when nothing seems like it’s on plan. A huge part of my success are the counselors at the Lewisville, TX location. Cindy, Lisa, Alison, and Arely are very helpful. They are knowledgeable when I have questions.

Supportive when I want to eat a Snickers because I had a bad day (or drink a bloody mary), and they give me alternatives. We also talk about new recipes to try. You've got to keep the food exciting to stay committed. I know I can't eat a grilled chicken salad every day!

How many ways can you cook chicken? Can I eat roasted Brussel sprouts? No? Why not?

How can I better incorporate the SlimSnacks into my day so that I don’t forget to eat one? The most important thing is that they keep me accountable. They cheer with me for each measly little pound I loose and encourage me to buy a smaller sized pair of pants than I thought I could fit into. Supplements.

The supplements help. Yes, they are expensive. So were the HCG shots/drops you used to get from your doctor/internet. Oh, yeah....I tried that too.

Every product Slim4Life offers is not ‘required.’ I believe there are just 3-4 items, and they are the main products you’d want anyway. The team at my location has never pushed product purchases on me. They've shown me that I can save more if I buy more, but that isn't always the best way. Everyone’s budget is different.

Do what's smartest for you and your family. I do think the products are worth it. You might now, but how do you know until you’ve given it 100%? You might be OK with going out to eat 4 nights a week and dropping $40-$80 a night (depending on where you go and your family size) because you feel like you’re getting your money’s worth; but you’re not going to lose the same amount of weight (at restaurants) spending the same amount of money this way.

Shop the perimeter of the grocery store. We are taught that in every diet anyway. Consume less crud that the body doesn’t need. Now, don’t get me wrong……I love McDonald’s chicken nuggets and French fries…but I don’t feel that great after I eat them.

I never noticed until I stopped eating them. I can still take the kids though and they have a grilled chicken salad that’s not too bad when you are goal oriented. What’s your goal? If it’s to lose weight AND learn new skills and better habits that will last you a lifetime; then maybe the ‘expensive program’ isn’t that bad after all.

Slim4Life is the only weight loss program that has actually helped me to lose more than 15 pounds and keep it off. I’ve lost 35 pounds and I feel amazing! I’ve hovered around the same weight for a few months because I have not stayed on plan. I continued checking in a few times a week though and I got back on track.

I have 20 more pounds to go and I can’t wait to see what I look like and how I feel after losing 1/3 of my total weight. I am not tall. Not even 5ft tall. So, this small amount of weight is a lot on me.

I could have lost more if I hadn’t started working out with weights, or taken the 3 week - 5 state vacation I took over the summer. However, I made smarter food choices on vacation, walked a lot, and continued taking my supplements. This is knowledge I’ll use all my life.

Plus, my kids are learning about making smarter choices. Bottom line is that if you give the program a chance, work it the way it’s designed, then you’ll see the weight come off safely and feel good about knowing how to keep yourself in check!

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  • Knowledge of staff
  • Counseling
Reason of review:
Good customer service
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Elea Wjd

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Hadley Xda
map-marker Lewisville, Texas

Being accountable isn't a bad thing

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I was at 213 pounds and 5'6 inches and 40 years old. I saw some recent pictures of my wife and I and said, "ewww gross" at the sight of myself.

I realized I couldn't keep living like this and chose to do something about it. I researched many different weigh loss plans and chose Slim4life for a few reasons: 1. The staff I met with was knowledgeable about how foods work together with your body and their program made sense. 2.

My plan has achievable and realistic goals. 3. The coaching and guidance I received from the staff was helpful and supportive. 4.

The cost is reasonable mainly due to being able to make my own food. Some programs said that you had to buy their meals and didn't taste very good. 5. Accountability of your own weight loss.

Do the work, see the results. Nothing in life is free. My goal is 165, and I have almost reached it in less than 3 months. I don't feel hungry because the plan uses your own metabolism to burn fat and not muscle.

I am pleased with my weight loss and my body feels better and I look better at 174.

Also, my joints don't hurt like they did before I started taking EFA's. I have and will again, recommend Slim4life to other people who have said how great I'm looking and asked how I lost the weight and am keeping it off.

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Reason of review:
Good customer service
Marc Kdc
map-marker Arlington, Texas

They're Dropping Me

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Updated by user Nov 14, 2015

Correction: it looks like I spent closer to $3,000.00 for this plan. I would like a refund only of the product which totaled on the first day $2,145.40.

Original review Nov 13, 2015

I am almost 61 years old, and have been successfully dieting off and on and working out on my own since I was 30. During the last 10 years I lose and gain but mostly gain, so I sought outside help this year.

I've paid around $2,000.00 for this program for a year and the supplements that are priced sky high. Fourteen weeks was suppose to help me reach my goal, but as others are losing 3 to 5 pounds a week without exercise, my average has been just a little over 1 pound. Since I paid so much money, I thought they would tailor my diet to my specific body type, age, or whatever is causing me to lose weight slower. Today I found out that 17 pounds away from my goal weight, they want to start me on maintenance because that's the plan.

"I'm not finished", I told them; "I don't want to go on maintenance yet." Sorry. I didn't come in 3 times a week, so I invalidated my contract. And they suggested that I was cheating on my diet. I told them I'm a professional dieter; I know how to do this.

I don't know how I'm going to do this in conjunction with Slim4Life, but I'm not going on maintenance. I'm going to finish with or without Slim4Life. I'll take what I learned and buy additional supplements from the drug store. This program was helpful in teaching me how to eat, but cost too much money for the little they've done.

I was looking for any class-action suits, but haven't found one yet.

Please, take my warning. If you're "different" and have a slower metabolism, go to some other company to help you with your diet.

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  • Counseling
Reason of review:
Warranty issue

Glad you were honest because I've heard and spoke with other people that used the program and were not pleased.


Ive lost 30 pounds on the slim4life program. Yes it was pricey but, it taught me how to eat and lose without having to exercise.

It has been 5 years since being on program and a still know what foods to eat and lose.

I Love myself when im in control of my weight!

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LaDonna Newton
map-marker Arlington, Texas

Misleading Information & Advertisement/Hidden Costs

I went in to the check out the program based on a radio commercial indicating that grocery store food is used for the weight loss program. During the interview, they kept asking me if I had questions; however, they only said there are some supplements to enhance.

They never said they were required for guarantee of weight loss until they received my initial money. Then they started slamming all these supplements, drinks, and foods that cost more than twice the program cost; and saying I could only use their salad dressing. Also the program is so intense and complicated that it is not friendly for someone who works a lot of hours and long hours. Like taking some pills 30 minutes before meals, some one hour before, some one hour after, then an bedtime; drink boost twice daily, but not after 3, not fruit after 6.

It is so complicated that it is difficult to remember all the steps, and extremely stressful. Beef and cottage cheese, but not on the same day, and not on consecutive days. They were not honest in their advertising, and do not offer any additional information if you do not know what questions to ask. Also their products are extremely expensive, especially after you have already paid a truck load to start the program to begin with.

Getting mixed with this program was one of the BIGGEST mistakes I have ever made. I am trying to find a customer service complaint number.

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There are hundreds of complaints about customers being mislead into believing these are medical professionals by the fact that they all wear medical scrubs (yes, all of them are wearing scrubs) and do acts that “impersonate” a medical professional (i.e. ask for your medical history, some said they had their blood pressure taken, etc).

According to the Slim4Life contract, NONE of the employees in ANY center is a medical doctor, nurse, or licensed to conduct medical assessments or treatment. Since they are not doctors, guess what? You have no HIPPA rights, and you can’t sue if the products make you sick. You can’t even get your money back if they make you sick because the “no refunds” statements posted on every document that is shoved in your face.

These guys are truly masters at deceiving the public.

I wouldn’t be surprised is all the positive comments are from their own staff. CRIMINALS!!


I am doing the program. You are right about the advertisement.

I am still using all the supplements that were given in my $4&^.*& package (that are left) Once they are gone I will buy my own fat burner ( which actually) I already have and replaced those. I will also buy my own multi-vitamin. Those 2 will be all I'll take. I make my own protein shakes with the greek yogurt...

I am loosing but the advertisment is very miss leading! I do my counseling 3x's a week to stay motivated and accountable.


The thing is guys, it's all in the contract. The sheet when they go over the cost of the program, it is ALL there.

If you didn't go in for the counseling, or quit within the first 2 weeks, that's your fault. ANY diet program is challenging in the beginning. Slim4Life changed my life.

And all for the better. I refer people all the time, and they've had great results.


I love slim4life it has changed my life for the good!! :)


Did you find a complaint number? I can't find a number either!

The exact same thing just happened to me except my body couldn't handle the drastic changes of all the vitamins and supplements and landed me in the ER after the first two days of trying the program. I spent days missing work trying to regain my strength as I was completely weak, during this whole week of being home I haven't received one phone call to check on me like they promise to do for support, they even knew in was having problems with the program and starting to get sick. When I initially signed up the mgr knew i was on a budget and made it sound like the initial cost covered the whole program, after taking the required "nutrion" class she told me it would be another $1500 to cover the cost of the products I would have to have to get through the program and see results.

I felt so misled and deceived and completely discouraged. Please let me know of someone has a complaint number or a corporate number to talk to someone above a manager, I can't find any info for the company like this....seems even more shady!

LaDonna Newton
reply icon Replying to comment of Guest-816141

I did not find a customer service number; however, I found a corporate office #972-929-****; but not sure how helpful they will be. There have been 42 reports in the last 3 years to the Better Business Bureau.

21 were related to advertising/sales and 19 related to products. I am going to report to BBB as well.

I re-read my contract and it is pretty binding and doesn't sound like there is any recourse for refunds.

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Jamilla Ejr
map-marker Southlake, Texas


On Jun 28 12 I signed a normal contact for 6 weeks weight loss and 6 weeks of stabilization. On Aug 17 I upgraded another 6 weeks of weight loss.

Things went good as long as I was buying "products" but as soon as I hit my 12th week and I was in my stabilization phase it as over. My 6 week of stabilization was "here read these" and they gave me week 3,4,5 and 6 sheets. I still went in for my weekly visit but it seems that they loss/misplaced my records I had to keep reminding them that I paid for an upgrade. It seems that once they know that you are hitting your goal and you are not buying "product" they kick you to the crab.

During my weight loss period they called weekly. It has been 3 months and I have not heard from them.

I paid for the 34 weeks of maintenance and I my embraced to walk there every week and they can't find me. I feel that I should be reimburse for the upgrade fee of 199.00 or the portion for the 34 weeks of maintenance that I have not received.

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