I have recently been advised there will no longer be a manufacturing plant in TX as of next month. Service will be available for another 15-20 months to support those homes being completed now but after that they will be gone from the state. Service afterwards will be next to impossible for anyone living down here, but the warranties will have expired anyway. I can’t help but think they are not concerned. Getting service has been difficult as it...
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"Buyer Beware". We have all heard this saying at least once in our lifetime, but what if something bad was to happen to you? Did you properly research what you were buying? The seller's reputation? Reviews? Integrity? I am going to outline a factual, honest account of my experiences with a new home I purchased from SKYLINE that gives "Buyer Beware" a more malicious meaning, one that will shock the reader into not even giving the slightest...
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  • Sell trash and lie about any type of quality control
I have had this home for 3 years I am in love with the home, We did have some service issues but they where repaired in a timely manner. I would buy another one Very happy with the quality we did upgrade the exterior siding to cement board we had the home installed on concrete with cement block skirting with correct venting we got the upgraded roofing with extra insulation. The house is just under 1800 sq foot and it heats and cools...
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Staff Review

At 8:35 pm on Friday April 3rd I received a all from the asst superintendent on duty who was slurring his words " did you just call me?" I placed a call regarding no hot water at 6:45 pm and got a voice mail asking me to leave a message which I did. We have been here 16.5 years and never had what appeared to be an intoxicated asst call 3 hours later.
We purchased our home in December 2011. We've had 3 service calls and each time Skyline was prompt, on time, did a fantastic job of making all the repairs from re-leveling the floor to removing left over material from the roof. We have absolutely no problem with Skyline and if this weren't our retirement home, we would not hesitate to purchase another home from Skyline. Their customer service person is polite, professional and pleasant to work...
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Anonymous Well I got News for you this company is horrible we got our home in june 15th 2014our home was not anything you would expected it I looked like they through everything togethe...


jim :cry computers slow

Purchased with cash the Skyline Bunkhouse in May 2011. One week after handing over $100k, was told the factory was shutting down for a month and the home would take 8-10 weeks instead of 3-4 weeks. This was after my old house was torn down and I was living in my motorhome. The reason given was that business was slow! The home was delivered in August and had so much structural damage that it took the assembly crew 4 weeks to get it move in...
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Anonymous Hmmm.... Skyline, Clayton, Palm Harbor, Karsten.
All I see are horror stories on pissedconsumer and consumer affairs websites, and I have been told these are the good manuf...


kartuneman My wife and I are in a new Skyline home, as of today it\'s about 2 weeks. We have all of the problems listed on all the previous post\'s and a few new ones of our own. Walls t...

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