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I barely can type this without getting upset. Miguel Zabludovsky the Owner of Slate is a Liar, a theive and I always believe that if you lie, you'll steal and if you steal you'll cheat. He did all those things. Here's what happened. So here's what happened. I had a WHITE BCBG blazer and a tank top that had vomit all over it. I thought the stain wouldn't come out so I just went to BCBG store in Soho to purchase the items again however they were out of stock.....The sales manager Lizzy told me that there was this dry cleaners called "Slate" that can get any stain out and that all the "Fashion" industry designers uses them...I thought oh perfect! So I decided to give them a try. I had the two vomited items in a plastic bag as it smelled really bad I went into the place on 107 Horatio Street (their new location) and there was 3 men in there, one of them was named Miguel (owner). They looked at my clothes and said it can be fixed in about a week and they would deliver it to my house. Cool. They didn't give me a receipt (red flag) or anything but said they email a receipt and asked for my email address. I gave it to them. done. I went about my Saturday afternoon happy that I didn't have to fork over another $500 for the blazer and tank top.... however I never received an email receipt. I waited a couple of days and then I called up to double check if they were able to remove the vomit on my blazer and tank top and the guy that answered said he would call me back as he needed to check on it...He called back and said, We only have your blazer not a tank top......GASP!!!!!! CODE RED!!!!! "WHAT??" he then tried to convince me that I never brought a tank top in. I immediately got pissed because i KNOW I brought in both because they both had vomit on it and I would have never kept it in my house. I ran over there to confront them and they still were sticking to the "we don't have it" story. I pulled out the receipt for the tank top to prove that I did own the tank top that was given to them and moreover how much it costs as I had just purchased it last month. I asked where my blazer was and they said it was in the BRONX (??????) I called the police in a rage because they really were lying about my tank top and the fact that they didn't even email me my receipt or anything was a red flag. The Police came and they told the officer that they just moved to a new location and the reason they didn't give a receipt was because their system was down. The police officer said "well how do you know what she gave you and what's hers?" The *** had no response. Police advised me to file a complaint with the BBB and consumer affairs as well as sue them in small claims court. Miguel then called me and said he would refund me my money for the tank top ($139) and deliver my blazer. He NEVER called or showed with any of my items/money. I called him and he completely changed his story and said "I'm waiting to here back from BCBG" --huh? I said "wait a second that was NOT the deal. You now are trying to haggle a free tank top from BCBG when clearly you lost mine? OK, I'm done. I'll see you in small claims court and a smear campaign all over this internet." Luckily I recorded the conversation and when i told him that he immediately started lying and changing his story around. AVOID THIS DRY CLEANER. THEY STEAL YOUR CLOTHES. ANY CLEANERS THAT DOESN'T CLEAN ON PREMISES BEWARE!!!!! MIGUEL I HOPE YOU ARE READING THIS ALONG WITH THE MANY OTHER COMPLAINTS. YOU ARE A LIAR AND STOLE MY TANK TOP THAT COSTS $140 AND MY BLAZER COSTS $340. GIVE ME MY CLOTHES OR PAY ME MY MONEY!!!
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The name of the author of this anonymously posted review is Corinne Vielle, also known as Corinne Martinez, owner of Vielle + Frances Furniture, a furniture store in Manhattan.

We received a call from someone asking if we could clean a jacket with vomit on it. We said yes and asked the caller to bring the item in.

Ms. Vielle came to our store and told us that she had thrown up all over herself on her birthday. She brought with her a small grocery bag tied up. She said there was a white jacket inside. We asked her not to open the bag as it was smelling putridly so she just left the bag and another dress she asked us to do an alteration on.

When our sorting department opened the bag utilizing the proper safety and hygiene gear and procedures they noted the vomit damage on the jacket and proceeded to clean the item. The person responsible for sorting this order confirms only one item was included in the bag.

Ms. Vielle mentions that she did not get a receipt. That is correct. We recently moved our office and she came in just as we had finished moving and had not had our system fully set up yet. We actually were not officially open; however, we've worked with BCBG for years and we like to bend over backwards to take care of the clients they are so kind to refer to us so we went ahead and took Ms. Vielle's order in.

Ms. Vielle called a few days later asking about the status of her jacket and a top. Our Operations Manager advised her that there was only a jacket in the bag she dropped off. She immediately proceeded to insult and harass him, emotionally abusing him. Thirty minutes later she appeared at our location. She proceeded to insult, embarrass and intimidate our Operations Manager who received her. She asked "what kind of incompetent *** people do you have working here that can't *** fix something when you are supposed to."

She also demanded that we should pay her, immediately, for a tank top that we allegedly stole. She even brought her store receipt with her. Her exact words were: "You stole my *** and I want my mother-*** *** back today.” We asked her to step out of our office but she refused to.

Our Operations Manager called 911 and the police arrived and removed her from our office. She continued to call our customer service line with degrading, insulting language. She threatened us with posting negative reviews online, with suing us, and with a number of other unpleasant actions.

Because we value our relationship with BCBG tremendously, we told Ms. Vielle that notwithstanding the fact that we did not receive that top, we would compensate her because we had not given her a receipt when she dropped her order off. While we were investigating with our contact at BCBG if there was another top available in her size (as she is XXL and there are a limited supply of this size items) we learned that she had posted reviews on Yelp and on multiple other websites.

Her reviews were as vicious as her personal attacks over the phone and in person, apparently in an effort to intimidate. She did not want an identical, new replacement; she only wanted to be compensated in cash.

We returned the jacket, clean as new, without charging her for it.

We have been advised by counsel that to the extent that Ms. Vielle’s reviews and public statements contain untrue statements, they are likely to be actionable. Therefore, we are currently assessing whether to take legal action against Ms. Vielle.

In the meantime, we have determined that we need to make the relevant facts public as we have gathered them based upon reliable eye-witness reports. First, we are concerned Ms. Vielle’s untruthful statements, if left unchallenged, may cause further irreparable harm to Slate’s reputation and good will established over many years of excellent service to its numerous customers.

Secondly, we have learned that many websites do not remove objectionable statements, and any legal process (whether litigation or arbitration) may take a long time to vindicate us. Therefore, we felt compelled to lay out the relevant facts in this manner and at this time.

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New York, New York

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