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ShockedAngryI purchased a Brand New "SW2 Skycaddie Watch" in 2019 and never used it because I didn't have the time to Golf. So earlier this year in 2021 I decided to start using it. I never could get it to SYNC by USB or Bluetooth. I spent hours on the phone being instructed on how to SYNC it to no avail. Finally, the solution was for me to at my expense, to ship it to them with a paid return postage. Months went by and when I finally reached them, they told me that they couldn't SYNC it either! Then they had the unmitigated gall, to ask me what did I want them to do? Ship it back to me or Discard it? But they did offer me a $50 Trade In Value for.....wait for it...another Skycaddie Watch. I told her she must think I'm an idiot. "Send me my watch that I already paid the postage for, and I will never purchase another product from them" Do Not Ever Purchase A Product From This Company. Angry
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  • Do not honor their product

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution

User's recommendation: Do Not Buy From This Company...They do not stand behind their product


Same here


Been texting back and forth for a while today to get a TOUCH gps SYNCed. Finally got it.

Then asked if they ever found a fix for the SGX gps we all had crash on us.

Reply was, "can I help you with anything else". We were offered that same wonderful fix of a $50 credit toward another SKYGOLF product!

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